In Pursuit Of Happiness

Before I start using my meandering imagination and make a genuine attempt to write a philosophical blog –

1.Please watch the movie ‘In pursuit of happyness’ (its not a spelling error – the movie is spelled like that) because its heartmelting and a great reminder that hardwork and commitment are enough to make you happy.

2.Happiness is comprehended in tons of ways – so my thought process may not exactly match yours.But you can still read my post [:-)] .

3.Raki suggested that I should write on something more serious and this title immediately struck me.

For me happiness is a very vague term because its not permanent.It changes with situations ,with people in your life,with success and failure and of course with a change in your own personality.Had someone asked me 2 years back – what makes you happy I would have said a good rank in the competetive exams,an extended vacation to spend more time with family and a chance to meet up with my school friends.

As of today ,except for the last answer my reply is different. I want a Btech degree with minimal(if possible zero) coding, more holidays unlike the ones we have which are on par with the banks and government offices and good food in the mess!

Like the name of the post suggests one can never be happy and content.The wants undergo metamorphosis every other moment.The momet you have attained something you longed for , there is a calm within and an unsung song in the heart.After a few days , your goals are once again set and you set out in a quest to attain it.Agreed we are an ambitious lot and agreed we have more materialistic needs than say perhaps our senior generations but as time transcends by so does the mentality.What is important to us today may not make sense to our grandparents.It is this lack of coherent communication that leads to misunderstandings in the family.

For a majority of us happiness is equated directly with success.Unfortunately we fail to understand the cliche here :

“Success is getting what you want,

Happiness is wanting what you get”

I could never apply this logic to my life though its sounds really nice.I have never seen or heard of a person who has achieved perennial happiness.Maybe Mr.Bagaria would be an exception.I guess its human tendency to want more and to go after it.That is what differentiates us from the other species.What we can try to do is place a limit to our wants at stages of our life otherwise it would become a case of building castles in thin air.Have set targets and irrespective of what others think , as long as you are happy nothing else should bother you.I bother a lot about other’s opinions and what they think of me and perhaps thats why I try and be what is ‘expected’ of me.But over the past 6 months I have changed and now I do my own thing,if I dont like someone I dont talk,if I feel the need to converse I do and I have never been closer to myself. Eventually all of us want to leave a legacy , a place in the hearts of a select few who would remember us for our deeds and makes them happy.

None of us can attain the ultimate level of happiness.We are always in the race,always in search for more,seeking things beyond our reach and there is a happiness in that struggle too.Right now for me the definition of happiness changes pretty erratically but I am certain that I will achieve most of my goals.That thought keeps me happy,my family and friends keep me happy,blogging keeps me happy,watching movies keeps me happy and like everyone else the pursuit keeps me happy.

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8 Responses to In Pursuit Of Happiness

  1. pankaj says:

    Nice to read some thoght provoking kinda post from you. As you adeqately wrote that everyone has his or her own perception of happiness. But I would like some of my friends try the following out. why jst be happy for a period and then set new goals, achieve them and then again be happy. Happiness isn’t some kinda fit !! why can’t be separate happiness from or professional and so-called goal-pursuing dynamic life. Why can’t we make happiness an inseparable ingredient of our life. Then I think we will be pursuing our goals more enthusiastically and fruitfully. I myself have not been impeccably able to materialize this theroy but I do believe in it.

  2. Divya says:

    Nice post! [;p]
    Very truly written about how different people have different views abt happiness! And how can a person make himself think that he is happy even in the midst of a thicket of difficulties!!
    Very nicely portrayed how even small things like talking with parents, chatting with friends, lying comfortably in the bad, laughing loudly at PJs, going for and having ice cream at midnight(these are few things that make ME happy [:)]) make a person’s life very contended with himself!!
    Seriously “nice post”!!

  3. Trisha says:

    Lets see……
    no coding in Btech: What??? More time to study sth else ??? Or did I miss the part that made you happy about it???
    More Holidays : FUNNN…yes. HAPPINESS……wellllllll
    Good food: So you had some good food in mess. Saved the poor guys who cook for y’all everyday from some criticism. Hey…made him happy rather. Didnt you now.

    Try and think a lillll bit more about the things that make you happy. I wanna know a lil bit more about how much dearest friend has grown up in all these years.
    And sorry for being such a badass critic. But Iam gonna add one more thing. Try and change the background color in the comment box. I can’t even see where my cursor is.

    PS – I really liked that post about the best moments u’ve had. It reminded me of the wonderful relationship u shared and apparently still share with anu.
    LOVE Trish

  4. sushma says:

    Looks like Divya almost wrote another post.I agree with you ,happiness is perceived in different ways .For me happiness is doing graphics assignment.Good use of english.Your vocabulary is excellent.

  5. Vamsy says:

    nice post nammu…the diff between happiness n success has been very well said….lookin forward for more of philosophical blogs from you…and u noe writing them is very difficult…

  6. Speed says:

    Arigatho Nammu – chan

    got some quotes for u 😀

    When activity is performed because it should be done, even play becomes work.
    When activity is performed because you want to do it , even work becomes play.
    — u r perfect in this matter … atleast thats what i feel …
    (another way of putting it – There is work that is work and there is play that is play; there is play that is work and work that is play. And in only one of these lie happiness.)

    A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes
    — maybe here the diff comes …. situations do no merely define the ways of happiness … the attitude ( the way u read them , understand them and adopt to them ) shows u the way … the way could be to happiness or nething …

    will get back to u soon … hungry 😀 home made food 😀 😀 😀

  7. I seriously liked the lines
    Success is getting what you want,
    Happiness is wanting what you get
    the day we realise this we are on our way to becoming happy but sticking to these two lines is almost impossible for almost all the human beings.. 8)

  8. adeleh86 says:

    I agree that happiness comes and goes. It is a mood, a state of mind, and you can either talk yourself into feeling positive, or you can make yourself feel bad by focusing on the negative things in your life.

    Happiness largely comes from within. It does not come from gaining material things. You could have two people who are facing the same difficult situation, but one person could end up feeling better than the other about it, depending on how you view life and how positive you are as a person.

    You may even be happy without realising it, until something happens in your life and changes your whole perspective.

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