Idol fever!

I am a self confessed TV addict and while I was home for a mini vacation after the end term exams , I realised that the Indian media has gone nuts.The usual soap operas that started an age back are still on air and doing well but that is an expected state.I was mad at the news channels(except for CNN and NDTV) for all the crap they were showing and giving undue importance to.So I shifted gears and started watching Star World though most of the seasons they air are aldready on our LAN,neverthless I decided that Simspons or Oprah would do for me.Then Apprentice got added to my list but the one show I thoroughly enjoyed was American Idol – no,no I am not a Sanjaya Mallakar fan but it was good to see an Indian doing well at a platform like that.It impressed me because the results of the show were so genuine.It seemed as if the people were being judged by a country where votes werent driven by emotions but by quality of the performance.

A few days back Indian Idol started and it reminded me of the first season – a season I followed with immense interest.In contrast to AI our version had nothing different except for the set and the set of judges I suppose.Bad singers were kept in the running while good singers were voted out.Each show has its share of upsets but whats clear is clear.Even while the judges were shouting their guts out no one seemed to take note of it.Then came Sa Re Ga Ma Pa on Zee and there the situation was hilarious.An average singer beat an extraordinary one hands down because the number of votes he received from his region were more than his competitor’s from the entire country.Amazing but true.Since its that time of the year when both Idol and SRGMP have started fresh seasons I hope that the country values talent and votes in sane fashion.

BTW American Idol is all I think about these days.Go Blake Lewis!!

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16 Responses to Idol fever!

  1. anupama says:

    Gud post!
    Indian Idol has lost its previous charm for sure.The last week’s episode was awful.I have never watched American idol.And yes,the SMS judgement is highly partial.

  2. anupama says:

    Gud post!
    Indian Idol has lost its previous charm for sure.The last week’s episode was awful.I have never watched American idol.And yes,the SMS judgement is highly partial.

  3. Johnny Blaze says:

    sry ra …
    i watch none of these ..
    may the gods of the world hear ur voices … 😛

  4. Pankaj Saini says:

    I’ve never really watched TV except news channels…(even for that I stick to the print media) amd Discovery Sometimes……….. so not in a position to comment…….. but I did like the hair style of the Indian guy who pictures appeared in the newspapers of late…… and abt Indian Shows…… can blame no one…..coz ours is a country run shearly on the basis of emotions………..

  5. sashidhar says:

    Come on! NDTV is crap too! Headlines Today is much better… BBC is ok types! and yeah star world and zee cafe rock!!

  6. Namrata says:

    @Sashidhar – HT sucks big time.They allocated an entire day to the Abhi Ash wedding and that whole Jahnvi episode was blown out of proportion thanks to HT and Aaj Tak.NDTV was one of the only channels to have maintained a sense of equilibrium amidst this media frenzy.HT has good newsreaders but come on dude thers no comparison between NDTV and HT as of now!!!

  7. Trisha says:

    Hmm. I watched that whole season of AI when Carrie Underwood won. It was kind of fun. It was definitely much better Indian Idol where Anu Malik kept trying to sound like Simon and kept making fool out of himself with his stupid poetry. Anyways, good post. And blog more often. You dont even have classes I assume. I mean c’mon.

  8. sashidhar says:

    Newsreaders wise…. HT is far better than any other channel. It can seen from the fact that —
    1. Mithali Mukherjee who is a hot shot anchor in CNBC’s morning call and closing bell is from HT
    2. Tracy Shilshi who is NDTV is from HT.
    3. Some Rao (that short bob hair anchor) who is in NDTV is from HT

    Content wise in sports HT is better than NDTV. HT tries it’s best to cover all sorts of sports. HT is the only INDIAN news channel which features Spanish premira liga, UEFA champions league and EPL on a regular basis.

    Entertainment wise though E! News has no comparision, again HT is much better than NDTV. Remember HT was the first Indian channel to feature the report of Paris Hilton being sent to jail.

  9. sashidhar says:

    NDTV is considered better only because of some seasoned journalists like Barkha Dutt, Karan Thapar, Pranoy Roy, etc… (I agree the list is quite long!)

  10. sashidhar says:

    Yeah, I agree the influence of AajTak is very much obvious on HT but I guess it will only be a matter of time before it is so. As far as NDTV, it is not the channel which I hate but the sarcasm that some of the newsreaders express when reading the news or interviewing someone. When delivering some piece of news of news, they act all cynical as if the entire burden of improving the state of affairs of India is on their shoulders.

  11. sashidhar says:

    Tell me. Why did Rajdeep Sardesai leave NDTV??

  12. Namrata says:

    @Sashidhar – dude you ended up writin a post on my blog.From when did chics nd dudes start ruling news channels.Is that the agenda to decide whos better???

    Actually cynical is the alter ego of HT coz during the whole Ash – Abhi madness the way they went about letting their personal choices come in the way was pretty amusing.As for Rajdeep see hes such a seasoned anchor with loads of experience and he must have felt he was meant for bigger things (may not necessarily be better!!).Thats his call na rght??

  13. Seriously speaking i have started to hate news channel… they just keep blabbering and the reporters have expert opinion on each and every thing in the whole world though they might not be having ind depth knowledge of the same… and abt the saas-bahu serials the lesser said is better.. didnt see Indian Idol so no comments… only thing worth watching for me on TV is Music channels and there also Himesh Reshamia comes crooning forcing me to change the channel….

  14. sashidhar says:

    And then Rajdeep, Barkha, Vikram, Pranoy, Arnab etc. etc. lived happily ever after. Amen! 😛

  15. Namrata says:

    Heard of the story – fox and the grapes ???
    Goes smthing like …
    “since the fox couldnt get the grapes … the grapes were sour”

  16. CHAND says:

    hey even in american idol votes are driven by emotions ….
    Sanjaya Malakar(as it should be spelt) was quite popular among the voters just because of his Indian ethnicity… and he was criticised for his vocal talent … he happened to forget some words of a song in a round…
    Now that he has been eliminated american idol rating has dropped considerably.
    I agree with you Headlines Today sucks big time ….
    In a country like India emotions will be chosen over Talent …
    we can’t really help it …
    I hope that we have a fair indian idol season this time …

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