Spirits and souls.

Part 1:”Do you beleive in ghosts”? snapped my cousin in the middle of one of my blabbering marathons.Amused at the randomness of the question posed ,I answered “maybe,perhaps,I really dont know”.He gave a nasty smile and went inside leaving me and my cousins curious and annoyed at the same time.We rushed immediately behind him and pestered him to divulge more details behind the question and its rather difficult to say no to a mob of gangsters like me and my cousins.My brother has this habit of blowing things out of proportion so I kept my cool without getting too excited – atleast I tried to do so.We all sat on the bed in a circle and my brother in his typical baritone voice asked the same question again.Most of us were unsure.He said he was confident that after tonight that wouldnt be the case.We were all intrigued as he narrated a few incidents straight out of Aahat and Zee Horror Show but somehow they felt real.He said that spirits existed all around us – both good and bad ,so one had to be cautious not to abuse anyone dead because they could be listening to you.A chill went through my spine but being the eldest after him I could not set an example like that when my 7 year old cousin was listening in rapt attention.After his monologue he insited that we play ‘Planchette’ – a game where one could interact with spirits.All of us were unanimous in our decision which was a big NO.I was releived and walked out of the room.

Part 2:After an hour we went back to him and forced him to get that board through which we could call ghosts.I almost had a nervous breakdown when he took out the board from his shelf and placed it on a table.One of us rushed and got a candle,the other got a Re.1 coin.I was surprised at how scared I was and how bold my cousins were.After a few arrangements we sat around in a circle with our hands held together and the board right at the centre.My brother gave some insructions and started chanting something in a language I dont think human beings speak .There was silence after that.I was not supposed to open my eyes.It was creepy,a few sounds that came in through the window felt like an otter was whistling to his mate.The scene was right out of some Ramsay production.We waited and waited and waited.Then,something unusual happened.

Part 3:My brother started shouting.Shaken ,we all looked at him .It seemed as if someone had entered his body and was in complete control of him.His eyelids were rolled up and he looked scary.The thing lasted for about 2 minutes after which he gave a violent shudder and fell on the floor.We switched on the lights and sprinkled some water on his face.He regained his senses and seemed to remember nothing.When we told what happened he looked surprised and said “Now you guys will beleive in the existence of spirits”.We quietly walked out of the room.None of us said a word.Then it struck!

Part 4 : This was all too obvious.I mean nothing that had happened inside was a first time.I have heard zillions of such incidents.The rolling of eyelids is a classic trick used to scare people and my brother is a good actor.It started making sense.Perhaps he was trying to fool us all.Wait a second,he was not he HAD ALDREADY done that.I shared my idea with my cousins and soon they agreed with me.We decided to confront him.

Climax:We slowly entered his room but the lights were switched off.Inpite of shouting his name loud there was no response.Suddenly,out of nowhere he sprang on us with a white bedsheet covering his masked face.I had a stroke and recovered in a span of 10 seconds.He switched on the lights and looked at our pale face.I have never seen him laugh so much.He was rolling on the floor.After a while,we too started smiling amused at how easily we walked into his trap.We went to bed soon after but the whole night I kept thinking “Do ghosts exist……………………………………………….”!!!

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10 Responses to Spirits and souls.

  1. Speed says:

    lol to max … :)) …
    so do u believe or not ???

  2. Prateek GV says:

    Nice post. Your Bro shud surely act in some upcoming Ramsay Productions.

  3. Karan says:

    hullo u scared lil sissy baby 😛

  4. Frances says:

    Thanks for stopping in at my site. I can not honestly say that I don’t believe that some of the departed don’t hang out a bit here before they move on. I remember doing the oiuja board thing – I also had a “flash stroke” Look forward to stopping in. The template looks good!

  5. Shrikant says:

    well thats smthing i myself had done with my frnds in hostel . 🙂
    and its so unpredictable but for the one who is doing it
    and ya they do exist, ask me if u want to believe …

  6. pankaj says:

    If you think God exists then I think devils too do. If you can feel the presence of God, then you can feel devils too. It’s not scary instead adventurous to go out all out in hunt of Ghosts. You must watch this video ‘ World’s scariest ghosts caught on cam ‘. It’s there on DC. Then I think you may get some answer to your question. And by the way, is that why you were asking me about horror movies??

  7. Anupama says:

    Hahaha..smart Nammu!
    So it was you who figured out that it was ur brother’s prank…!
    Well written….!

  8. Divya says:

    Nicely written nammu!![:))]
    YOU figured out your bro’s prank??? Now that’s sth that doesn’t sound real in this blog[:P]

  9. Trisha says:

    Hey remember… we tried out planchette at Shaswat’s place . Scared the world out of you even then. haha u r such a sweetheart.

  10. sushma says:

    Heehee very funny post.The times we spend with our cousins is one of the best of our lives.Well,I think if Gods exist then ghosts also exist.I liked this post because it was written very lucidly.

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