Summer story ’08 – Part 1

I swear that if one more person asks me what I am doing this summer, I am going to snap and snap back at them as well. I understand that being students we must be ‘up to something’ but gosh , some people derive satanic pleasure by constantly posing that question just because they want to tell what is so exciting about summer to them(things like working on projects and internships are on top of the list). For me doing nothing is super exciting. An idle brain to me is a great thing. You can do so many things with it! There was a time when summers were all about that and I wish it went back to being the same. Having said that I know it is ridiculous to hope for the typical ‘summer vacations’ because we have supposedly grown up and so have our cousins.

This summer in particular has been really hard on me. There is a limit to how much a person can laze around and I have exceeded mine. I was home for a couple of weeks and in spite of keeping myself engaged through some activities, the free time I had on my hand drove me crazy. I have probably seen the CB series matches 20 times by now, heard the Krazzy 4 title track like a trillion times and have lost count of the number of re-runs of FRIENDS I have been surviving on. Guess what, I still have time. I know I can do something constructive like join some class or prepare for CAT which has been my excuse for not doing anything this summer and yet, I do not feel inspired to study. So like every typical person in my place

I bash the television networks

Curse the scorching heat

Open orkut and facebook every 5 minutes

Eat like there is no tomorrow (this one is my speciality)

Argue endlessly with mum over the most insignificant things – which btw is incredible timepass.

This more or less sums up my summer story so far. There is 3 more months left and I am hoping that things do not get worse – well what could be more boring than this. I am blogging about what all I ‘have not done’ this summer and that just goes to show how slow summers can make you.

I really hope

Ajay Jadeja has some honest friends who can tell him how badly he sucks.

Deccan Chargers wake up from their slumber just like me.

Tashan does well at the box office because I belong to the minority who like Saif-Bebo.Kareena was too fiesty for Shahid anyways.

Liverpool beat the hell out of Chelsea at SB and Riise scoring a goal would be true to Liverpool style.

Barcelona beat Man United. I do not care how that happens but ManU should be made to eat dirt.

Signing off with hopes for a brighter, less warmer and interestingly idle summer.

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21 Responses to Summer story ’08 – Part 1

  1. Bharat says:

    Eat like there is no tomorrow (this one is my speciality)

    That had me LoL !

  2. bhargava says:

    i must’ve asked people ‘what are the plans this summer’ a million times (no not because i want them to ask me back. don’t really know why!), sometimes asking the same person (i have a poor memory, that’s why i keep watching all those tv shows i’ve already seen again and again, and again).
    i believe they don’t snap because those guys are the “wow!! man i need to add this to my summer to-do list too. cool!! that makes it 20 to-dos.totally awesome, i’m gonna be supa busy this summer” type.
    i have a list too!! but none of them (except my BTP) have anything to do with acads or grades or the usual projects kinda stuff. to just give you an idea – we’re going to release the trailer of Rowdies O.5 (ya a sort of spoof to Roadies 5.O) by May 15, which’s going to rock (hopefully).

    i hope my Rowdies O.5 creative team wont kick my arse for shamelessly publicizing it in a comment.

  3. bhargava says:

    i really hope

    Ajay Jadega has some real friends who can tell him to stop flirting with Lekha on live television.

    Knight Riders wins the IPL.

    Tashan does well at the box office because i belong to that group who hope atleast this time yashraj films would come up with something different and good, eventhough i HATE kareena kapoor and her ugly little face pisses me off (i can manage by watching her ‘improved’ midriff 😛 instead of her face)

    Nah! nothing on football. not much of a football fan.

    I write something on my blahg instead of spamming on other’s blogs.
    (aah!! my fingers are starting to ache. used up too much energy today!)

  4. anon says:

    “Liverpool beat the hell out of Chelsea at SB and Riise scoring a goal would be true to Liverpool style.”

    Girls follow football!? :O

  5. bingo says:

    ..and I thought Krazzy 4 track was for gays, but girls also listen to it

  6. Namrata says:

    @Anon – Ya.Whats so surprising in that.

    @Bingo – Your name sounds really gay to me .Scores settled!

  7. Prasant Gopal says:

    Couldn’t resist myself from commenting on
    Riise’s goal. It was certainly in liverpool’s style tch…tch. But I certainly give tag them as favorites to go through to Moscow. The second choice is however bizarre, Barca are far from their best and unless lucky, cannot see them going to Moscow.

  8. sashidhar says:

    I absolutely agree with Prasant. Barca were far from best. More than Barca being lucky, it was ManU who were somewhat unlucky when Ronaldo wasn’t able to connect… 😀 but neways it ended 0-0. Both deserve each other!!!

    and yeah… Tashan is one “highlight” movie… Can’t wait to watch all the four guys in action!

  9. rohit says:

    me watching jalsa movie atleast 3 times a day…yeah i know its not that gud but for pk i am watching it…. n that tells what i am doing in this summer….n we started playing cricket… 🙂

    yeah DC sucks under VVS and i hope KKR wins… 😛

  10. Atwal says:

    had to comment on this one…
    abt Riise scoring at stamford bridge…not gonna happen, L’pool is yet to score at stamford bridge under rafa benitez..n riise’s quota for the year is over….its gonna be chelsea all the way

  11. SB is a fortress and if JM aka TSO was in charge, Liverpool would stand no chance. However this is Grant’s Chelsea and his tactics & substitutions have bemused me! Chelsea’s defense too isn’t watertight. So, Reds do stand a chance, especially given Gerrard-Torres partnership is doing so well.

  12. Namrata says:

    @PG – Ya Jose was much better than Avram. AG is so ridiculous that he makes Rafa look much better than he actually is.

  13. Deepti says:

    Nothing to comment on.Have a happy summer 🙂 Tata..

  14. Trisha says:

    Hey! Very amusing post, delightful humour.
    Umm..2months of vacation time..I wud trade places with you anydaay 🙂
    HAve fun and now that u have so much time on your hands u shud blog more often. Cheers!

  15. yojana says:

    “Argue endlessly with mum over the most insignificant things – which btw is incredible timepass.”

    You do dat in summmers, I do it in all season for no reason…dats y i’am so unwelcome to home these days:(

  16. Prateek G V says:

    “Barcelona beat Man United. I do not care how that happens but ManU should be made to eat dirt.” I love this 🙂

    Can someone teach AG to smile like this 🙂 or like this 😀 or like this 😉 or even this would do good 😛

  17. Karan says:

    But for the refree, Man U would have had another penalty. Wish Man U and Liverpool meet each other in Moscow and The Rs beat the ass out of Gerrard’s team 🙂

  18. Karan says:

    @rohit. kkr sucks. support your home team man 😀

  19. Maruti Borker says:

    @Karan #!@#!@#!@#!#!@# No words against Lpool man ..

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