Wonder Days

” ‘C-H-O-C-O-S’ , I want chocos” , yelled a chubby little kid at a store where I was shopping a few days back. Everyone around me including the ones who pretend to be oh-so-serious dressed in their oh-so-formal wear could not help smiling. I for once loved the fact that the kid was so unpretentious and unaware of how someone would judge him or his actions, which made him be himself. I remember how much I loved going to the departmental store with my parents and can also vividly recollect the constant pestering for chocolates, pens(I was crazy about buying new kinds of pens) etc .

Its different now. For one, I end up buying most of the things I want because I have the money at my disposal and second, I do not throw tantrums any more. As weird as it may sound I loved being the drama queen. It was just the way I was(???am) . This finally brings me to the point of this post. Take any situation you are in during the course of a normal day at college and just take a moment to think what you would have done or what you would have done differently. Its an incredible exercise. You will be surprised to see how much you have changed. I did this thing a few days back and could not stop laughing at how stupid I was. Yet, there were a few occasions when I felt how I wish I could do that without people being judgemental about me. Some may say, ‘oh,why do you care what people think about you’ blah blah. Well, I do.I also think that people who say they don’t are liars. There are certain norms of the society and you are supposed to abide by a few of them if not all. Yet, when you are with your close friends and family just let yourself loose (at the risk of being termed insane) and notice how amused and amazed people will be at your free spirit. There is nothing more beautiful than that.

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6 Responses to Wonder Days

  1. Yeah one should also live according to the society … one can’t just do whatever he want and say them too which is quite absurd w.r.t others … sometimes it may be unwilling for us to be so , but can’t help as it ends up in disputes and mis-understanding.One shouldn’t hurt the people in-front of us with our words , (everyone has their own self) , though it might seem to be rationalizing on ones part ….
    Coming to CHOCOS , hmmmm …. I used to have lot of chocolates even Ice-creams too … God someone gimme an ice-cream & chocolate factory as a gift plzzz [:D] !! For this thing I miss my home [:(] … nice post .. Keep Blogging 🙂 !!

  2. bhargava says:

    the first thing that pops into my mind in any situation is ‘what would they think, what would they say’ whenever i do or say something.
    i had so many i-wish-i-did-it-differently situations and the first thing on my ‘i-wish…’ list is ‘to stop caring about what people think about me’. As days go by i seem to realize that it’s turning into ‘wishes-that’ll-never-come-true’ list.

    i was (as a kid) an emotional shopper, i wanted anything that looked cool and was costly and when my parents refused (which was obvious, looking at the price tag) i would go into my usual no-talking-for-a-couple-of-days mode. like many kids i was the major buzzkilll whenever we went shopping.

  3. Ankit says:

    [ Some may say, ‘oh,why do you care what people think about you’ blah blah. Well, I do ]

    They have topped my list of ppl i hate…

  4. Prateek GV says:

    True, agree with whats written on top. But the way one behaves might depend on the situation given up to a certain extent. The decision making depends on parameters like how effectively you adapt to the situation, decisions based on personal choice or influence of others, etc which changes from person to person.

    When I was a kid I loved collecting G.I.Joe toys and racing cars. My dad insisted me on collecting stamps and coins, but I had plans of building my own arm. Keep Blogging!

  5. Rakesh Datta says:

    I have noticed that if you do something out of the box, it is not objected to anymore. Rather people may appreciate the fact that you can be yourself. This is of course valid if you do not cross the norms of decency set by the society.

  6. Bizarre Kid says:

    Nice place you’ve got here and of course, a nice read, too!

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