Life In A Day!!

Preposterous thought aint it?Well,its an open secret that life is so unpredictable and you never know whats going to happen in the blink of an eye.Then again that is what makes life so much fun too.There is always an element of surprise,something always to look forward to,a strange feeling in the heart and no wonder we all love living.May sound very pessimistic of me but say God sent his messenger to you one fine(well not so fine)night and made a startling revelation that you were to die in the next 24 hours.So you are left with just 1 day – 1 damn day to do all the things that you would have ever wanted to do.I bet none of us would have slept with something like that in mind.To make matters more complicated you have to live with the fact that you know that you are dying,you dont want your parents to know that and you are contemplating all the possibilities of how your death occurs.Phew…

Suddenly,you decide to make a list of all that you want to do in the next(oops last) 24 hours.Know what I and my very good friend tried doing this and both of us were at our wit’s end.Apart from certain obvious things like spending time with family,getting in touch with friends,eating your favourite delicacies etc etc we really could not come up with anything special or worthwile.We may have several ambitions and desires but to convert them into reality in just 24 hours is a Herculean task.

This post was just meant to invoke a thought.Take a pen and paper and jot down all that you would like doing before dying.All those who comment it would be fun if you could share your wishlist.Keep thinking and Good luck!!!

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9 Responses to Life In A Day!!

  1. Aditya says:

    hey i expected more out of this post….u definitely have made d readers of this post 2 give this issue a thot or two…but twud have been b8r had u come up with ur ways of spendin the time….

  2. pankaj saini says:

    no way i m not allowing any angel of urs reval any such thing…..but still if this i s what u want to say…then i will do nothing just wait impertinently….for that ultimate moment ……of witnessing Death…..(hahahahhahahaha)………… will be thrilling….don’t u think this way…???? why to worry at all……

  3. Speed says:

    death comes once in a life time …. remeber tat ….
    let it be my guest ….

  4. ashwin0003 says:

    Make a real life remake of the movie “Meet Joe Black” and get some1 else killed instead of me.

    That would b #1 on my list.

  5. shrikant says:

    now thr can b many things which i want to do….
    but first of all wat i’ll do is i’ll inform a few frnds and other ppl that i m gonna die in next 24 hrs…. jus bcoz they might b havin smthin to share …. n i don want to disapoint thm by dying …..(i donno if it sounds wierd huh)
    dis was da first thing n oders r vry common as u hav already stated in ur post ….
    so this is it ..:)

  6. Himank says:

    You hav listed a few of dem.. N shrikant has listed a thing which i wanna do..informing my close ones but reasons are diff .. i wanna tell ’em so that they come to know what happened of me and they dont think that i just ignored them..after my death (actually hav thought abt dis many times after surviving a near death accient near dehradun)…Second thing i would wanna tell all of my friends how i feel about them…. coz somehow i suck at clearly expressing my views to my friends…

    One thing more i would like to do is … Meet the God(of cricket) dat is Sachin..he is such an inspirational man..ofcourse i dont take it frm him…

    One more thing.. would like to cuddle up with the girl..i love if i m able to find someone…coz i wanna have that experience..can also include sex..but log sochenge ganda bachha hai..dats wy nt adding it in the list…. 😉

  7. DarkLord says:

    In my religion, death is celebrated; For there is nothing like death. Its just a sleep we have everyday. 🙂 ….

  8. prashasti says:

    I would like to soend all 24 hrs wid my parents ,grandparents and frns.
    I don want to be alone for a moment.I just want to live my whole life in 24 hrs and for me life is no more than my dear and near ones.Rest all is worthless in frnt of all these.they are d ppl I owe and i just love them for everything.So,whole day wid them only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Deepti says:

    Well,I would love to watch Balayya’s movies(weird isn’t it??) God knows when would I get a chance again to laugh heartily as I can by watching his movies…Juss kidding.. But I dont agree with Shrikant n Himank of thrusting my best friends’ minds with the news of my death..I would love to spend my time in my mama’s lap with my bro and papa around me and ofcourse eating tons and tons of choclate ice-cream(Dont even haveto bother now how many calories would that add upto 😀 )

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