Girls Day Out!!!

Movies,Shopping(my favourite word in English)and above all Gossip.Can anything beat this combination??Contrary to the general opinion that “girls dont know how to have fun” I would say that we have fun in our own way and its so radically different from the usual ideas people have that probably they(and I mean guys)cannot identify with it.The best part about hanging out with girls is that there is so much to talk about and most of ’em are pretty good at managing finances!!Be it Shopper’s Stop or the narrow winding streets of Koti,it maybe Chutneys or the roadside pani-puri waala,it maybe Prasads or my room – any place any time fun reaches its mightiest heights with girls.

More than the outings its the preperations that go into it that make it all so worthwile.We put in our minds together planning about what all to do – this is the major difference between guys and girls.The former have absolutely no planning its all at that moment kind of a thing whereas girls may take that extra bit of time but its smooth sailing after that.It could be as weird as goin to watch RDB on the very first day and reaching the theatre just 5 minutes before the show and still managaing to get hold of tickets or watching a freaky ghost movie in someone’s room with the lights switched off.Birthdays are a great occassion to celebrate (we people just need an excuse to get into the party mode).After the usual cake cutting ceremony and face smearing we have our very own in-house DJ(for the record thats Harshita wid the speakers [:)])and then theres Navatha(the star attraction),theres me too shaking a leg,Spandana – who is a pretty good dancer,Prashasti and Shikha dancing to the tunes of telugu songs though they dont understand a single word of whats being sung,Sushma and Lydia – the most enthusiastic spectators,Anupama Shalini and Divya cheering us on and pepping up the aldready lively atmosphere with great jokes and witty one-liners,Deepthi and Sahiti who join in with cute steps and of course the discipline maintaining “aadarshwadi” Phd students who stay in our wing and are always on our heels forcing us to reduce the volume which gives us all the more reason to increase the volume,make helluva noise and irritate them(satanic pleasure heeheee).

Then there is the traditional treat giving thing.Be it a food joint outside or even the pathetic canteen we have loads of fun.Staying together we have learnt to share both our joys and sorrows.We are all family now and whoever thought that stayin away from family is a tough thing ,think again because I never miss my parents with such great pals to hang around with.

Three cheers to the gals of UG2K5!!!!

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16 Responses to Girls Day Out!!!

  1. harshita says:

    awesome post nammu……i think its one of ur best ones…..we gals really rock 🙂

  2. spandana says:

    hey its really nice post da!!
    i think this is d best post of urs!!
    hmm.. i agree wid u we gals hav a gr8 time whn we hangout n the way we celebrate d bdys its really fun!!
    hey u 4got 2 mention abt tht bumps tht we usually give whn thrs a spl thing happened…

  3. prafullakiran says:

    gud post namrata [:)]…hope u have lots of fun during the rest of your stay at IIIT…..

    P.S. wish i could set apart enuff time to write posts as gud as this 😦

    P.S.1 .. guess this is the first comment on ur blog that has post scripts 😀

    P.S.2 this template is kewl

  4. Bhanukiran says:

    Well i must say that ur this kindof ‘antiguy’ post was good btw u just cannot say dat we donot plan things at all even we do our homework bfore goin to any place and yaa not to forget the biggest problem one does face with gals is criusly having no sense of time the post event consequences can be fatal also(courtesy ma sis)….So i dont agree on dat part anyways ur posts are enjoyable.Keep bloggin..

  5. karanmaroo says:

    lol @ u 4 sayin so many things
    1) u gals r better planners!!! pah!
    2) gals have more fun dan guys.. dudette, jus come nd have a sneak peek @ wat v guys do @ hostel.. 😉 nd then u’ll noe!
    blah blah..
    neways.. good dat u ppl av a lotta fun.. but u cant beat us @ it

  6. Namrata says:

    Hey Bhanu chillax!
    This was not antiguy.Probably it was just pro-gal!!!And Karan cmon be a sport
    we do have fun and I m sure kud beat you at that hands down.Wanna bet???

  7. pankaj saini says:

    it’s gud that u brought out how and to what you girls term as ‘ FUN ‘….but if u have got to tease ur mind even for then does it remain ‘ FUN ‘…..and the real FUN is when u take some challenges…(which may turn out to be stupids at times..but still that is a part of FUN…)……and where is music thing is concerned….then our creative ones…(2.1 and 4.1)….always rock….u must be one of the witnesses to notice how do we guys enjoy and have FUN……the most recent one was Banga’s B’day…….and dancers…hahahaha…..i don’t know how gud we are….but we get the hell out of….everyone….in such situations…madly…out of control…living life to fullest extent in such tiny moments….and i don’t wanna bet…becoz everyone’s has got his or her own view….but if u still claim that girl’s FUN is better….then surely i m in for bet…….

  8. srirang says:

    nice post…..

    I dunno hw much d gals njoi..but 1 thin is 4 sure dat i too dont miss my family n dat now iiit has become my family…..

    but guys ke njoi karne ki toh baat hi alag hai….

  9. ashwin0003 says:

    As expected I dont understand the fun in planning. Planning is to be done when for osmething U dont wanna miss, a movie U have waited a long time to see etc.,

    Ur right about managing money though. We guys suck at it. U forgot to mention chocholate stands as one of suck palces ;).

  10. Deepti says:

    realli gud post da….we gals realli rock…n lemme tell d guys who have commented — WE GALS ENJOI MORE THAN U GUYS FOR SURE…Wanna bet????

  11. summu says:

    Mushy.. Mushy.. *sigh *sigh.. Now I miss iiit !

  12. prashasti says:

    Was expecting such a post.And whoever wanna bet i am ready for it?
    Fun has different definitions for everyone and everyone loves to hav it.May be what guys call fun is a foolish thing for us.Atleast we are happy wid ourselves.Really we nvr regret to be in iiit coz it is all fun.We don need anybody to show off.Infact we njoi everything in our way instead of writing stupid blogs on being in iiit and all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Good work to put up our views of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PS:no offence meant to iiit boys

  13. summu says:

    @deepthi : Well.. u ppl sure do. Read my latest post 😛

  14. Aditya says:

    if u mean 2 imply that gals av more fun than guys then i fear that u r mistaken somwhere…:P u jus gotta kno how d guys ofen av a whale of a time both in d hostel and outside….nd as a matr of fact v also do some planning b4 movin out….tho v r bad at managing finances….neways keep avin ‘FUN’!!!

  15. Navatha says:

    Hey Nammu!!!! Good one dudesss[:)]..May people define the meaning of having fun in many different ways,but we girls do know what we actually do[;)] and how gr8 we feel…and i am sure no can give a better definition than us…may be its someone’s bday or any moment we stay together it surely remains as a special one…[:)]..
    Keep going da..Good Luck!!!!!

  16. Lonely life says:

    One thing to tell you
    We guys have fun enjoying on our interests
    and interests in guys vary from book reading to mountain climbing

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