Game – Set-Match!

Since I wrote a post about football , I thought I would even it up by writing one for tennis.Its a sport I started watching when I was still a kid precisely because my maternal family is totally into it.They would talk about Borg-Mcenroe,Edbarg -Becker, Sampras-Agassi rivalries with such an intense enthusiasm that it intrigued me.So I started following up on the sport and fell totally in love with it.Then I realised where that enthusiasm came from because I would get really excited about any Federer-Roddick match and now the Federer-Nadal rivalry is such a talking point.

I remember having a huge (and I mean colossal) crush on Andy Roddick when he was at the peak of his career and also remember praying for him during the 2003 US open finals.Hes still a favourite but he isnt playing that well now and well who doesnt like Roger Federer.He is perhaps the greatest the game has ever seen and his grace and demenaour,the way he conducts himself both on and off the court and his super nice interviews make him a favourite.Apart from these 2 players my current favourite is Novak Djokovic who created a history of sorts by beating Roddick,Nadal and Federer back to back at the ATP masters and his antics,imitation skills and fab sense of humuor have made me lose my heart to him although hes not that good looking.

Yesterday night I sat for continuous 4 hours to watch him play and win at the US open and he just keeps growing from strength to strength.As for the handsome guys on tour there is always Tommy Haas,Marat Safin,A-Rod ,Feliciano Lopez and Blake!!!!

Heres hoping for another Nadal-Federer match but I hope and pray that its a Roddick-Djokovic final.

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16 Responses to Game – Set-Match!

  1. disklosure says:

    i thought federer was handsome for girls …
    u dint even mention pete sampras !!!
    ok any way … gr8 sport …

  2. disklosure says:

    u forgot to mention ladies tennis 😛
    btw, i luv maria sherapova when she plays the game …

  3. Deepti says:

    Andy Roddick all the way!!He is a really gud player and the most handsome guy 🙂

  4. Speed says:

    Am not seing much of tennis these days .. saw it in the early days of Federer and Roddick …
    Aggasi was famous for his returns (into the game .. )
    but my all time fav is Bjorn Borg (no comments abt him) … and the man with style in his game is Goran Ivanisevic .. he had the fastest ace ( he might be still having it ..) he had the maximum number of aces in a match .. he was simply awwwwwwwwwwwwesome 🙂 ..

  5. Karan says:

    OMG!! Another sport where u talk more about how handsome the guys r than the sport itself 😛
    neways, my fav is vaidisova!

  6. namrataalltheway says:

    @Karan : Ana Ivanovic rocks!!!

  7. trisha says:

    Agree with the comment by ‘Karan’. Tho your liking towards these awesome sportsmen is completely understandable ;-). I remember the time when I used to be so excited to see Roddick on the court. And Andre Agassi was always a fav. Federer is a player to be respected. I LOVE his game, he’s just so much fun to watch. Nadal-Federer any time, they just make it all so cool.
    Keep Blogging.

  8. Prateek G V says:

    I love watching Justin Henin Harden play against Maria, Federer against Nadal (Any time .. Good if the match extends till 5th set … Very Good if its on a clay court and Fed winning the match), Sampras against Agassi , Hewlitt losing his temper and finally Sania against Hingis.

    In case you want to write one more post on sports write about Formula 1. But I dont think you can find handsome guys there.

  9. Bhanukiran says:

    Nice post and yes its very true that sometimes more then the nailbiting oncourt encounters between players we sometimes get attracted to that particular player’s charisma and watch the sport just for him/her.Continue blogging

  10. Karan says:

    @Namrata.. Hmm, shes good, but i like the attitute in vaidisova the best 🙂
    @Prateek, hey thr r people like hamilton, ova whom gals av gone gaga!

  11. Pankaj Saini says:

    Steffi used to be an ideal ‘sex symbol’ for me!!!! This game is bestowed with some of the hot blonds in the business…… Sharapova, Martina Hingis, Sania of late prove my point quintessentially…. but as far as the game is concerned my fav is Justin Henin …. no camparisons…… I guess you’ve done pretty good for urself my sticking to soccer n tennis coz surely you’ll get new crushes every now n then…….

  12. Chand says:

    Ye post Tennis pe tha ya “who is the hottest tennis player(Men)” par ?
    Karan now its your turn … write a post on the Hottest tennis players(Women)
    nobody can do the job better than you …..

  13. Rohit Menon says:

    There’s this boy called Gael Monfil’s from France whose pretty good as well. One of the most athletic on court. Roddick’s humor is by far the best on court. Federer is just “unreal”. I mean have you ever noticed he never sweats, his hair is never out of place, and is just always in the”zone”.

  14. TRISHA says:


  15. rohit says:

    gud post…..but its more abt ur ‘crushes’ r on the players u like of the sport rather the sport….n i was wondering as every other post in ur blog is on a sport {or game whateve…i am not that gud @ english and i dont hav to write a CAT r GRE thank god…!!!}….seems u watch sports a lot….btw where is the blog on cricket as there r many handsome guys {:)} in cric too and India-Pak match {nthn more to describe it}…..

    PS :- btw my fav tennis player was pete sampras, is roger federer… 🙂
    PS1 :- u r lang is too gud… 🙂

  16. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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