I gaped in amazement as the much anticipated movie over theDiwali weekend “Don” – got an astonishingly low rating of 2 stars out of five on most of the channels that ran reviews over it – a proof of the fact that by dismissing the movie they were contradicting the very importance they had been giving it!Funnily , the scroll on the screen ran a report from J&K that Don had broken all kinds of records for bookings.Am pretty certain that it must have been the same story all over India.

So began a heated discussion over the dinner table as to why we(Me and my cousins are hard core SRK fans)should or should not watch the movie.The elderly in the house nodded in disagreement to our vehement pleas to watch the flick.No amount of convincing worked and we ended up ‘wasting’ the whole night trying to make them reason with our views.I use the term wasting because there was absolutely no reason for an argument in the first place because Don boasts of

1.An Srk – Farhan Akhtar alliance that promises sooo much.

2.Isha Koppikar,Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra – all the more reason for guys to throng the theatres.

3. Chartbuster music with cool graphics and techno tricks.

But the one potent reason that overweighed all these things was the fact that DON was bringing on celluloid a path breaking movie – it was an attempt to ‘recreate’ magic and a tribute to the classic 1978 movie that goes by the same name. But again the word ‘recreate’ seems to be working against the new version because there is so much of nostalgia associated with the older version that a few people dont even want to be fair enough to give Akhtar’s Don a chance.Agreed AB snr is a class apart and was impeccable in his portrayal of Don both as a sly gangster and the paan -chewing Vijay.Agreed Zeenat Aman did what most actresses of that time would have shuddered to even give a though to.Helen was her best as always and so was the remaining cast which included Pran – a great actor.

That was 28 years – almost 3 decades ago and most of the Gen – Y has not seen the movie.For them this is a movie that will definetely raise the bar of expectations to greater heights.Fortunately I had the good luck of watching the older Don 2 times and I loved it.Inspite of that I had an eagerness to check out the new version because it was a different version – a Don from someone else’s perspective and the promos definetely promosed some exciting things.

So it took us the whole of Friday and Saturday to get hold of tickets and finally our efforts paid off.We were off on Sunday morning to watch the movie and without being driven by my emotions for Srk and Farhan Akhtar I would say the movie was good.A remake could not have been better. All the critics who are rubbishing away the movie need to analyze that this movie is set in 2006 – thats why though some characters like that of Arjun Rampal seem to be a little devoid of emotion and Srk looks so very soulless – charecteristics that should not attract criticism.It was amazing – the atmosphere in the theatre with most of the teenagers with their parents asking them questions about the earlier Don and the climax of the latest one.It took me by sheer surprise because this Don isnt a carbon copy of the other one.The camerawork was mind blowing and though Srk looks every bit like Don he was not convincing as the street side Vijay a character that AB snr immortalized.Priyanka Chopra was perfect.Zeenat Aman would be glad that PC portrayed her role.Roma rocks!My Uncle said that he got vertigo when he saw Kareena in Helen’s shoes.Shockingly Helen showed more cleavage in the older version that Kareena does in the new Kamini but she was not bad.Maybe not as good as Helen but then who can do “Yeh Mera Dil” better than Helen (she was 40 when she shot for that song!!).The remaining performances are impressive.

Well all those people who havent seen the old Don will love this one beyond doubt – a new genre of film making.For those who have seen the earlier Don dont rip the movie apart by forming pre conceived notions.Enjoy the movie because the movie is definetely above average fare and deserves anything from 3.5 to 4 stars.The dialogues are so cool even in 2006 that people were chanting them as we walked out of the cinema.

My nod for don – dont miss this movie.

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5 Responses to DON!

  1. Karan says:

    Oh c’mon Namrata.. Don didnt deserve a 3.5 .. it shud have got a 4.5! To put it.. it was awesome.. specially the climax 😉 Well written!

  2. Himank says:

    Well obviously DON was , no denying this fact the movie was simply great just great….N specially the climax was just awesome….

  3. u knw it says:

    once again 3 cheers for giving such a wonderfull desciption of the DON.well it surely deserves to be among the best … n i give it 4.5

  4. BITS says:

    hmm…. I haven’t seen the movie … but I know the climax courtesy Karan(spoiler) …
    btw nice review of the movie …

  5. ashwin says:

    Havnt seen the movie yet.
    But watever happens a Godfather fan wouldnt like Sarkar however gud it might be. Its just a question of old faithfull.

    The story seems to be different so there might b a chance that I might b able to like it. But recreating doesnt work for movies that have been immortalised. Unless the audience has changed.

    Rather harsh but no1 can chew a pan like Amitabh ;).

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