Its a mad world

Our society is full of it and by ‘it’ I mean double standards.If there was one job in this world that I would never like to attempt , that would without doubt be ‘paparazzi’.I dont understand how these people sleep in peace after creating havoc in people’s lives all through the day and especially during the nights(BTW when do they sleep!!!!).The trend is catching up in India as well but the situation in the West is scary.The motivation for writing this post is all the unnecessary criticism that is thrown at celebrity women – if I sound or write like a feminist I cant help it.

Britney Spears or Paris Hilton are not angels – I agree , but the constant scrutiny , judgments and abuse hurled at them doesnt make their lives any easier.At the recent VMA awards B.Spears was termed overweight(by her earlier standards)and instead of talking about her vocals in the song or the lyrics people were more interested in her waistline.She is a mother of two,is just out of a divorce and the last time I checked was out of rehab too but people just dont seem to get it.She or for that matter several celebrities do not have a personal life at all.Recently B.Spears was voted as the worst role model for young girls.If the media talks about how she worked hard to become a pop star and the sacrfices she made instead of highlight all the negative things associated with her it would do her and a lot of other people a world of good.A lot of young people are getting lured into the world of glamor and glitz and most of them end up being miserable before the age of 25.I think somebody has to knock sense into the minds of the photographers who harass the celebrities(especially women) asking them the most annoying questions and then are ever ready to sue them in a court.No wonder we hear so many cases when photographers have been hit and bad-mouthed.

I think the whole definition of power has to change.Journalism has to become more responsible and not restrict itself to just P3 gossip. Also we have to be discrete in our choices and stop reading/watching all this good for nothing gossip.The least we can do is sympathize with them.

PS : VMA – I adored Britney at one point of time and feel sorry for all thats happened to her.Justin won a lot (its become a routine now) of awards which just adds insult to the injury.

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13 Responses to Its a mad world

  1. Pankaj Saini says:

    people love gossips and that’s what media cashes on……….i don’t know whether all but some celebrities love when media writes and speaks about them irrespective of the contents………… far as Paris Hilton is concerned she herself came out with her sex tapes……….and without any second thoughts media is going to dash upon that……….after they follow her everywhere she goes……………this is life………..and everything goes on………..people whose appreciation of britney’s voice as well as body have absolute rights to bring her down too if they find her obese…………..and it’s not a mad world…………you can always choose to read or watch whatever you want to……….don’t let your personal feelings towards any celebrity affect your views on world being mad……..c’mon……..

  2. Karan says:

    Its true.. Nice post.
    The trend HAS caught up with India. I digress, but thats how you can explain the upsurge in the sting operations against politicians. Probably, the paparazzi will catch up sooner than later. Already, Stardust’s journalism is a pain. Most of what they write is crap.
    Well written

  3. Prateek G V says:

    Though the paparazzis are know to write crap , I find ppl love reading this crap column. One reason why they read is either they love the celebrity deeply madly truly and cant withstand any comments against their icon or they hate that particular celebrity to the core for some unknown reasons and love reading something thats written against them . The only person who suffers in the above cases is the celebrity .

    But on good other side, The Paparazzis did help out few celebs in getting success in a short span ( Being the most controversial man/woman of the year ) .

    Nice post!

  4. Deepti says:

    True that a celebrity loses his/her ‘personal’ life and is constantly haunted by the paparazzis, writing nothing but drool.But such things can’t be helped.Just as we say that everybody has every right to express what they feel about something,even if it is crap!! Sadly,there are more than enough readers for such crap cozz of whom,magazines like Stardust and Filmfare are still prevailing!
    Well written…

  5. Trisha says:

    Paparazzi (i dunno why its called that) make celebrities go through a lot more than they deserve. And yeah, women seem to become the targets most of the times. But guess they all enter their world aware that their actions will be noticed. But its not tough to notice that ppl who are in the showbiz and know how to do their job properly escape all that Britney Spears is going through. Not in the favor of paparazzi, but I think its a matter of simple intelligence and common sense, and may be a lil more simple understanding of whats wrong and right. that can help celibrities to avoid what they dont want, and women like Britney Spears apparently lack it. C’mon you dont wear a bikini on stage in front of millions of viewers when you are anywhere less than perfect-looking!!!

  6. Bhanukiran says:

    Yeah this world is mad but i guess one post is not enough to fit in all the insanity around us 😀 Continue blgng

  7. aniket says:

    Well Namrata, taali ek haath se nahi bajti.
    I believe this showcases a downfall of our entire society and everyone is to be blamed for it. The celeb women, for doing underhanded tricks to gain cheap publicity in the media (as cited by Saini, there are a lot more incidences). The Media, for highlighting such issues of no-importance in it’s pages and screentime. And ultimately the public, for paying attention to such assery in the first place. And let’s not forget that public attention is what everybody wants: The celebrities, the media, the ad agencies which pay for the media… It’s a vicious circle.

    It’s high time we started paying attention to the WORK of the celebrities and less to their personalities. Once the people are mature and look for quality substance in celebs as well as in the media, the celebs as well as the media will have to focus on their real art and constructive journalism respectively.

    How can we help?? Stop reading those trashy magazines, for godssake! What do you get out of reading about celebs’ personal lives! If we continue to read tabloid such as stardust, they’ll continue printing what they print, and will continue to hound celebrities. Competition in the tabloid market will increase and hounding will get worse. Thus, it’ll become all the more easier for wannabes to gain public attention by acting crazy or running in the buff. I think educated people like ourselves should make it a rule not to bother about the personal lives of celebrities.

  8. paparazzisssss … it goes on so that it contains crap … but i often find people going crazy about the things there … and go mad discussing (well i should put it as debating!!) .. and so a mad world [:P] … but i don’t understand one thing that why women are criticized if something goes wrong even with the involvement of others too .. people who are mad of those celebs often find it interesting(why is it so !!!) … but on the other side of the coin celebs become popular soon by getting great success … as they hit the paper/media all the time and fall into eyes of people going crazy [:P] ….which ofcourse is a kind of part-time , may be a month or an year

    Nice post … Keep blogging !!

  9. Vamsy says:

    obviously people would be interested in celebrities and their personal lives. celebrities survive only because people are interested. but intruding a lot into their lives i agree cant b tolerated.

  10. Aparichit says:

    AA mi je tumhar chin chin chin …!!!!!!

  11. Aparichit says:

    Waiting for next Durgastmi namrta ….chin chin chin ….

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