Dog of another kind

Ari Gold has a classic quote in Entourage which goes something like ‘This town loves nothing more than a comeback and since Britney blew her’s, there is still chance….’ (a few words have been changed because Ari is an obscenity machine). Unfortunately, this episode must have been shot quite early because Britney is back big time and all the people who cursed her saying she is an irresponisble parent, drug addict, disaster on feet (none of which btw was wrong) are singing her latest tunes. I have always been a Britney fan and am glad she is doing better with her career and life in general. Though, this got me thinking beyond just one person’s comeback. Remember when Sourav made a comeback into Indian cricket and his success was so much ‘more’ phenomenal, Amitabh went through a slump but created history with KBC and everyone started worshipping him once again and the list is pretty long. Its not that people dont celebrate other success stories, its just that when an underdog – someone of whom not many expect great things at that time proves all of us wrong , we actually like it although we were wrong because somewhere deep inside our heart we always root for the underdog.

Do you think the CL final between Milan and Liverpool would have been that dramatic had the latter not been three goals down or the wimby final that exciting had Fed not come down from two sets down to challenge Nadal. I dont think so and I think being an underdog is a privelege. Yes, it can be tough emotionally on you and your family but it gives you such a wonderful opportunity to start afresh without any pressure because people have already written you off. Yet, they want a challenge, a success story worthy of Reader’s Digest and they will cheer for you irrespective of your past accomplishments or failures.

Its so much easier to attack than to defend. Its better to be the challenger than the challenged.

‘Every underdog has his day’

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6 Responses to Dog of another kind

  1. Pankaj Saini says:

    I’m yet to listen to the Britney’s new can’t really agree with you as of now 😀 and your title made me think that so many stray dogs in the campus inspired you to dedicate one post to them 😀 hehehe

  2. rohit says:

    Yeah the same thing happened with India in T20 which changed several things in Indian Cricket.

    Good post… 🙂

  3. Deepti says:

    So very true.. But the second innings of our telugu/hindi actors is sure a pathetic try! Heroines becoming all fat aunties in TV soaps. 😀

  4. prateekgv says:

    ture .. very true what ever is written above. pankaj, i second your thoughts. good post.

    the new poll thing looks good 🙂 keep blogging!

  5. kushal says:

    nice post ..
    a girl talking about sports, that too futball and tennis is a bit rare.. 🙂

  6. rahul says:

    how could you not mention South Africa chasing down Australia’s 434??

    That was awesome

    When i first saw the phrase “dog of another kind” and the mention of Britney, i was sure you could mean only one thing but damn, i was wrong

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