Nothing Really Matters …………… to me

I borrowed this phrase from the Queen song Bohemian Rhapsody which I have been listening to with great intent for some strange reason. The song ends with these words and I think I relate to it which in turn is disturbing because the last I checked some people and some things do matter. Its just that I do not ‘naturally’ feel that way for anything or anyone except a select group.

Life is ,as it always was but I can’t help but think about what I am doing with it. The lack of relationships in my life is a reflection of me and I happen to think I am a nice person. Yet, I find it really tough to make bonds or strike friendships.  Many people around me seem to be pretty prosperous and I am stuck with a few people , some of whom are great but not the people that matter to me.Come to think of it I am sure I don’t matter to them as well. It baffles me because inspite of being a total snob sometimes earlier I had good friends.I guess the fact that I don’t care sometimes and do not pretend to care during the remainder of the times has not gone down well with people. Then again I cannot indulge in small talk and be all sugar coated when I do not like a person. Not everybody has to like everybody and not liking someone does not make either you or that person bad. People make a huge issue out of these things. I remember I hated everyone who did not like me but now I know that I was immature and its normal to not like someone and its perfectly ok to like their friend. The issue is ‘someone’ and his friend complicate the situation and people like me are left stranded with another broken friendship.

I am surprised I wrote all of the things above but I guess deep down inside I felt it and I mean it when I write it. Just care about the things and people who matter to you. It could be your friend, your pet , your laptop or someone’s plight in Africa. As for the others they do not matter to me.

On a lighter note

-> Liverpool won against Inter Milan with Gerrard scoring another important goal. Things like this make my day !

-> Mid sems are over. Things like this just brighten my whole week!

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18 Responses to Nothing Really Matters …………… to me

  1. Trisha says:

    Ahww! You’ve gotta stop listening to tragic songs 🙂
    I will not say its difficult to find good friends but I definitely think that good friends are special and special will not be special if it happened every so often.
    Everyone has unfriendly qualities, but as long as you highlight your BESTEST ones, you will always find people more than happy to be in your company and will also make you feel better about yourself. I believe that Everyone in the world should matter, and in your case I know somewhere not too inside, everyone matters to you too cos you are one of the nicest and most sensible people I’ve met.

    And Hurray for Gerrard!!

  2. huuuu !! sensible one … I couldn’t write an essay for it right now as I have a class [:P] … ‘some people’ has got some good things and the point is that they don’t show up and do things for the same good. friends are very special and picking out them should be of care and once you have them who love you a lot then one becomes the happiest in the world. you are so good and need not worry and give a damn to rubbish things happening around… hmmm I keep on writing … I have a class yaar .. finally nice post … keep blogging !!

    Three cheers to Liverpool [:D] !!

  3. Nice Post Again!
    In fact most of our problems are the problems of relationships. I feel related to other person NOT when the other person accepts me, but when I accept him/her. Uncertainty in my acceptance for other person or lack of my acceptance for other person makes me unhappy. Doubting the intentions of other person or having uncertainty about the intentions of other person makes me unhappy. When I am certain about the intentions of the other person and see that the other person has got some misconceptions about me, I still feel comfortable within myself and rather feel responsible about other person to correct him and increase his competence. Like in case of a small child when he does something wrong I do not feel bad my acceptance remains the same, rather I try to help him, but in case of my friends I am uncertain about their intentions in their actions, that uncertainty makes me unhappy.
    Assurance about the intentions of other person is called Trust. We lack Trust. To understand Trust we need knowledge.
    I can not afford to mistrust anybody, because it makes me unhappy.
    There is nothing good or bad, or right or wrong. There is just understanding or the lack of it, which is there in all of us. In society we have divided things in good or bad, right or wrongs, should and shouldn’t, this makes a person not to accept his mistakes in front of others because of fear of loosing the acceptance, and feels suffocated within.
    Its good to see that you wrote what you felt.

  4. Sandeep says:

    Nice material…..seriously u shd try to write a book on “Exploring Oneself”….
    do not agree with “Ahww! You’ve gotta stop listening to tragic songs :)” b’caus i think that tragedy is one thing that truly makes us think deeply….

    donno how u come up wid such interesting topics…there are such a delight to read and thought provoking…..i just think this is a part of life…. It Just Happens To Every One…….

  5. Abhilash I says:

    Rarely i comment on a blog post. But having read this i couldn’t resist to repeat the fact, “Things are the way you look at them”.

    Looking forward for more posts.

  6. Karan says:

    Interesting. You’ve been wearing your heart on your blog, which is pretty striking. You’ve written that nothing really matters. But probably deep inside, ass i see it-> it does.. Which might be a reason why you’ve stated this on your blog.

    Believe me, if you have issues with someone, the best thing’s to go and sort i out. Talk over it. Who knows, you might regain lost frenz. Its happened with me. Not once, but many a times. Talking and sorting out things is the best solution to your imbroglio.
    Of course, all this gyaan is assuming that it still matters to you! 🙂

    Cheers and all the best!

  7. Karan says:

    I meant as i see it 😀

  8. Prateek G V says:

    Glad that you wrote down this post. Writing down one’s feelings is best way he/she can try to over come it. You get to know others views and always have better options to look forward.
    Whats the release date for your book on philosophy? Soon to be a best seller 🙂

  9. Sukesh says:

    To be yourself is all that you/we CAN do…
    And thats what you/we SHOULD do…

    To be yourself(song by audioslave)

  10. the guy says:

    most of your posts (like this one) inspire me to write something on my blog but when i open my WordPress dashboard either new episodes of OTH or House M.D or movies like Juno show up in DC’s msgboard and like a little kid who’s been given a butterscotch icecream i keep drooling over them even after i’ve completed watching them and totally forget what i intended to write.

    yes, as unbelievable as it may sound i’ve read most of your posts but was too lazy to comment on any of those.

    i’ve decided (for the 721349338th time in my life) to stop being lazy. i hope this lasts longer than a blink.

    watch out iiit bloggers your blog is next to be ‘commentacked’ 😛

  11. Namrata says:

    @the guy – another OTH fan. That is awesome. Your identity plz?

  12. bhargava says:

    hey i logged in with an old account earlier. i’m ‘the guy’ 🙂
    btw i felt you had more to write in your previous post (The Syndactyly theory) and for some reason it was ended suddenly (i might most certainly be wrong). This post looks more complete.

    @phani chaitanya: seriously man all your comments are like OTH (over-the-head not One Tree Hill :P) for me.

  13. Pankaj Saini says:

    Totally agree with Karan…… the only problem is that the other person tends to feel the same….. so if both remain at their own ‘egotistical’ highs….. nothing fruitful happens….. and you never really know what matters for you or not…. it’s pretty early and immature to say….. what matters and what not at least in some issues….. but again…. this is what i think…….

  14. Deepti says:

    Phew!! Too complicated 😦 .. Never been in such a situation but I feel an open talk might help clear a lot of things..

  15. Namrata says:

    Its really funny that people call this post philosophical and complicated when it talks about such a simple thing. Another taboo I guess. I am not complaining as long as the comments keep flowing with a lil help from my side as well.

  16. Karan says:

    You had one extra comment because of my typo.. Oops.. Heres one more! 😛

  17. Philosophy is a Greek word. It is made up of two words Philo and Sophy where “philo” means Love and “Sophy” mean wisdom, so word philosophy means, “Love for Wisdom”.
    In fact if we see it closely then we find that craver for knowledge is there in all of us, it is our basic desire and is ever actively present. If you see a child then he questions on everything, he wants to understand the entire existence!
    Since such “love for wisdom” is inherent in us, so we all are by birth Philosophers!
    It is just that we are unable to see our own inherent driving force in spite of being driven by it.

  18. SelfProclaimedGenius says:

    I’ve got 2 “may-be’s” 2 u::

    the first may-be::

    the thing is when u r snob u dont really care if ur friends r truly urs….. care little for their presence /affection/ opinion or whatever.Just the hi-bye’s will make u feel they r ur friends. But now that u r not a snob (as u claim to be :D) u now crave for warmth/ affection/ whatever that u dint in those days and realise that ur alone than ever inspite of all that change in u.Dont u think ppl r way too busy to notice that u r changed?? And even if they did notice, do u think every one has a heart to forgive and forget??

    or may-be (the 2nd one)::

    being snobbish is what works…may be ppl around u get perplexed. Being snobbish gives them the impression that u know a thing or two more than they do about what they r talking and treat u with respect.And hence some may even find u intriguing.

    sry the second may-be has some more may-be’s in it. couldnt help.

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