Black Friday – are there more to come???

Wow – I am still at a loss of words.Notwithstanding the failure of Indian movies to garner international recognition I think I can safely quote ‘Black Friday’ to be one of those rare masterpieces that could well break the jinx for India.I was desperate to watch the flick and I was not disappointed when I saw it today.There have been brilliant movies before too but the honesty and the courage with which director Anurag Kashyap has made the film makes it stand apart.

It is the true story behind the Bombay blasts of 1993.The performances are incredible and its a shame that the movie had to lie in the cans for 2 years because a ban was imposed on it.Watch the movie and you will know why

a .It speaks the truth

b.No ficitious characters or names.

c.If they talk about ISI ,its in the open if they talk about Advani,its in the open too.

Watching the movie especially the last 10 minutes was a wake up call.Its so disgusting that on the name of relegion we forget the very basics of humanity.If I can ,let me take the liberty of saying that all of us have had wondeful childhoods.We were taught relegious tolerance – well there was no necessity because the topic of relegion never ever sprang up.At 16 you are friends with everyone .. at 19 you are waging war against your own fellowmen.I could never understand how a person’s ideals could change so fast and so drastically but after black friday I know that it is not a difficult job to change people’s thought process especially people who are broken and are insecure.A mosque was demolished in a state,riots broke out everywhere,another state became the target of bomb explosions and all this is done by people who are not even in our country.Jesus – are we in such a vulnerable position.

I was reading Himank’s post a few days back about the condition of Muslims in India and it is such a relevant topic because I have seen more successful Muslims than Hindus.When you are poor , you are poor.It doesnt matter whether you are a Hindu or a Muslim or belong to any other relegion for that matter.If you work hard and strive for excellence your worth and not your birth decides your destiny.Its a pity that even today we need a few movies to arouse the spirit of unity amongst us.

Politics – a word whose meaning needs to be changed immediately in the dictionaries of India because it has been reduced to a cat and mouse game today.Vote banks,film personalities campaigning for parties,people being granted MP seats because of their contribution to music.What in the world does that prove?Confer an award ,ask them to encourage charity but without any prior experience how can they be chosen to formulate laws and make decisions for millions of countrymen.All said and done have we learnt our lessons.Experience is the best teacher but have we made note of that?I dont think so.Otherwise what would explain the Gujarat riots.People die , channels make merry , we brood over it,abuse people and then it all goes back to being what it was.

I wish and hope from the bottom of my heart that communal harmony prevails in our country because we are perhaps the most tolerant,kind,loving and sharing people in the world.Lets not get carried away by what some frustoo has to say.Instead lets transform him/her.Heres hoping for a peaceful world.

PS: Do watch Black Friday – the movie that provoked me to write this post in just 8 minutes.It happens to be my fastest thought about,written and published blog ever.

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12 Responses to Black Friday – are there more to come???

  1. Prateek GV says:

    “If you work hard and strive for excellence your worth and not your birth decides your destiny”.You work on the above statement there seems nothing that can stop you.
    Indian politics Sucks Royally.
    8Mins thats an awesome speed.

  2. phani chaitanya says:

    idigo deeni meeda comment tarvatha chestha

  3. Karan says:

    Well I just saw the movie and came back and wanted to write something to.. but av seen that u’ve already written one 😛
    Lots of my thoughts have been expressed in Himank’s blog, and this is too vast a topic.. Guess I’ll jot down my thoughts some time too 🙂
    But the movie was quite brilliant… Kashyap deserves a pat on his back for standing by his work in spite of the controversies facing it. (The movie was supposed to release in 2005) His execution was brilliant baap.. You always waited for the next event. Though he should have shown something regarding Abu Salem, one of the main suspects.
    Amidst all this, my heart goes out to all the poor innocent humans who are caught in the crossfire and whose lives are severely handicapped by such events. That’s what is the message Kashyap wanted to convey.

  4. Navatha says:

    nice one dudette[:)] !!! keep going….

  5. Speed says:

    will definetly watch the movie some time to see how well it was directed !!!

  6. Pankaj Saini says:

    When anyone asks me about my religion, then my straight forward reply is that I am an atheist. Let the other person formulate or think of anything he or she wants to. What difference does it really makes in being of any particular religion. The only thing that creates differences is the environment where you live. And by environment I definitely mean people. There are times when I like Hindus ardently but there are times too when I like Muslims more than anyting else. And believe me more than half of our so-called staunch religious leaders or whatever they are, are no more than hypocrites. All they want is the publicity.
    The more the person is involved in religious atrocities or narrowness or whatever, more he is in light or I should say fame rather. And better are his or her chances in Politics. But I am tired of writing or saying things like I’ve just written here. I don’t even want to say that let’s have a group discussion. I used to think that ours generation is educated and when we would grow up, things would certainly change. But what I see around today is worse than the worst nightmare. Even in our age group you will definitely find people with fervent religious thoughts, which is not bad, but it becomes when they don’t think the same way about the other religions.
    You can call a public meeting and I assure you that you will be surprized to see such a narrow attitude among the common masses. It easy to say and write, sitting in comfortable rooms, on your blogs through your laptops but when it comes to do something then eveyrone is busy to look after his or her chores. And I speak of these words ‘coz I’ve tried hard for this cause and I’ve suffered a lot. You’ll think that I am crazy to write such a big comment but I can’t help ‘coz this topic always plucks the most painful strings in my heart.
    I am very much optimistic but I don’t know why I’ve become such a pessimist while writing this. I am sorry ‘coz I don’t want to discourage you. I just want everyone to realize that this indeed is the most inhuman attitude and crime to walk the earth today.

  7. phani says:

    gud post ……

  8. Hudumba says:

    topic u hav chosen is very sensitive indeed n kudos to u,neone who gonna read this blog will sure take a point.
    i will restrain myself from writing my own philosphy here,else it wud become a fissioned-blog,a blog giving rise to other blogs as comments :((

  9. Namrata says:

    @everyone : thanks
    @pankaj : yaar dont write a post on my blog!!I am sure that if it hadnt been for our curriculum lot of us would have been more involved in activities.

  10. Himank says:

    Well i havent seen the movie but intend to see the movie some day.. And the issue of commmunal harmony is one of the greatest and gravest issue which needs to be handled with intelligence and the politicians are doing the reverse.
    But actually the problem is we just keep blaming our politicians all the time.. Has any of us tried to do something to find a soln?? None… so we should also try to do something… Lets try to do something in this regard.

  11. deepti says:

    Wow!!!! Brilliant work 🙂 Powerful thoughts..I am surely gonna watch this movie right now.

  12. Fazil says:

    Thanks for your comment on my blog post. And if it wasn’t for Dev.D, I wouldn’t have even known who’s Kashyap. The film was truly a heart-breaking experience. It’s rare to feel upset over a film that is so affecting. The previous time I felt something like this was while watching Dancer in the Dark.

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