Summing it all up

Hindsight is the only reliable science. In that sense last week has been an eye opener. I traveled from the deepest corners of loneliness to the comfort of a friend’s smiley on gtalk, from periodic mood swings to laughing at a stretch for 10 minutes and posted twice on my blog with the last one becoming a mere tool for a blatant display of my love for comments which indirectly points to the fact that I like it when people read what I have written. There is always their opinion, my opinion and the right one but its good to read through what my classmates feel about issues which I think are a part and parcel of us-the-mere-mortals lives.

For a change I do not have any prerogative behind writing this post except that I just felt like writing. I have a lot of free time on my hands as well which is why I had time for a hindsight exercise in the first place. I thought that post-Felicity 08 I would have a high chance of risking my sanity doing nothing but watch the few TV shows that I follow religiously and the regular dose of WWE but it has been eventful! There was the throwball tournament and it was so much fun. Everyone played in spirit and I am so proud of the UG2k5 girls because we were gracious in both defeat and victory. Due to some unavoidable circumstances, me got a chance to play as well ! Not that I was looking forward to it because some people just cannot play sports. Its not in their blood and I am in that category. As much as I love watching sports the thought of playing sends shivers down my spine because of the sheer embarrassment I cause myself and my team. It was a miracle that in one of the matches I managed to win a point and in the other I made sure I did not lose one for my team. Yet, I had a great time cheering on for the people who played.

After that Liverpool won their CL match and India won a thriller against Sri Lanka. To sum it all up , I guess I had to hit a bottom to appreciate the highs of life.

PS : The last post was one of those low moments and this post , one of the highs.

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15 Responses to Summing it all up

  1. Karan says:

    Well now thats the trait of a Cancerian.. Wild mood swings 😀

  2. sundar says:

    well u do not need it have in blood to play sports. It just needs some courage(anti laziness :P) to start any new game and some regular practice to master it.I too dinn know that even i can play some sport until i tried TT these days 🙂 .

  3. Namrata says:

    @Karan : Scorpions are versatile u see 🙂

  4. manoj says:

    it is always gud to try out something at which u r not talented..though it brings embarrassment, unparalleled pleasure is guaranteed if lady-luck( or shud I say gent-luck) smiles upon u..

    coming to lows and highs,if the land was level, there would have been no mountains..everything would have been a plain (so plain)..there are valleys to make us realize the significance of a mountain

  5. I have been enjoying my life for the past few days [:D] , watching movies etc .. hmmm thinking of writing a post , will be a comeback after a long time !! keep blogging.

  6. life is sick since days but i can’t simply skip reading blogs 😛 good to know that you are writing blogs just to have comments and nothing serious out here 😛
    @all scorpions rock hard …

  7. harsh says:

    more than winning the point for ur team, i value the fact that u stepped on court. it ‘s not easy to play when u know u are not good at it. i think that really was a big step.

  8. Sandeep says:

    the blog theme is awesome….and good to see that u are over ur low side….

  9. Pankaj Saini says:

    I back the Scorpions!!!!

  10. Prateek G V says:

    Though its the month of Pisces, I have been sleeping most of the time 🙂 Great going .. Keep blogging!

  11. bhargava says:

    nice theme. i totally dig designs that have blue & black colors.
    i wish this theme had a custom header.

  12. Chand says:

    yahan pe bhi sun sign thread .. nice ….
    anyways The “Bull” rules!!

    aur kya baat hai Sportswoman ban gayi mast….

  13. trisha says:

    You were never bad at throwball! I dunno abt basketball tho..haha. I suck at sports totally too. But sports are always fun. I just got back from the squash court. I hope nobody saw me playing haha.

  14. Anupama says:

    Yeah! Scorpions rock!
    This post rocks too…
    And you dont play throwball that bad 😀
    You are far better than me!

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