Summer Story 08 – Part 2

What an eventful couple of weeks since I last wrote a post. A lot of interesting things and a whole lot of crap has happened over this period and strangely enough my summer story still seems headed one way – me turning into a couch potato.

I tend to sleep early when I am home and it took a CL semifinal match to keep me up beyond 12 after a long time. It was a great match between Liverpool and Chelsea and as heartbroken as I am for Liverpool, I think Chelsea deserved to win the match. I am not quite sure if they deserved the semifinal though. And what a boring match between ManU and Barcelona. It bored me to death.

The IPL has been the other thing I have been following and initially I was supporting Deccan Chargers (obvious choice) and KKR ( ‘coz I am a huge SRK fan), but I think its better to support the winning teams because you don’t get disappointed that often. So go Rajasthan Royals! I must admit that watching Warne and Smith play together makes me laugh out loud.

The ATP clay court season is in full swing and as expected Nadal is reigning supreme. I was never fond of him primarily because he was the one thing that stopped Federer from completing a career slam but now I like him and think that he is a good sport even when he is on the losing side unlike Djokovic – whom I really adore and admire but somehow success seems to have gone to his head. Fedex is coming into his own and in spite of being ill this whole year his commitment to tennis is worthy of applause and even if he does not win the French this year, he will still remain the greatest tennis player around. I check the BBC sports section pretty often and they create so much fuss about Andy Murray being the next big thing that it is amusing to see their optimism. Typical English complex 🙂

A few things you should not miss if you have access to a television set

1. Headlines Today and their pathetic Entertainment Quarter. It is funnier than all the Jim Carrey movies put together.

special mention to their over the top “Great Khali comes back to India ” coverage.

2. Zee Cafe is pretty decent and have lots of good old sitcom re-runs like Full House and Who’s the Boss? .

3. Zoom TV and its flash news bar with its irrelevant news items are pretty entertaining.

4. The TTC on Zee Cafe is a great show. So is American Idol and Ugly Betty.

5. Do not miss Zee TV from 9pm to 9.30 pm for the show of the century – Kasam Se. It is beyond comprehension of mere mortals like me but is so stupid that you will not stop laughing. Side effects – it is addictive !!

The temperatures are pretty high in Rajahmundry and with EAMCET on May 8th I feel sorry for all the students who have to write exams in such heat. Hoping that I get rid of my lazy bones and part 3 is much more interesting.

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7 Responses to Summer Story 08 – Part 2

  1. bhargava says:

    everytime i go home i turn into a bean-bag potato 🙂 sitting all day on the bean bag surfing channels. the bean bag’s so addictive 😛

    isn’t the long curly haired girl the anchor of EQ on Headlines Today? man she’s so pathetic…i used to have a thing for girls with curly hair until i saw her!

    and yeah Ugly Betty’s a great show. when does it air? wed nights?? i always end up watching the repeats and that too 10-15 mins into the start.

    you don’t watch MTV Wassup?? the wassup ticker is totally awesome! i love bani!!

    EAMCET’s on May 8th!

  2. bhargava says:

    hey btw change the timezone. it’s in GMT.

    looking at the post time (3.16am) and reading this “I tend to sleep early when I am home and it took a CL semifinal match to keep me up beyond 12 after a long time.” people will be like “huh!?”

  3. Maruti Borker says:

    I totally agree ur view on ” Kasam se ” … its a must watch 😀

  4. rohit says:

    gud one… coz u talk abt sports… 😀

  5. Karan says:

    TV par the best things are the IPL and star cricket 🙂 . Apart from Roadies and the MTV ticker, of course. Apart from these, try mtv wassup?, kickass mornings and ndtv 24*7

  6. ram says:

    u seem to hav jot down my own summer recipe.. 🙂 btw try addin wass up ‘n’ roadies 5.0 to the list.. and long live laziness..

    PS : MANU will win UCL

  7. sashidhar says:

    EQ in HTV is THE BEST!!! it rules!!! 😀

    best gossip you can ever get!!

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