The ‘F’ word!!

Sorry to dissapoint people who thought I was talkin of the most widely used word in colleges today.Originally the word fashion was called the f word.

Most of Gen-Y has a passion for fashion(did not intend the rhyme).It ranges from bags to shoes,eye gear to jewellery,clothes to well…lesser clothes ,piercing , tattoos and what not.Trends keep changing at the drop of a hat – some become a rage propelling the person who started it to stardom and sometimes they dont click.The junta(thats us the common man)look up to celebrities for fashion tips and so I thought why not take a leaf out of the Pg3 socialites and jot down a few trends that took the markets by storm,trends that went on to stay for a long time and trends that are perhaps no longer the ‘cool thing’ but are neverthless trends!

1.Torn jeans – One of the longest running rages for youngsters.People flocked stores to buy a pair – the more recklessly torn a jeans was the better.If one was not lucky enough to find one , what the heck they would tear the ones they had back home.

2.Anklet only on one leg – My parents hate this style statement so much…I dont know who started it but wow it really looks cool.Anklets once considered to be a traditional ornament worn only at weddings etc has now become a must have accessory.If you dont have it go buy one as soon as possible .

3.Permed hair – Preity Zinta is surely a diva.Her look in Dil Chahta Hai sent the gals into a frenzy with everyone wanting to curl up their hair.The phase has now gone by but people for once started talking about another aspect of Preity’s personality other than her dimples!!

4.Guys with headbands and long hair – Never before did I sense so much urgency in boys to grow their hair.If Hrithik brought a new dimension to it AB jr. took it a step further by donning black headbands.They carry it off with panache but its so overdone now.Long hair is not exactly everyone’s cup of tea.Saloons or should I say beauty parlours for men had flourishing business ever since Krrish happened and after Dhoom 2 dying and curling that long hair is the hot trend.5.

5.Shirt within a shirt – Popularly know as ‘pokiri shirts’ – I heard that it did exist before too but Mahesh Babu promoted the shirt beyond imagination.Every boy right from my kid brother to my workaholic one have it.Any colour combo , any pattern it does not matter.You have to have ’em.

6. Pin point heels – Stilletos , platforms ,flats none of it stayed for a long time.But pointed heels are one of the most upmarkey buys.They are kind of expensive and very uncomfortable to be in but thats the price one pays to be a model.Malaika Arora Khan really is one of the most glamorous women in India today and she has the best pair of shoes.

Well there are lots of other trends too

special mention to friendship bands started by K2H2,’cool’ chains started again by SRK in k2h2,tanned look courtesy Bipasha and Ash,pink shirts for men – Saif Ali Khan and his whole metrosexual look,caps worn the other way around – its been there since ages thanks to the rappers and zillions of others.Its good to have these changes because variety is the spice of life and whats living without a lil bit of zing and zang!!!

Drop in fashion trends along with comments!!

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14 Responses to The ‘F’ word!!

  1. Karan says:

    very neat post.. liked it a loh.. has a whiff f fresh air with it.
    u can also add things like spikes, earring on the left ear for guys (and right for gays 😛 ), dungries for gals, tatoos, those designer bags blah blah..

  2. prateekgv says:

    Nice post . I’m still wondering why ppl tear up their jeans.(ventilation ?).
    The rest all ways of ‘F’ seem sensible but this is tough haa :p

  3. Anupama says:

    Nice post Nammu…!!

  4. Namrata says:

    @nobody – i may sound judgemental but your comment (wait can I call it one)is as insignificant as your name!!

  5. Hudumba says:

    nice post…….it seems u got enough awareness about d latest trends in d ‘F’ world.Its only d F power,which makes a ordinary looking person very dashing,also d contrary if misuses!!!!

  6. nobody says:

    every one out of the house .. evryone out of the house …the house is on fire ….and the police have found that ‘nobody’ ignited it …

    btw nobody can judge nobody !!!

  7. deepti says:

    REfreshing!!! Can add more things like the skirts,big earrings etc

  8. Shrikant says:

    hey how can u forget to mention MY HAIRSTYLE 😛
    thats in now just because i am having it …
    neway seems u r bak in blog town …
    gud for we [useless] ppl 🙂

  9. pankaj says:

    LONG HAIR???? Well I don’t think Mr. H Roshan has had much to influence the hair style. Apart from the physical appearance I think IT genre looks much better with decent and graceful outfits. Lets keep the trendy stuffs upto the college only. If we start to imitate fashion divas then I think some people in the govering bodies here in IIIT will have terrible troubles….:)

  10. Himank says:

    Read this post a long time ago ..but am commenting today.I am not too much into fashion and dont have much knowledge but i would sure like to say that girls look great in skirts and i am always perplexed that why dont girls wear skirts and i am not talking about minis and micros even full length skirts are so in(accroding to me 🙂 )

  11. Himank says:

    hey one thing more can you tell me whats the diff between stilletos and pointed heels.. i searched for them on wiki and they seem to be pointed heeled as well 🙂

  12. Anonymous says:

    @Himank In one of the episodes of Sex in the Big City Sarah Jessica Parker tells the difference… Try to watch that episode!! 😛

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