A long trance

My stay here at IIIT-H has taught me an important lesson – ‘everything works out fine (sooner or later)’ . On a scale of 1 to 10 to determine paranoia , I would have given myself an 8 earlier but now the number is pretty low. This should not worry me because that just means I am way cooler (well I have shifted drastically from exhibiting Monica’s charecteristics to those of Phoebe’s) but at some level it does bother me.

I am way too relaxed these days about my academics. The declining slope of my marks does not affect me. I just know I will make it and this ,after all the money that goes into my education. On a more serious note even friendships (well ya friendship is more serious than acads !!) and everything associated with it has stopped making sense. I don’t feel happy when I make a new ‘friend’ and don’t get upset when I lose a ‘friend’. The great thing is that I sleep in peace and do not have to pretend to be anyone but myself which is quite a luxury.

I love my life this way but I think that this stage of stagnant emotion will bore me. So I deliberately picked up a fight with someone I know just a couple of days back and had a great time actually. I wonder what all of this means but I know most people will term me a little insane after reading this post. My gut feeling is that there are lots of souls like me.

PS – I am so in love with Janko Tipsarevic. These Serbian tennis guys are simply awesome!

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13 Responses to A long trance

  1. hmmm ….. you bring up interesting things [:P] [:)] !! … yesterday was a bad day , the SE assgn , huuuu … relaxed with the academics [:D] … fighting is really exiting as pleasing the other end after it will be a great moment [:)] … nice … Keep blogging !!

  2. Trisha says:

    I like random posts!! Neways I think this is less random them most other ppl will think of it as. 😉
    I pity the victim of your quest to vanquish boredom…haha. Good job wid d post.

  3. A K says:

    huh.. effects of quarter-life crisis probably ! 😉

  4. Atul says:

    ohhh …..hmmm….okkkkk….fineeeee……niceeeee……buttttt…..
    same case with me in acads …

  5. Sandeep says:

    “My gut feeling is that there are lots of souls like me”….count me in…..well these days i am in a state of perpetual mental hibernation….. This time of year is too monotonous, and the coldness just makes it worse… damn those aliens….

  6. obelix says:

    well yeah – everyone goes through this – the total disregard for marks …

    have as much fun as possible 😀

  7. In relationships we want unconditional acceptance from others but unable to give them the same!! Ultimately we don’t get what we want from others and conclude that relationship itself is the problem.
    But the fact remains that we want unconditional acceptance from others in relationships. We want acceptance and continuity of that acceptance in other which is only possible when it is unconditional.

  8. Sukesh says:

    Hey dont go by Devansh’s words. He is a moron.
    I too kinda got tempted to pick up a fight. 🙂

    Read your post for the first time. Its kewl and random 🙂
    There are some others like you writing random stuff. Hope you like it.

  9. Sukesh says:

    Damn these girls!! why do only girls get a gift of ability to write random-ness 😛
    I wish I could also write random stuff

  10. harsh says:

    i’ve been in that state for some years now. i dont call it insane, but freedom. i do feel happy when i make new friends. i enjoy their friendship. but like u said i dont feel unhappy when they leave me. i think this state has a lot to do with one’s belief that everything in the end will be fine, something u mention in the start.

  11. sashidhar says:

    good, when u become so much vellah, you’ll realize how imp. it is to work and the next time you work u’ll work so passionately, everything you’ll do will succeed.

    wow! i can also do some philosophical lecturing!

    btw, check this out, you might like it… 😀


  12. Prateek G V says:

    Go thank Prof. Rammurthy.
    Watching movies and TV shows on a 17” inch LCD flat screen, That’s what I call ‘Happyness’ 😀 .

  13. Manas Saran says:

    Well, I guess it definitely has something to do with IIIT. By the time I reached my fourth year I felt exactly what you’ve mentioned here in this post. It just reminds of a very old post of my which i made when I was leaving IIIT – http://maximuminsanity.blogspot.com/2004/06/i-see-light.html
    Anyway, as a closing remark, i’d say very well expressed… and exactly my sentiment, when i was in IIIT 🙂

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