Sleeping Citizens

We all are – at least a majority of us are and its not something I am proud of. My best friend came over for the vacation from USA and she was an inspiration to write this post because I was amazed at how socially conscious she is. On the other hand I have been a substantial taker/no giver from/to the society and country. Come to think of it what have we given back to the society? I for one always took solace in the facts – ‘I may not be doing anything great for the society but I am not harming it either’ , ‘What can a single person (like me) do’, ‘I give money to the helpless(at least whenever I carry change)’ so on so forth. This list is nothing but a piece of crap.

There is so much we can all do at individual levels and at local levels that can change the perspectives of the people around us. Simple things like issues pertaining to drinking water, electricity, drainage facilities, roads, public transport can be handled if there is a genuine attempt on one’s part to take up the cause. I have not even bothered to make sure that my name is up on the electoral rolls. I waste electricity thanks to my laptop and sometimes because I am plain careless, I spend money on unnecessary things(like taking an auto when I can travel in a bus) etc etc. To be a true citizen though, one needs to feel like one. Its important that we stop complaining and start acting. In today’s modern age it is pretty simple to communicate and put your opinions and thoughts across – blogs are a great way to do that. Therefore , we should all try to do our part in making sure that people around us are able to lead a comfortable life as well.

I remember the innumerable arguments I have had with auto drivers about the fare. Come to think of it I usually never said thank you when I got off the auto. I did that a few times last year and realized that they appreciate it. We should not take anyone for granted or look down upon anyone because there is dignity in labor. It does not hurt to be courteous to the people who serve us everyday or once in a while take time out and say a hello or wish them. Its only then that we will feel like being part of the society.

Also being educated we have a broader view of things. So, it is our responsibility to ensure that we lend our voices to causes we believe in and not just be a mute spectator. Everyone does not have to join an NGO or plant trees. We should take up issues we identify with and work on it. Looking at you maybe someone may get inspired and champion some cause. I for one have decided to wake up my sleeping conscience and do something constructive for the society I live in. As preachy as it may sound , it actually is very profound and basic. That is what makes it so important.

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12 Responses to Sleeping Citizens

  1. mythalez says:

    well, when i returned from the uk, i tried the ‘thank you’ thing .. by thanking the waiters, the shopkeepers etc … and it caught everyone by surprise and they just looked at me as if i was weird 😀

  2. Its a nice post!
    The issue which you raised is a very good issue. Sometimes it is also called “Sleep walking through life”. What I feel is, sleep walking happens due to lack of awareness. Nobody likes to sleepwalk through his/her life. It is the awareness which wakes up the person and then the person start accepting responsibilities of his/her actions.
    Mostly when it comes to things like “social service” and such “good” things, then people do it because it is deemed to be good in the society or for their inner satisfaction that they are doing something good. But the fact remains that goodness can not be simulated, goodness is the by product of understanding. If I am doing something with understanding and with feeling of responsibility then it has continuity otherwise there is no continuity in it and it brings a contradiction within that I do not want to do it actually, but I am doing it because it is considered to be good in the society.
    I am happy to see such a post which at least raise this issue.

  3. Maruti Borker says:

    lol @mythalez

  4. harshita says:

    nice post yaar !! it reminded me of my responsibilities as a citizen of india . Lets get started and do something for our country.

  5. anony says:

    hm .. nice one .. do let us know where u r strtng the work u thought of …
    i am doing it these days … by walking floors on steps and saving current 😛
    jst kddng .. no hard feelings …

    i think we shud strt up by not buying tickets in black … the list goes on .. but most imp thing not wasting time …

    now that u are awake good morning 🙂

  6. nice one ! Do inform on your blog when u r starting something like this . Me n some of my friends would luv to join u ppl .

  7. well …. nice one …

    @anony : If stopped buying tickets in black … you would not be able to say the first day that I have gone to my fav. hero’s movie !! [:P] ….

    good post …. inspiring too …. Keep blogging !!

  8. aniket says:

    @ Mythalez: Well, maybe a girl saying ‘thank you’ sounds better to the auto-drivers 😛

    Actually, what I think is that girls our age still have some ‘good image’ among people. Their ‘Thank you”s will be accepted. On the other hand, bad behavior from guys is pretty much the norm. That’s why when a guy says ‘thank you’, either it’s taken as sarcasm, or the guy’s considered daft. In either case, he’s given strange looks.

    I give my thanks to people. Try to, at least. With cabbies, it’s taken well (even from guys) when we already have had some conversation with them. Good behavior is a stress buster. A must for people like the drivers/waiters/laborers who work very hard but hardly get any credit for their role in the society.

    @ Harshita and Himanshu: If you really wanna do something, just look around yourself (i.e. around the campus). I’m sure you’ll find something engaging.

  9. Sandeep says:

    nice blog…and nice topic selection and some serious food for thought…..though i feel i found traces(very small) of jivan vidya in it 🙂 ….. and inspirational …….i will thank my mom on the phone and see how she will react….(may be she will think that i finally freaked out)……..nice one …keep blogging….

  10. Prateek G V says:

    Nice post, well written. Hope you do take some activity and continue working for the good cause.
    Recently spoke to a frnd of mine who runs an NGO. He came up with an idea of having a networking site which connects all the NGOs, tries to reach people and communicate their work effectively. “Technology for Humanity” as he had termed it. Every subsequent batch will carry forward their seniors’ work, so that the good work keeps moving. Its a humbling experience for students and a learning experience for the organizations.

  11. trisha says:

    Nice post…and as you see from some of your responses, helping others and doing good is sth which will always find universal support and encouragement and also appreciation. Just speak up like you did and you will see just how many wonderful ppl there are around you willing to lend a hand. Wish you success in the new year in evrything you do.

    And @ Prateek: that sounds like a very effective plan and from where I see it, there must be a lot of help on your campus from computer science students who should be able to start it off only too easily. I hope you the idea goes fwd. All the best and Happy new year

  12. harsh says:

    we all at some point feel the need to give back to the society/country. but we dont know how and what. we also dont have much time. so as a short cut we end up ‘donating’ some money to someone who we feel is a needy. i think thats the worst possible service we can do to society. if i give money to someone, it becomes my responsibility to make sure each penny of that is properly utilized. i think we miss this important element.
    “There is so much we can all do at individual levels and at local levels that can change the perspectives of the people around us. Simple things like issues pertaining to drinking water, electricity, drainage facilities, roads, public transport…….”. i think u missed one simpler point here. we can also behave nicely to people out there on the road. just a simple smile will make out day. try it, it works.

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