Moments that take our breath away

Its been quite a while since I last blogged and forgive yours gracious for any jarry descriptions or lack of creativity because I am having trouble finding where exactly the keys are (note:havent signed in to messenger too).

There is a beautiful line in the movie ‘HITCH’ – ‘In life what is important is not how many moments you have lived.What is important is the moments that took your breath away’.Simple yet full of profound thought.How many seconds have come and gone by and how many can you recollect.The ones that can be called ‘Kodak moments’,the ones where you laughed your lungs out,the outings with friends,the family dinners or those solitary evenings you spent with your pet.I have had my share – events which bring a smile on my face and the very mention of which makes me say wow – now that was worth it.Would like to jot down a few

Like every first child I was pampered and was never used to being second fiddle.The birth of my younger sister took away a share of that importance and being the adamant brat that I was(I dont think I am any longer – atleast not a brat adamant maybe) I hated my sister.I did not like being in her prescence but all that changed one fine evening when we had guests visiting and there was this young boy too.As everyone was engrossed in a conversation,he started meddling with her ,pulling her hair – she barely had a few dangling strands which eventually led to a loud cry.I dont know what hit me but I felt so protective of her that I grabbed that kid and pinched him till his skin became pale.I was scolded thats another story but when I saw the smile on my sister’s face when I pulled her cheeks – now thats what is a million dollar moment.We have been best buddies since then.

The day I gave my first dance performance at the age of six.I had learnt Bharat Natyam from the age of four and ever since I can remember dance has been an integral part of my life.Even today when I watch the video my face lights up and I feel so proud that I did something soclose to my heart.

Every time I look at the family album there is a nostaligic feeling in my heart and a deep desire to go back to those days without any cares or snobs – sniffles maybe and where our decisions were not based on situations or the people involved.

There are truckloads of other moments too but why would anyone be interested in them.So I guess this is the end of the post because now I have to rush back and take a look at the album again!

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3 Responses to Moments that take our breath away

  1. Deepti says:

    Hey thats my favorite line in the movie!!!!
    Such a cuute description of your childhood incident,should rush and ask my bro whether he felt the same when I was a small kid… 🙂

  2. Anupama says:

    I love this post….Its great being a first child in family ,isnt it Nammu?
    And every word you have written is so impressive.
    Couldnot stop myself from commenting on this post..
    Cheers and please keep blogging!!!

  3. Karan says:

    upload those pics 😛

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