The magic lamp – tag post

This post goes to show how self contradictory I am.I had planned on taking a hiatus from blogosphere but this seems like a nice topic so thought of posting it before going home.

My 5 wishes would be

1. Would like to become a multi-billionare so that wouldnt have to think twice before buying anything.Money is power and yeah would shop till I drop.

2. Johnny Depp from POC(he was super hot in that Jack Sparrow character) , Justin Timberlake , Ed Norton , Steven Gerrard (though hes all hooked and booked – Genie has superpowers rght??) , Andy Roddick,Kaka at my beck and call!!!(dont read much into it)

3. Good health through and through for my family because irrespective of whatever one has if you are not fit nothing else fits.

4. I always wish I was taller by atleast 2 inches.So probably would do that.

5. Even on eating tons and tons of food I shouldnt put on weight.Oh how much I wish this became a reality because I have such lazy bones that I cant bring myself to exercise.

Btw Alladin rocks.Though the craze wears out cartoons are awesome.Nothing better to make a day.

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13 Responses to The magic lamp – tag post

  1. @ Wish 2: Only these many guys….. You could have asked for more… after all he is a geannie… and ya what happened to Ashton Kutcher. i think he was one of ur major crush if i can rmr…

  2. Deepti says:

    Yes Alladin rocks and all the cartoons too!!I have this cartoon fever from the past two weeks thanx to my tiny cousins with whom I have spent my vacation!!Morning till the night we did nothing but watching cartoons!!

  3. CHAND says:

    u have a very diverse taste ….
    actor,singer,football player,tennis player. interesting!
    Alladin rocks…

  4. Prateek G V says:

    Ask for more more lamps 😀 .
    Nice theme. Keep Blogging!

  5. navatha says:

    A multi-billionare [:-O] have big plans eh???..And coming to the second one, Johnny Depp was too good in POC.Also, we both share one of your wishes…easy to guess…[:-?]

  6. Trisha says:

    What is it like fifth time you have changed your template today??? 🙂
    I am getting totally bugged today. All i did was print documents. So guess why the no. of hits have jumped..heh.

  7. Karan says:

    Hmm.. I thot u liked Beckham too 😛

  8. kis says:

    I rmr u to be tall enough. Grew shorter eh? Btw, the previous theme looked betta !!!

  9. Pankaj Saini says:

    heyt what abt being a trillinarie…..when it’s just a wish or some kinda imagination……..Johny depp is at his best in POC….as I told you earlier……..JT rocks so does Edward Norton………abt height factor…..I guess urs is fair enough……..if you wud have been two inches taller you wud have found it difficult to find any gud guy for you at least in India……….just kiddin…………health…….just as you put it……….. and food any amount….any time…………no cares………

  10. Johnny Depp says:

    very poor theme..!

  11. anupama says:

    Fifth wish rocks..:D
    And yes,the previous theme was better..:)

  12. Daman says:

    The tempalete is beautiful.. This post is’ve executed this tag in a good way

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