Agni – back with a bang!

Yesterday was quite an eventful night.Agni rocked and credit to all the effort put in by 2nd year and 1st year students(it will take me more than a while to mention all the names).Also Prachi ,Chhaya and Dhruvan for their constant and consistent support through and through.As for the 3rd year members of Agni it was such a relief because Agni’s performance for the past 2 years seemed jinxed.Inspite of spending sleepless nights and working hard things just didn’t work out.Yesterday night changed it all. The anti-Agni feeling in the college showed up again but we let the performances prove the point. The dances were very well choreographed and the skit was incredibly original. I heard a lot of people murmuring ‘Its so kiddish’ , ‘Agni is out of their minds’ , ‘Agni is extreme’ etc etc but unfortunately for them and fortunately for us Agni has always done things the different way and chosen the path less taken.Sometimes it doesn’t work out but creativity is always appreciated and no wonder Agni walked away with the top prize.It truly was a commendable performance.

Congratulations once again to the entire Agni family and its important to keep the spirit and tempo going throughout the year.This is just the start.

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14 Responses to Agni – back with a bang!

  1. Pankaj Saini says:

    yeah i agree skit was awesome!!! all credits to agni team…………..congratulations…

  2. Deepti says:

    Agni rocked last night!!!Cheers to agni and congratulations buddy..

  3. Abhishek Sainani says:

    The skit and the group dance was really nice. The jinx has finally been broken (and I suspect my absence helped !)
    Hard work and dedication is good, but doing the right thing is more important. This time agnians got everything right, and hence the hard work and dedication was rewarded!

    Congratulations !! Hope to see similar wins in future !!

  4. Karan says:

    Congo Agni, the skit was nice!

  5. Srirang says:

    “Agni has always done things the different way and chosen the path less taken.” This is true and we’ll do this everytime. I was very glad to see that there was a lot of talent shown up by the first year guys and with a constant and outstanding effort of the second year people we managed to break the trend and win the first prize !!!

    Kudos to everyone !!!

    Agni roxx …

  6. Cannabis says:

    I had never seen Prithvi’s skit! I went for dinner!!! 😛

    Aakash’s skit sucked to the core…………………………………………………………..

    We were given a moral lecture in Vayu’s skit………….. GAWD save us!!! :X

    Now someone had to be worse among the worst. So it was Agni!!! 😛 😛 😛

  7. Didnt see much o Agni’s performance but Have to agree, the skit by Agni was awesome… A completely new idea… Something which has never been done in IIIT and though u guys beat Prithvi but you deserved the spot for what i aw of the performance… 😀

  8. Atul says:

    finally We gave silent response to all the criticism we had recieved for the last two year’s freshers. 😀
    while the preparation this year we were sure that we’ll do better this time and we had full faith agni house performance would appreciated by everyone this time.

    Agni Roxs !! 🙂

  9. Prateek G V says:

    Congratulations .. It ws nice. Reminded me of BITS video thats available in DC.

  10. Sunanda says:

    before the event, all the other houses ppl were trying to demoralize us saying some things or the other, but always we only had one thing to say, ‘we’ll show u the results… no comments till then …’ 😀
    AGNI RULES!! 🙂 …

  11. nick says:

    really it was awesome … we tried hooting…. but seriously we couldn’t just couldn’t … n finally v gave standing ovation….nice one AGNI…..

  12. Hubble proposed the Big Bang theory… maybe one of the consequences of it was Agni — Back with a Bang!!

  13. Maruti Borker says:

    Agni’s performance was awesome !!! Hats of to all the people behind the excellent performance … the dance was simple but the co-ordination was really cool … Will beat u guys next time 😀

  14. another senior says:

    Back with a bang bang antunnaru
    bongu em kadhu?

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