Transfer woes

‘We are on the transfer list”, said Pa and both Mum and me had a look of ‘not again’ on or faces. Its been 10 years since we moved to Rajahmundry but transfers are such a pain. Just when you think you have settled down , made some good friends , know the best places to shop at , have learnt a new langauge the ordeal of packing all of it up and redoing it is a harsh reality I am used to but still find hard to accept. This time its going to be Mumbai (my parents love this place) or Gujarat (well I love dhokla !!) .

The fact that I spent most of my teenage life in Andhra Pradesh has ensured me of some wonderful memories and it will be difficult not to have the same kind of fun – firstly , because of a new environment and more importantly because I am no longer a teenager.Most of my friends think it should not really affect me because I anyways stay in a hostel but it does bother me.I cant frequently visit my house – that too without any worries about reservations and timings. Yet, the idea of going to a new place has brought about lot of enthusiasm in the house. This semester break when I went home , this whole transfer thing was the talking point.

The fact that most of the guests do not have kids of my age makes me stick out like a sore thumb.My dad and his friends keep talking about the company heads in Gujarat , competition from other companies and laugh about some kind of technical stuff that makes me feel like a kindergarten student. My mum and her friends have a serious discussion about how difficult it is to pack and unpack , the damages that occur to the goods and the very next second brighten up their talk by talking about the zillions of varieties of sarees and jewelery available at the new place. I cannot find adjectives to describe how frustrated I feel amidst all this. This is one time I feel like going to a new place will be great fun.

Though the transfer is still some time away I had to write about it because its such a confusing period for my parents as well. They do not know whether to be happy that its a new place or be sad that they are leaving behind a place which has been second home. Whatever happens I am happy as long as I am not asked to help in the packing!

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8 Responses to Transfer woes

  1. Going to a new place is kind of having fun ….. but it takes time we get acquainted to the people and also as you said its hard to leave the “second home” ….well I am sort of used to it … I don’t even remember how many places we have shifted since my childhood huuu !! … after all its enjoyable going to a new place keeping apart packing the things [:D] !! …… (I hardly pack things) ….. keep blogging !!

  2. Anu says:

    Moving to new places is such a fun,we can make loads of new friends,get to know about different places and the culture there..I love transfers..I have been to 5 different places..and every place is special in my life 😀
    Good topic.. 😀

  3. Prateek GV says:

    You get to learn new languages, get to eat new food and many more new things. But all in all you miss the old ones. Packing things is quite easy, take a box, dump everything inside it, seal it, label it and done.

  4. Ankit says:

    Its again… good n bad … both

    good — new every thing .. xciting ..
    bad — new every thing .. adjust ..
    its even worse when you are in a school … i did my schooling from 9 different schools, every time you settle down, make friends, get recognition n then suddenly you have to move to some other strange place.

    but my parents’ recent transfer didn’t affect me much. we are at home on holidays only … don’t think it’ll affect u much .. !!

  5. jairaj says:

    Well transfers are a head-ache …thats what i personally feel . lemme guess ur father must be working in ONGC …or some gov company there ….

  6. Namrata says:

    @jairaj – you are right , hes in ONGC!

  7. Sandeep says:

    transfers are…..well never been in one, but it must be really hectic from ur’s and others experiences, so best of luck……….keep blogging!!!

  8. Sushma says:

    You have a great vocabulary.The post is a good insight into the pros and cons of transfers.As you can tell writing comments like these is a part of my GRE preperation.Keep Blogging!!

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