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First of all thanks Himank because I was running out of ideas and second of all this whole tagging thing is pretty cool.My answers

1. A living person I would like to meet – Oprah Winfrey because shes such an inspiration for every person who wants to do good.Its not her success but the struggle that is so impressive.Being a black American she has done outstanding work in the fields of journalism and social service for 30 years now.Also shes a woman of great innate strength.

2.A dead person I would like to meet – Audrey Hepburn – an amazing actress,a stunning beauty and such an achiever.A person who used her social status for the benefit of the society and did everything with immense grace and elan.

3.An event in the history I would like to change – Well,I would say Ashton Kutcher’s wedding or perhaps India’s World Cup performance last time .Kidding – on a more serious note the Cold War between USA and Soviet Union because it led to such a mad race for developing nuclear enery (for all the wrong reasons) and in more ways than one has affected foreign policies of all nations in the world.The world would be a better place had it not been for the massive egos of the leaders of these two nations.

4. An event in the history I would like to witness – Hoisting of the Indian tricolour for the first time.Must have been such an incredible moment.

5. A movie I would like to witness without being a part of – I dont understand the meaning of this question.

6. A literary character I would like to meet – Definetely Sherlock Holmes.

Ok so people who dont know what this means ,I tag a few people just the way I was tagged and they have to write a post answering the set of questions in the post.You in turn could pass on the thing.

I tag

Deepti – Pandaga chesuko.

Anupama – Blog more often.

Rakesh – Finally blog on something without using a youtube video.

Sumanth – Looking forward to your answers.

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6 Responses to Tag Post!

  1. Speed says:

    okey i guess … its time for me to blog …
    so watch out 😀 😀 😀

  2. Himank says:

    Never heard much abt Audrey Hepburn.. 😦 but Oprah Winfrey is quite a diff and a good choice 🙂 Abt watching the Indian Tricolour being hoisted first time but i would say i wont have as much feelings as the ppl who fought for it .. for me it would be just another Independence day only difference would be the expressions on the face of ppl arnd me … For me it wudnt be much diff 🙂

  3. Anupama says:

    Watching the Indian flag being hoisted for the first time is really a superb choice.I liked your first answer too.Well,thanks for tagging me!I will surely write a post soon.
    And one thing-You have got a creative mind:)

  4. kis says:

    Dint even realise I was tagged. U are supposed to drop a comment. My next post will be the rep ! 😀

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