A dedication to mommy dearest

A mommy can fix things from boo-boos to dinner, she is unconditional in her love, she does not mind reading out the same fairytale story (in my case Sleeping Beauty :D) night after night just because you like it so much, she makes umpteen number of sacrifices just so that you grow up to live a blessed life and I am living one now courtesy my fab Mom.

This post is a huge deviation from my recent spate of abstract writings but I think my mum deserves a post and I am going to go all out senti in this one. Many people say that their parents are like their best friends. In my case it is true. She is like my conscience – living outside of me, a mirror that tells me who I really am both good and bad and above all has a voice that comforts me over a distance of several kilometers. I have always appreciated my mum for her courage, her simple but practical ideologies and her constant need to make sure we are ok. Yet, with my own full fledged life I have realized that, that appreciation is not even an iota of what she deserves. I know she does not expect anything from me but I sure do of myself and in spite of our differences regarding some issues and those more than occasional telephonic fights, I love her to bits and have made a promise to myself to never let her down and make her proud of me because no materialistic gifts or gains will make her as happy as the former will.

My relationship with mumma is telepathic in a strange way. She knows what is going on in my mind even before I am sure about it. These mums really are superwomen! She has believed in me beyond believing and has actively pursued all her goals , including me in all of them. Aah.. I feel all mushy from inside. Keep rocking mum!!!

Mother’s hands took us to school
Mother’s hands in the morning
Mother’s hands rain, protecting us
Mother’s hands act as awning
Mother’s hands would hold our face
Mother’s hands held the tears
Mother’s hands brail our face
Mother’s hands read our fears
Mother’s hands held compassion
Mother’s hands would bake
Mother’s hands give us her ration
Mother’s hands give not take
Mother’s hands lined by caring
Mother’s hands not smooth
Mother’s hands map understanding
Mother’s hands every groove

I had sent this poem to my mom on her birthday and I really agree with whatever the poet had to say.

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15 Responses to A dedication to mommy dearest

  1. mom is the sweetest of all the people in the world , she knows us inside out , after all mom is a beautiful gift … mom’s dishes zindabad !! keep blogging

  2. dark-knight says:

    hmmm, well I will comment on only the telepathy thing. Its really really strong in my case. for e.g. back in 10th I got hurt came back and mom said ” u got hurt right ?”
    “ya but how do u know.”
    “I just felt so”
    not only this she told me how I got hurt !!!!.
    nice post well written

  3. sundar says:

    mom n dad’s love is the only unconditional love in the world. And most of us are closer to moms than dad. Its a very gud idea to write on this topic :).

    Well i guess ur dad deserves a post too 🙂 .

  4. Anupama says:

    Mummy’s pet.. That is you 😀
    I love such senti posts..
    Keep writing!

  5. rohit says:


    gud post….

  6. satya says:

    make sure ur mom reads this! nice post ..

  7. Deepti says:

    Chooooo chweet! 🙂

  8. Himank says:

    Well the sweetest word in dictionary, “Mom”. Was watching Wonder Years recently and there was a line in one of the episodes “When you are a little boy, you don’t have to go very far to find the center of your universe… MOM!! “
    So very true, Mom is the entire universe for you, any problem you go to her, any news you go and tell her, she is your everything!!
    Small children generally call for their mom when they are crying, one interesting thing is I have seen many kids call for their mom even when a beating from Mom is the reason for their tears!! Now no need to say any further…. 🙂

  9. Harsh says:

    Just as we appreciate our parents, it is our responsibility to grow as one. it will be very easy on our part to get lost in the race of reaching the top and end op being a parent no where near what we got. to all the moms and would bes.

  10. Trisha says:

    Sweet One!! Make sure aunty reads it.

  11. Prateek G V says:

    Dedicate it to all the moms 🙂

  12. Rakesh Datta says:

    i completely agree with all that is written!! mom is the only person in the world who understands you inside out!!! i really love the way she looks at me after i have said no to one more chapati, to gauge how firm that ‘no’ is!!! and know what 99.9% of the times she is right. i have been bad enough to have made her cry twice. I will never forgive myself for having done that!!! But i know that she has done so long back!!!

  13. Vamsy says:

    “mummy”…The most beautiful word ever spelt. good work and may be now u should have a blog dedicated only to poems 😛

    ps:i have some new posts in my blog. check out

  14. prashasti says:

    The best one is-“She has believed in me beyond believing”…very true in my case too.
    Her unfailing faith in me..is the only reason I exist…

    Well mother’s day is yet to come..so can think of another one…

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