Djoker is the King now!

Novak Djokovic has become the AO champion 2008 and it was a fitting finale to what has been a great tournament. Having lost the first set the maturity and strength of character that he displayed to win the next 3 sets in a tremendously fought match goes to show that he is someone who can challenge Federer’s supremacy if not dethrone him which is too early to say.

I just had to write this post to get the whole Nole fever out of my system and get on with EPL which for the last fortnight or so has taken a backseat. His win today is an inspiration because he comes from a war torn country like Serbia and has yet managed to not only be a champion on court but also a sweetheart off it. Special mention to Tsonga who is absolutely adorable with that million dollar smile. It was a great contest and no one walked off feeling like a loser which is so rare in sports.


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7 Responses to Djoker is the King now!

  1. hmmmm … Damn it … I missed the match yaa [:(] !! … good to see a new hero out there … he has a bright future, I hope … nice one … keep blogging !!

  2. manoj says:

    I liked the whole post!
    cant say the same abt the title..may b we have to refer to fed as emperor frm now

  3. balkan says:

    Simply great!

  4. Prateek G V says:

    Tsonga would have won the match easily had he not played those unforced errors in set 2 and 3. The first set was simply great especially the shot played for the set point. Was expecting the match would go to the final set for a tie breaker, but Novak was ‘lucky’ and probably the experience of being in a Grand slam final came in hand.
    Would love to see Federer and Tsonga go one on one some day, one with class and the other with raw power.

  5. Bhanu says:

    kewl post.. and ya… totally agree with manoj.

  6. Rakesh says:

    well…..!!! what a final…two young prodigies playing attacking tennis, game after game….you cant ask for more…i wished Tsonga had won it …he is a treat to watch…i hope he does not turn out to be a 1 slam wonder…the way he dictated to djokovic in the first set was awesome….but djokovic came back well to claim the title…in the end i think djokovic’s experience n desire and tsonga’s go for broke style decided it.
    neway…well done nole, defeating the world no 1 en route is no easy task

  7. rahul says:

    the Djoker, at times, plays like a lady. No wonder, he imitates Sharapova so successfully

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