Reel or Real????

Its been spashed all over the print media and news channels dont seem to be getting enough of it.’Big Brother’ the UK based reality show has now become more than just a show.It has not only prompted several dormant associations to wake up and smell the coffee and given them an oppurtunity to make hay while the sun shines and get some PR but also caused a debate in the British Parliament.Phew now thats quite a stir.For those who are unaware of the whole issue – Shilpa Shetty was paid a fat sum to participate in the show by the channel to attract Asian viewers , but the trick seems to have done the trick in more than the expected way.Supposedly, racist remarks were passed at Ms.Shetty who like Rupali(a celebrity on the Indian version ‘Big Boss’) cried and gained sympathy.No blames because at the end of it all its a game show and a test of how good one is at surviving .The British Media(one of the strongest and most vocal in the world)lapped up her tale of woes.Being an Indian,Shilpa Shetty has faced all the snide remarks made at her with a lot of courage and dignity.Kudos to her for that but I wish she puts up a braver front the next time around so that the other C-grade celebrities realise that she is a popular public figure back home and not disgraced like Daniele Lloyd – the ‘ex’ Miss United Kingdom stripped of her title or Miss.Jade who is hardly a celebrity!!

Another thing that amazed me was even in the so called ‘enlightened western society’ things like race and colour are predominant factors in defining a person.Cultural differences are still acceptable but to call someone a dog or comapare them to parts of Human anatomy is pathetic and speaks volumes about how well brought up we are in comparison to a lot of people on the show who know they are on international platform and yet cant maintain a certain level of decency.For God’s sake its a game show.

Chuckling fact again is that Big Boss – airing on Sony which is a take off on the above mentioned show also has had its share of controversies with Rakhi Sawant being a victim because she has the tag of ‘item girl’ and because she is not fluent in much so for 50 lakhs that one does not mind being under public scrutiny 24/7.

The good thing that comes out from all of this is that the channels are smiling their way to the banks with increased viewership and rising TRP’s.Brace up the Ekta Kapoor’s ,Aruna Irani’s and other melodramatic soap opera makers because its time of the reality shows now!!

PS:Apart from Big Boss the other very good reality show is MTV Roadies.It rocks!!

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5 Responses to Reel or Real????

  1. Karan says:

    True.. Big Brother’s now got a major boost in its TRPs. However, as a consequence of the Shetty issue, Carphone Warehouse- the major sponsor has withdrawn. Can the show survive now?
    What the fuck was Shilpa Shetty doing during the entire episode… I mean she never raised any objections initially but joined in the chorus when her Asian viewers raised their voices against the racial discrimination. And when the sponsor withdrew, she took back her statement saying that the comment had been made at the head of the moment… Balls!
    I only see Shetty’s attemps at the show as a knock on Western cinema’s doors, and that seems far off looking at the way she has behaved during the episode ( She’s not any good on the idiot box either )
    The good thing to come of of the whole issue is highlighting the hypocrisy of some bloody people who say something and do the opposite… Unfortunately racial discrimination is very much a part of the US and UK socities, and Indians n Pakistanis have been long standing victims. Its only due to the vigilance of some NRIs has this issue been higlighted this time around…

  2. Hudumba says:

    Its true that the taunts aimed over Shilpa were driven by racism,but they were provoked by only her.It was she who adored her proudly before the fellow housemates in Big Brother.She called her ‘Angelina Joile of India’,and gave a fake account of her stardom in bollyhood.

    Jade Goody,one of the housemate who had worked before as dental nurse had accepted that she has meagre knowledge about the other cultures,and it was only her ignorance and foolishness,that she allegedly taunts shilpa.
    what else shilpa want,she got Rs 3 crore as compensation for hurting of her sentiments on the ground of racism charges.

  3. Sundar says:

    y do u want to start a forum on ur blog??

    neways nice template than the last one 🙂

  4. pankaj says:

    This is just a further addition to the long lived and survived racial discrimination in the very grounds of the so-called modernised and developed nations of the west. I don’t think there is much to debate upon this as it’s been evident since long. But I am surprized at the way Shilpa Shetty behaved. First of all, one should always be oneself. What’s the point in boasting about what you are not and that too in a public reality TV show. Secondly, being an Indian doesn’t mean you have to have the earth’s patience and tolerate everything. Why didn’t she raise her voice at that very time.
    Finally, if some people or a majority of people are of the mind set of the racial discrimination, the only thing you can do is to raise voice when hammer strikes you(if you can’t share others’ burden).

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