Reality bites!

Take my word for it.It does and the sooner one accepts the fact that what we learn and what we apply are poles apart in most of the cases the better it is.I was watching a documentary on the local channel about how people deprived of basic amenities like electricity,water and the minimal education live their lives purely based on hope.Look at us – I can speak for myself,I am perhaps the most annoying daughter because I am never satisfied with what I have – Its always more clothes,more bags,more shoes but yeah never more books!!

They say charity begins at home – but it doesnt necessarily mean financial assistance.Every penny counts and the people who realise its value are ‘the women who walk miles every day to and fro carrying 3 pots of water on their heads’,’the maids back home who relentlessly work day in and day out to ensure they get to eat their stomach’s fill’ not we people who have had everything so easy.I was having a conversation with my dad about this and he said that I had started taking things for granted and substantiated the observation by narrating an instance when dad said something and my reply was ‘lite papa’.Gosh it didnt sound so gross actually but had I been in my dad’s shoes I would have admonished the other person.Just goes to show the laidback attitude that has crept into me.The day I joined IIIT I promised myself that I would earn so much money that I would never want to think twice before buying anything.Green paper is all that matters.The reality is for all of us to see.We speak of women empowerment but who is a strong woman.My maid who works and takes the abuse thrown at her by her spouse for the sake of her children or the so called modern day independent gal who travels in buses and cars ,sits in an AC room and earns for the house.

As all these thoughts were crossing my mind the doorbell rang.I opened the door only to see a girl younger than me walk into the house.I was later told by mum that the little girl worked whenever her mother could not make it.She had been to school but to help her mother out she dropped out though it was evident that she wanted to educate herself because her face lighted up at the very mention of that fact.The greatest thing about all of this is that she never complained,tried her best to ensure that her work was good and there was a genuine honesty in all of it.On the contrary a single day does not pass by with me not engaged in a quarrel with my mother.If its not the food of my choice ,I have a problem with my wardrobe which by all standards can be termed complete or something else.I always have reasons for dissatisfaction.But that documentary and Devi(name of the girl who works)changed me even though it was momentary(I am back to being what I was)but all said and done that stark reality hit me hard.Hard enough to make someone like me think deeply about such sensitive issues.I have no right or reason to find fault with things because I dont pay for them – its my parents who do and in their best capacity they make supreme efforts to keep us all happy.I have a blessed life unlike people like Devi and that should act as a reminder that we are in a position to help and make a difference.
The day before I left my home Devi joined school and my mother warned her mother from sending Devi to work.I have promised to cut down on my pocket expenses(and its so difficult)and taken a firm front on certain aspects of my lifestyle.Sometimes it takes things like these to jolt you back to reality!

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4 Responses to Reality bites!

  1. Karan says:

    hmmm.. its quite true dudette. the realities of life are quite harsh, and it’s good that u av pondered upon it. however, such feelings never last for more than a few hours, or a coupla days. After that it’s back to square one, with we guys wasting food, money, time blah blah blah…
    It’s a sad situation actually, in India. While the collective wealth has increases big time, the striking differences between the rich and the poor is pulling back our development. Probably, a little bit of socialism could help here.
    Nice post!

  2. Pankaj Saini says:

    see cutting on our own expenses and doing some charity work….yeah though it seems to be fruitful but it’s not the ultimate solution….this is a problem of masses so steps need to be taken on massive scales… suppose if u come across a child who is begging….u know he has siblings who must be begging in other streets….so what will u do?…will u give him some money..(…’coz he or she is starving..)…or u will ignore him or her… the first case….u will do nothing but encourage that child to beg again…(…even though it seems to be some sorta charity and an act of generousity at that time….)…..and in the second case…u’ll do nothing but think that steps shud be taken to improve their situation…..that’s the end of it all…..nothing is gonna improve….this way….and that’s exactly what’s going on… we have to come up with some judicious measures….if we are serious enough…(…i said this ‘coz i don’t have anything better to say..)…but it was a really touching post…….

  3. Seems like someone’s thinking!!! Very true thoughts its just that we people the fortunate ones…. should try and do something for ppl like them and that too should be done on a large scale with the help of a large no pf ppl who thik this way … 🙂

  4. Deepti says:

    One of the best posts you have ever written..We ponder abt such things now and then and take a decision to change the situation around us but we slacken nd slide back to our original lifestyle…I think if people of similar thoughts come together,probably we can bring out a substantial change in the present society..

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