I had to write a post so ….

I hate rains,I hate exams and I hate to start of a blog on such a pissed off note.Cant help it but the last 2 weeks have been so boring that I have never felt so miserable.The only bright thing that springs up is the fact that thers a vacation coming up and yeah finally the southern Summer is done with.By the way I hate summers too.Apart from the scorching heat and frequent powercuts its nerve wrecking to sit on the couch the whole day doing nothing because one cant venture out in the hot sun.Earlier I had a ball with my cousins during the summer break but now all of us have grown up and each one has his/her own schedules.My sis is in the hostel,my cousin is in VIT ,my bro is working and there are times I feel I am doing nothing except for searching for prospective topics to feature on my blog.A few things that have happened over the weekend

1.On the suggestion of my good friend I decided that if I had even the slightest chance of doing well this exam I had to attack the reading room and as it turns out to be – I have managed to do that but still have time for good ol’ blogs.

2.Started watching SCRUBS and its an awesome show.

3.Havent seen a movie for 3 days now and people who know me must have realised how difficult it is for a movie buff like me.

4.The food in the NBH mess sucks even now and looks like this one statemnt is never going to change throughout my stay in IIIT.

5.I put on 1kg and goshhh I am heartbroken.Never felt so sad, not even when Ashton Kutcher got married.

6.India is out of the ICC and for the host nation to be eliminated at such an early stage – well some credible changes have to be made or looks like the World Cup campaign will end up being the same way.

7. Only three weeks left for my birthday and couldnt be more excited.

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11 Responses to I had to write a post so ….

  1. Himank says:

    I had to write a comment so
    Yeah summers used to be so much fun when we were children but now the summers suck….

    N who the hell gets so excited when your birthday is 3 weeks away!!!

  2. Speed says:

    hate rains …
    summers rock … get a cooler for urself … u will find the diff ….
    scrubs ??? .. what happened to ur oth ??? done with it ??
    if possible try for Anime . They rock 😀

    Bleach, Naruto, FullMetalAlchemist and DeathNote(this ones started screening just a few weeks ago )

    en ur bday … :)) excited to get bumps ???
    then why not celeb today itself ??? :p

    yeah “N who the hell gets so excited when your birthday is 3 weeks away!!!”

  3. Namrata says:

    Hey guys!
    whats so strange in gettin excited for ones bday.These 20 days are gonna be pretty long[:(].And yeah dear speed,
    Lets see whether u succeed in givin bumps.

  4. Pankaj Saini says:

    i love each and every season just because of the fact that they are so special rains after summer bring the pleasure that winter and spring are nearer…..and about b’day well i m excited all through the year…hehehe…..scorpion stuff….

  5. ashwin0003 says:

    Summer rocks??? Ur weird.

    And 1 more thing. Dont provoke ippili. Girls do get bumps.

    And yeah. Scrubs rock. Try Arrested development and How I met Ur mother.

  6. Karan says:

    @ himank.. she’s a scorpion baap!
    @ namrata.. actually wanted 2 tell u that u’ve really put on a lotta weight.. its showin on u.
    nd yeah.. jus look out 4 the bumps 😀

  7. Namrata says:

    @karan – i wanted a comment on the post!!!Thanks neways I needed a reality check!!

    @ashwin – hmm looks like we will get into another quarrel and I am in no mood to do that.What exactly is summers rock???I think i said i hate summers now(period).

  8. ashwin says:

    Hmmm, looks like I did something stupid again It usually ends with me running around with a bullseye on my back.

    Neways, if U liked scrubs give My name is Earl, Arrested Development and How I met Ur mother. They are similar to Scrubs in the sense that all of them have the lead character narrating and all are comidies.

  9. Speed says:

    yeah i really wish i could give u bumps ..
    but sorry i think i will be going home …

    if u want me to stay back … promise me u will get bumps from me …
    then i will think abt it … neways al the best

  10. summu says:

    You hate rains.. hmm… Maybe sunny california is the best place for you.. it kinda never rains n snows here.. its not too hot as in India.. its just perfect !

    You put on 1 kg? Sure? 😀 cos some birdie at iiit told me its a lil more than 1 it seems..

    And advertising ur bday on ur blog is like giving the ‘license to bumps’ to ppl .. Best of luck with that ! 😀

  11. Karan says:

    looks like ur orkut accnt is deleted.. so here we go “Happy Birthday” and may God bless!

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