Wow – what a week!

I juggled with quite some things this week and its been as chaotic as one would expect.After the much awaited vacation(well 7 days cannot exactly be termed one)came and went by as a whiff of fresh air the first week of the new semester – considered to be the toughest of all was all that I had expected it to be – crap and some more of it.I may be sounding over the top but I am giving serious thought to why are we being taught certain things because I fail to see the practical implementation of a few courses and even if there were any, my limited attention span of 5 minutes saves me the pain of listening to boring lectures.

Monday started of very early because the bus we had boarded dropped us off at the gate at 6.00 AM.It was kind of cool because the last time I woke up that early was perhaps 2 years ago!The serene atmosphere,cool breeze,sunshine breaking in through the morning mist,the shadows of the shimmering leaves caused by the last traces of moonlight and the striking peace – made me sick.Must have confused a lot of you – to be honest I was confused too because I did not seem to enjoy these so called beautiful sights.I hate silence in the sense that there has to be constant movement and some sort of activity all around me or else I get paranoid beyond control.Well the warmth of the sun was a welcome but given the fact that I am not much of a nature admirer the heavy bag strapped against my shoulder was causing so much of bother that I did not feel like giving the surroundings a watch.Rest of the day was as normal as it should have been with the physical registration being the only official thing done.

Next day was my birthday and I had been planning and dreaming about it since .. well the moment my last birtday ended.Was floored by the party in GH and got lots of pretty gifts too!!!Took my friends out for dinner and the day ended on a great note.

The usual classes and schedules started off from Tuesday and I was hoping that the professors would be rational if not as leniant and ‘I dont care if anyones listening or not’ like the last semester teachers were.To my utter dissapointment the instructors this time look pretty solid and specific about their curriculum and schedules which makes life hell for students.

Rest of the week saw movies and TV shows with the best part being James Bond.His new film Casino Royale is a pretty decent flick but Daniel Craig did not quite match up to my expectations especially since he was stepping into Pierce Brosnan’s shoes who is a hottie.Shopped at Hyderabad Central and thats the best thing to have happened this week.Planning to watch Dhoom 2 on Saturday – the end of the eventful week.

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3 Responses to Wow – what a week!

  1. Speed says:

    so covered dhoom 2 ???
    how was it …

    en yeah … ur week end was quite good 🙂

  2. summu says:

    went shopping eh? bargained? 😛 A week to remember huh, nice nice !

  3. Deepti says:

    Hey u dint tell me wat u shopped at central!!!

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