World of our own.

‘All the good things in life are shortlived ‘ – said some scholar.I beg to disagree.Good things leave great memories and memories cannot be erased.We carry them along and as life progresses they become better and better like old wine.Perhaps 10 years down the line when I reflect back at my stay in IIIT the thing that I will miss the most is these small outings I had with my gal pals.

–> The walks after dinner : Though it initially started off as a weight losing exercise , it slowly transformed itslef into one of those times of the day when we would share our thoughts,our troubles and of course our PJ’s that go beyond the comprehension of a normal human being because they defy normal conventions and are an excuse for us to let our imagination run wild.

–> The ‘gol gappas’ : I was never allowed to eat pani puri at the roadside stalls because the ones at my place Rajahmundry were no great shakes.So I was eagerly looking forward to try them out in Hyderabad not realising that it would become such an integral part of our lives.Anu,Shalini,myself,Ramya,Divya,Spandana,Deepti and all of us have had great fun going out to Indra Nagar crammed into a single auto,having pani puri,chats and of course chinese food from a place nearby with the gentleman making the dishes becoming a brunt of our jokes.We have been there so often that the guy knows what we want even before we place our order.

–> Movie Time : All of us are movie fanatics.If its not our laptops then we manage to go out and check the latest flicks.Since its just us, we dont mind making all the noise,laughing loudly at insipid jokes,mocking the actors and of couse appreciating good scenes with claps and oh’s.The things I can vividly remember is how we went to a night show to watch the movie ‘Rakhee’ and had a whale of a time or watching ‘Veerabhadra’ in Anu’s room! Except for Shalini,most of us are scared of scary movies – that is the purpose of such movies [:)].Yet we have seen scores of such movies with lights switched off.Everytime we swear not to see another movie but end up watching many neverthless .

Truckloads of emotions , tons of funny incidents , heated arguments , co – operation during assignments and the unforgettable birthday bashes.These are without doubt the best days of my life.

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8 Responses to World of our own.

  1. deepti says:

    Very true…All these are the moments which we all would undoubtedly treasure once we are out of this college..These moments have brought u s close to eachother..This post signifies how close we all are..Cheers!!!

  2. Speed says:

    dunno what to say ….

    but nammu … me waiting for something philosophical !!!
    pls write one soon 🙂

  3. Karan says:

    gol gappas @ indira nagar.. aargh!
    walks after dinner.. AmAzzziiiiin… jus love dem
    u cud av included some more moments

  4. Imanpreet says:

    Nice blog, you write quite well.

  5. tht was awesome namratha…coll moments r precious…shud live every moment of our life here n btw i guess u rem me…vamsy frm bits

  6. summu says:

    All good things are wild, free and forever ! 😀

  7. pankaj says:

    I think you didn’t very much like walking or roaming around in the campus. I agree wid Karan that you cud have added many more mesmerizing deeds. And this is really what college life is all about. Isn’t it?

  8. spandana says:

    Nice post da…
    U wud have even included the all time creative jokes of ours(Push Down Automata,Reverse Complan.. 😀 …..
    Walks after dinner time…we seriously rock da..

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