1..2…3 and the winner is

Quite a title I suppose but dramatic moments call for dramatic measures.There was a time when I was a huge WWF or WWE or whatever Vince Mcmahon’s company is called now but ever since I went into boarding I havent really been able to follow up.I am dead certain that when it comes to acting and learning how to swear there can be no better thing on television.

I was initiated into it by my cousins and initially it looked a little lame to me but thanks to the Steve Austin-Vince rivalry I got interested and the wrestling is not all that gory either.In the summer breaks all of us would flock around the TV set and watch even the re-telecasts much to my Grandpa’s annoyance.All the elders in the family disapproved of it but we were adamant and the funny part is we got all the Dads take a genuine liking towards it by telling them enthusuatically about all the happenings and the twists and turns in the plot.

The mothers were not all that happy with we watching ppl fighting in ahem well…minimal clothing if I may say so.But who cared.We were only interested in seeing how many beer cans Austin would gulp,whether or not DX would reunite,the Hardy Boys and Lita were a favourite then.Lita sucks now.Then there was the all time favourite Undertaker and his so called emotional rivalry with Kane.

That was 4 years ago.I find it hard to watch WWE in Gh because first the TV isnt working and even if it did I am not sure people would let me because a movie would sound better to them which is pretty reasonable.Whenever I am home I do manage to take a sneek peak and try to make sense of the chaos going on.Though Rock isnt there anymore he will always be the People’s champ and I miss quite a few other people but Cena is good too.I hate Edge and I hate Vince Mcmahon and his idiotic son Shane even more.My mum always keeps taunting me saying girls rarely watch such things but I guess its ok.I love the whole sport and strangely I cant watch Karate,Judo or the other wrestling shows on air.Its just that I have my loyaties towards WWE.

Even today when the families meet this a huge topic for discussion.We cousins sort of bond over WWE and its great fun talking about all the great memories we have had.I hope WWE grows and more girls take a liking to it.Its much better than the soaps on Star or Zee.

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13 Responses to 1..2…3 and the winner is

  1. Karan says:

    It surely is better than those saas bahu saagas..
    hwever, i still feel dat its for junglee ppl 😛
    i do rmber playin cards n stuff..
    neways, nice post

  2. Mark says:

    Shane McMahon is a wannbe jackass and Edge is a whiner (although he does have a lot of talent in the ring)! I guess that’s why WWE rules. We vget to see the guys we hate get the **** beat out of them!

  3. Pankaj Saini says:

    I have no interests what so ever in WWE or WWF (which i think it was earlier) coz it seems all pre-prepared and just fake……… by the way you can do some reading if you feel like it’s free time……hehe………i can surely tell u some gr8 books to read………keep posting………

  4. CHAND says:

    Get a break Saini … For us WWE lovers everything is true they are great stunts men…
    Some have lost their life …. Owen Heart died while performin a stunt…
    Its great to see such athletic bodies in action …..
    man the hype The Undertaker creates when he walks in … with lights switched off n then sound of the church bells “tun tun”…. its awesome fun! one of the biggest indusry in sporting sector…. u have them in Nasdaq …. its a huge industry with millions of fans ..
    Awesome post!!
    I hate Kurt Angle but then now he s not in WWE …. favourite The Undertaker (heavyweight champion) and Steve Austin 3:16….
    keep posting!!

  5. Trisha says:

    I watched WWE till I came here to philadelphia. I usually kept upto date with wots happening from their website. But it just wasn’t as fun widout Austin and the Rock. The last i heard was that Donald Trump did some weird things on stage at WWE. I think sometimes the show goes over the board.
    BTW, the stories are all fake but the fights are real. Look it up in wikipedia.

  6. Namrata says:

    Donald Trump amuses me!!! Apprentice has become just a platform for his egos now.

  7. J_Quest says:

    wrestling always rocks ….
    do u know what it means ????

  8. Namrata says:

    @H Quest – http://www.predicar.org/austin.html

    I think this will throw some light on 3:16 although I never thought of it.

  9. Bhanukiran says:

    way to go i love wwe and i have been watching it since 8th and yaa everyone can watch it coz its gr8 fun yaa i agree on many things like Vince sux,Austin beer is cool , but i must say one thing if u havent been seeing wwe of recently ur missing a lot Vince got bald lol
    and austin was involved in it…do catch up regularly finally nice post…….

  10. Bhanukiran says:

    there is much more than that i checked in wwe.com and the news is that vince is presumed dead!!! some new twists here anyways do catch in on one night stand it is scheduled this weekend i guess….

  11. prateekgv says:

    Finally someone’s got a good topic to write 😛 . My fav include John Cena, The Phenome/Dead Man walking/Undertaker, HBK, Brock Lesnar. I love Kurt Angle’s entrance music (with the crowd cheering ‘You Suck’).

  12. Hey WWE is a craze for sure… You can find so many fans of the super show… Waise my favs are Austin, Lesnar,Undertaker….
    There are some moments you just cant forget like the fight ‘tween Lesnar and Big show when the whole ring crashed down….
    And saini bhai… may be the results are perdecided but the fights are real ofcourse all the injuries and all they sustain during these fights which is what makes the game what it is..SUPER ENTERTAINER…

  13. sashidhar says:

    Aiyaa! You watch WWE!! Strange it may sound but at one time, my mom also used to follow the show… but then all these skimpily dressed divas came and spoilt the whole thing. (I wasn’t complaining! But it had become too embarrassing to watch the show with your mom behind you…)

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