The Syndactyly theory

Syndactyly is a condition where two or more digits(fingers/toes) are fused together. Even if life things often prove to be fused in unanticipated ways. One thing leads to the other and even before you realize things are out of your control , your life is out of your control. I am currently reading a book called ‘Life Expectancy’ and the protagonist of the story talks about various incidents that altered the course of his life and to his surprise he did not even engineer it.

I love talking philosophy but this is something way too abstract for me as well. So, I thought of writing a post on it. Sometimes we just go with the flow without being ourselves. Sometimes we don’t speak our minds for the fear of being rebuked. Sometimes we just stop being ourselves. When that happens we enter the Syndactyly club where someone else’s choices start influencing our own. For example our career choices are more often than not our parent’s choices, what we eat and what we wear is most of the times the choices made by some random person. I guess because this is such a common phenomenon we do not realize that it exists.

We all think we are in charge of our lives but we are not. Not until we start thinking with ‘our’ brain and ‘our’ heart. That may lead to one being termed a weirdo but then again that term was coined by someone else.

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9 Responses to The Syndactyly theory

  1. Pankaj Saini says:

    you and philosophy….. i guess a lot of water has flown under the bridge in the last three odd months!!!

  2. huuu …. firstly a nice post … life is meant to have changes, after all that is the only thing that remains constant in life …. one should learn from ones mistakes & from others too !! …. stepping into the same track again is —- ….. making a choice is so difficult [:)] , one should get an essence of it and then he/she understands the importance of advice (given by someone who value you)!! … coming to philosophy, everyone has their own “philosophical me” inside [:D] … keep blogging !!

  3. Nice Post!
    “Sometimes we just go with the flow without being ourselves.”
    This is what is called slavery which we ourselves are not aware of!
    Drivers of most of our thoughts are people around us, popular assumptions around us, trends around us, temptations around us etc. This is the slavery at the thought level. For this there is a need to be aware of our every thought and the origination or cause of every thought. Awareness is required to know “what triggered that thought?”.
    Ultimately all our thoughts are directed to achieve the same purpose i.e Happiness. There is also a need to see what can ensure the continuity of Happiness because most trends, assumptions, temptations do not give happiness which is continuous in time.
    When we use words like “ourself”, “myself”, then there this word itself says “my” + “self”. So there is need to understand the “self”, the basic desire, the natural desire which is absolute, which can give absolute confidence. Currently our confidence is relative, which leads to uncertainty. Uncertainty leads to doubt, doubt leads to fear, and fear leads to unhappiness!

  4. aniket says:

    Nice post! It was good to know about Syndactyly. The last line was cutting-edge. You must lend me the book you’re reading.

  5. Chand says:

    baap re !! OTH for me … Well we get influenced by n number of people but as we put it no one can love you more than you yourself…so finally everyone does what suits them the best ..

  6. ashwin says:

    Watch the movie Run Lola, Run.

  7. Anupama says:

    Good read!
    But nee face ki,age ki philosophy suit kadhu nammu 😉

  8. Prateek G V says:

    You planning to write a book on philosophy?
    Nice post, learnt some new things.

  9. Wulfor says:

    Nice post!!!!
    I learnt somthing new and worthy… Even if one has one’s own philosophy, ther’s nothing wrong in understanding someothers’ .. It might come in use later in life.. keep blogging.. 🙂

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