In elite company – tag post!

I take immense pride in being a part of the blogging community of UG2K5 – which to my knowledge is the most active in the campus.I was tagged and guess its time to spill the beans , my take on my contemporaries.

1.Karan Maroo – He has an insatiable appetite for posts.Regular and real is the best way to describe his extremely popular blog.I have read all his posts and hes very genuine in most of them.Though of late his posts are more like newspaper articles(no offence – newspaper articles are good too!) and I think he can be a more prolific writer by taking on topics unlike current affairs – ones with more literary content.Also, he has great command over the language and amazing voabulary.Keep up the good work!!

2.Himank – I started reading his posts a long time after he had started writing.His hits show that he is a hit with everyone(my puns are all unintented).He is honest and candid about his experiences which make his posts a nice read.He can definetely improve his language but his dedication and sincerity toward blogosphere are an inspiration for lazy bones like me.Your posts rock!!

3.Pankaj – His vocabulary goes whoosh above my head sometimes.His passion is reflected in his posts.He should blog more often because he is a huge talent.

4. Deepti – A fellow blogger whom I admire a lot because she has a strong sense about whatever she writes.She beleives in it and thats why you can feel the emotions while reading her posts.Agree with Karan that she can be a lil less personal because this aint the right platform to convey such things.

5. Anupama – Her sense of humuor is among the best.I wish she blogged more often and posted comments more often too.

6.Prateek – He is one of my favourite bloggers because he has a unique style and his topics have great range and depth.Wonder where he gets such diverse topics to blog on.Let the cat out of the bag dude…. [:)].

I guess thats about it.Dont read a lot of other blogs but should start doing it because thats the best way to improve one’s language.UG2k5 bloggers rock!!

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6 Responses to In elite company – tag post!

  1. anupama says:

    vedavadi..anta ni abhimanam.:P:D..
    And yes,Blogging is the best way to improve one’s language.:)

  2. Pankaj Saini says:

    First of all, thanks for including my name…I too think of increasing the frequency of posts on my blog….and there are topics too…….and as soon as I sit down and plan to write….I come to know that either Maroo or Himank have already written about that topic……coz they don’t do anything else the whole day long……..and I am not that spontaneous a blogger……..I need to choose words to shape what I want to convey through my post…..but anyways……..I’ve just 23 posts to my name and it’s almost been 10 months since I started blogging…… will definitely try to imrpove……..may be you’ll get to read a post today itself………..but mean time….you keep blogging……..

  3. Karan says:

    Hey.. Thanks a lot for the description 🙂 U made my day.

    @Pankaj.. boss,who has nothin else 2 day the whole day long? Someone whos just stayed back in iiit for tp, having not taken any project or work, or someone who’s doing an intern/project! Decide for urself. 😀

  4. Deepti says:

    Iam blushing!!! 🙂 .Thanx a ton for the compliment.And ya thanks for your view regarding me getting personal.In the recent past,I started feeling the same and tried to reduce it as you can see my recent one..Keep blogging

  5. Prateek G V says:

    2 Posts one day 🙂 . Thanks for writing about me. Feels as if I have given something to this virtually existent ‘Blog World’. You got a Great Vocabulary and ya as you say “Keep Blogging!” 🙂

  6. Thanx for the desciption buddy!!! Since u wrote about my dedication i think i shud start writing some thing… my freq of writing has gone down drastically… 😛

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