Slam books

They were such a rage back in school and I still have my copy back home tucked away in the corner of a shelf just like all my school memories. Sometimes in the process of cleaning up (which happens like twice a day with people like my mum around), I have stumbled upon it and it brings a huge smile on my face. Turning through the pages makes me feel nostalgic and stupid at the same time because some of the things that were written in there are so unrealistic and naive. That was a time when some of my classmates believed they could be IPS officers after watching an over the top cop drama, some had even decided on their specialities once they became a doctor, some just wanted to be a good human being and some like me wanted to be rich and famous (that’s what I wrote in one such slam book and several others).

Here are a few things that I came across in my slam book and that of my cousin when we were in our respective schools.

Idea of a perfect date :

1. The day I was born ( I am not kidding , someone actually wrote this )

2. To go out with Pawan Kalyan ( a guy wrote this and I am not being judgemental)

3. Having dinner on a shore with moonlit sky with soft music playing in the background ( and this guy did not even have the courage to go and tell the girl he liked that he liked her . Also how clichéd and yet great!)

Most embrassing moment:

1. The day I was born ( whatever that means 🙂 )

2. Yet to come ( heehee this one makes me laugh every time because this person is so optimistic)

3. The time when I flunked an exam in 3rd standard – the flunking was not bad but 3rd standard 😛 (one of the most honest admissions)

Favorite outfit:

1. Temple (this poor classmate of my brother thought outfit meant outdoor location)

2. Lungi (no comments)

3. School uniform ( isn’t that so true, I miss my school uniform so much)

4. Decent clothes ( this one takes the cake)

There are so many more but the thought behind those words cannot be conveyed by a post. I miss my school days. Damn slams books !!!

PS1: Finished watching 24 and its an awesome show

PS2: Roger Federer wins his 13th grand slam. Yipeee!

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29 Responses to Slam books

  1. Aniket says:

    hehehehehe very sweet. Wait till you read some of my memoirs from school 😀

    • madhu says:

      hey hai, its me madhu.. i like u n ur slam cos my girl’s name is namratha., stay in touch wid ur frnds n hav fun., rock ur life babe., all da best 4 ur future.,

      madhu babu.

    • madhu says:

      hey hai namratha, its me madhu.. i like u n ur slam cos my girl’s name is namratha., stay in touch wid ur frnds n hav fun., rock ur life babe., all da best 4 ur future.,

      madhu babu.

  2. anupama says:

    Good topic:D
    Let me add this to your post:-
    Latest crush:-
    1.Munch. (A girl wrote this in my slam book)
    2. When philip sir joked,I banged my head which we saw (someone tell me what he meant by this,please)
    3. Tom cruise ( A guy wrote this!?!)
    4.You! (A girl wrote this 😦 )

    I look the best in:-(Where one is supposed to write one’s best outfit)

    1.God ( This is tolerable to some extent)

    After ten years,I would like to see myself as:
    1. A grown-up(Wth?)
    2.Husband of my lovely lover.( I almost cried when I saw this!)

  3. anupama says:

    I found this in somebody’s orkut profile:-
    1.Ideal match:- India vs Pakistan
    2.Perfect date:- DD/MM/YYYY

  4. Ghost Runner says:

    reg ps2:

    2008 is the first year when no No.1 won a grand slam … even federer won only after he dropped top world no.2

  5. Pankaj Saini says:

    I hated this slam book stuff back in school …. but still I used to fill it for my friends…. and it used to create so many troubles…. guys disclosing their love whiling filling sm gal’s slam book…. telling smone you suck… disclosing smthing which was supposed to remain a secret…. but now that I think of it… I do wanna have one and will try it out at the end of the 4th year… 😀

  6. yogesh says:

    very funny, enjoyed reading the post…( I guess its my first comment here!)
    lolz at ideal match : India Vs Pakistan

  7. Kulbir Saini says:

    school was fun … we are not that honest with ourselves anymore …

  8. Prateek G V says:

    The most hilarious ones in my slam book

    fav hobbies : killing mosquitoes (he had even stuck a dead mosquito as a proof)

    fav dish : i eat anything that you put in my hand

    words about me : stay away from my gal (was written in red ink)

    fav quotes : most of them were either movie or wwe superstars quotes (3:16 was almost on every page of my slam book)

    … and many more. but the saddest part of all is that i lost my slambook

  9. Deepti says:

    Don’t remember much of what ppl wrote in my slam-book.(Don’t blame me, I have a “condition”)..Anyhoo, was ROF Laughing while reading ur post and anu’s n prateek’s comments!

  10. i remember going through my slam book more than a few times since i’ve passed out of high school.

    can’t seem to remember any of the entries but most of them were funny (but not as hilarious as the ones posted above!)

    favorite outfit:
    temple!?! LOL!
    School uniform – nice one!

    i miss my school days too! loads of memories.

    watched all seasons of 24??
    i got bored after watching 3 seasons!

  11. Karan says:

    Nice post. Revived a lot of memories.
    My answer for the most embarassing moment:
    “I don’t wanna make it more embarassing!”

  12. Nice post .. Loved reading through it .. Brought back the memories of my school days as well.

    You know.. Once I saw it somewhere in my Slam Book.. Favorite Cuisines: “Ram” and “Shyam” (whatever the names may be) .. The chap thought them to be “cousin”s and not “cuisines” 🙂

  13. Good topic to post on and well written. Could have made the list longer

  14. Trisha says:

    Hilarious post.

    Its amazing to physically see just how stupid we were back in the day. Slambooks are awesome!!
    Alas I lost mine.
    *I am wondering what you would have written in the “word about me” section of your slambook ;)*

  15. sashidhar says:

    unfortunately, i only filled slam books for others… I didn’t have my own slam book. 😦

  16. clickingthoughts says:

    the description is very true, even i have mine, shoved somewhere alongside my other collections

  17. Raghuvir says:

    School was fun. Real fun. The one that truly takes the cake from the above is ‘Decent Clothes’ as favorite outfit as mentioned. I can’t still stop laughing.

    All the best for your future! lol. as most pl wrote!

  18. Off topic, why do you get so many comments/hits?

  19. dark-knight says:

    reminded me about a lot of fun memories , Guess I will read my slam book again 🙂 . I got it with me here 🙂

  20. rohit says:

    yeah.. slam books are sure nostalgic, i still have mine in my room and would love to go through it once in a while… 🙂

  21. kuberasamrat says:

    Enti mee frns inta comedy chesaru slam books lo. Inka maa frns ee better kada anni telusukoni rasaru. 😛

  22. I never featured in any slambook.. 😦

  23. sujith says:

    i love my slam book!!!!

  24. Manju says:

    what cn i write in ma frnd’s slam buk under googly thoughts ???

  25. Aishwarya says:

    my school frndz & college frndz roxzz…
    and i have too many funny replys that unable to tell…
    but idea is great…

  26. Lela says:

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    due to its feature contents.

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