Wimbledon 2008 (of course the men’s final)

I have never been such a nerve wreck in my life and that too for someone other than myself, but last night’s Wimbledon men’s final was a near perfect tennis match. Unlike several people I do not think it was the best Wimbledon final ever because the 1980 Borg- Mcenroe final had better quality from both players and it was a true grass court match with serve and volley techniques used in abundance unlike this year’s match which was more like a clay court match. Nevertheless it is not a case of sour grapes on my part and I think Rafa deserved to win the match. I adore Rafa but worship Federer and it was hard to see Roger with the plate and not the trophy but he is so damn gracious that you cannot help but shed a tear for him. The atmosphere of the match was superb ,probably matched only by the Murray – Gasquet match earlier in the tournament.

Rafa is definitely the best player in the world right now and although he will not be the world number 1 when rankings are released, everyone knows it is just a mere formality. Roger has to come back strong after this and he will because he IS Roger. The American hard court season has been very kind to Federer over the years and Nadal’s true test lies here. I just hope and pray that Roger buries this defeat and restores himself back to his glorious form.

PS: Wow – what a match 🙂

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5 Responses to Wimbledon 2008 (of course the men’s final)

  1. sundar says:

    Yup, Rafa deserves the cup.And it was nail-biting experience for me watching federer win the 2 sets at the tie breakers. Asala keka match 🙂

  2. sundar says:

    Yup, really loved the match and the federer fight to win the cup.

  3. Karan says:

    Was broke after tha match.. Just coudn’t see Roger losing. As for the best match, well I’ll call this as good as the ’80 final. I think that was quite different in the sense that it had a predominant serve-volleyer in McEnroe and a baseliner who was trying to server and volley in Borg. That made for some play!

  4. rohit says:

    yes.. the match was absolutely rocking… but i felt that Roger, wasnt the same who was the king of grass…
    and anywayzz… Nadal rocked…..

  5. Rakesh says:

    I knew that rafa would win. But the way roger came back from a 2 set deficit was awesome…but there are two things he should learn….respect opponents and respect the situation.He always says he has every respect for nadal and other players and that he always takes things seriously.. but he never does that!! he thinks that he can dismantle every opponent even if he is not on top of his game!! of course 1 or 2 years back this was precisely the case.He just had to turn up to lift trophies..such was his supreme form…but this season his form has been lacklustre…and other guys have done some catching up!!…he should sometimes, when the situation demands, play a little conservatively..curb his instincts, keep the ball in play and wait for an unforced error or something rather than going for an outright winner!!
    Look at nadal….his form this season has been phenomenal…he outplayed federer completely in paris.He then carried that form onto grass. He now looks no lesser than federer on grass. But remember 1 and a half seasons back what he used to be?? just a ‘retriever’, no more..atleast on grass!!!He used to run around and just keep the ball in the court and never try anything extraordinary!!! still he used to do well on grass and hard courts and lose only to federer!!! i think roger should also realize the fact that gone are the days when he could demolish everyone at will, let go of his ego and prepare his mind to toil around in the court a bit!!! i know this is going to be very difficult for him, used as he is to winning with panache( precisely the reason i idolized him)…But you dont always have to play ‘out of the world tennis’ to win.

    Namrata it was nice to read your blogs after a long while.
    And this may be the first time that a comment dwarfs the blog in bulkiness!!! [:)]..sorry for that!!

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