Djoker > King ????

There was no specific reason to write this post but I can hardly contain my excitement. I am fanatic about Roger Federer and think that he has done to tennis what no one in the history ever has but just dont write him off. He lost a match , just one and I think that the commentators saying that ‘The King’s reign has come to an end’ is absolutely pointless and uncalled for. There is something great about Federer. When he wins , even against someone whom you like , you do not feel bad. Roger winning seems to be the right thing to happen.

Yet, his loss today in the AO semifinals was a little weird because he was dominated and overpowered in every department by my favourite player Novak Djokovic – a fabulous Serbian who is a wonderful ambassador for the game. What is astonishing is that he is only 20 years old and has aldready been in in 4 grand slam semi finals. I am just so excited about the finals on Sunday and have my fingers and toes crossed.

Lets go Novak , lets go !!!!!!


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7 Responses to Djoker > King ????

  1. Prateek G V says:

    He played amazing. First time since 2005, neither the world no. 1 nor no. 2 would be competing in a Grand slam final. 20 years old, beating Federer in semis that too in straight sets, Djokovic has got a great future ahead.

    Nice title!

  2. I did not see the match … but from the result its like he did a great job there beating the champion … he is like an emerging player now and succeeds ahead … nice post … Keep blogging !!

  3. Rohit says:

    I’m not the biggest Novak fan. He gets lots of free points on his serve, and i dont think he’s got a very good all-round game. And, he isnt as charismatic as either Nadal or Fedex. For Sunday, i’m going to be going Go Tsonga!

  4. Aniket says:

    We have a mouth watering weekend ahead of us. And the best part is, it holds the promise of a better highest-level tennis on the planet as both King and Rafa have been defeated. Let’s hope that the days of one-men domination are over and world tennis again gets to have a plateau, instead of a peak, at the highest level.

  5. harsh says:

    is that novak in the picture?? doesnt look all that good ambassador… winning is fine, but why the attitude in the pic?

  6. Namrata says:

    @harsh – Dude come on . He is just pumped up because he won a grand slam semi final against Roger Federer. Did I mention he is just 20 too.

  7. manoj says:

    novak is def. one of the finest ambassadors of the game…any one wud show such emotion on trouncing the KING..I hope he wins sunday.

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