The year that was

2008 was a strange year. It was a lot of other things as well but it was a strange year more than anything else. We went from being amazed at the shooting fuel prices to being distraught at the faltering economy; from dancing to 20 year old Chris Brown’s hip hop to 42 year old SRK’s dance pe chance; from a growing economic superpower to a vulnerable nation sick and tired of terrorism ; from Bush to Obama ; from Federer crazy to a little less Federer crazy 😛 and I went from 20 to 21!

I learned a lot about myself in this past one year but the most important lesson I will take away is that ‘if good things are not happening to you, it only means that better things are in store’. More about that some other time. This post is a review of the year 2008 from my perspective.

Politics in 2008 – Nothing caught my imagination more than the US presidential elections this year. I always wanted Democrats to come back to power and being a feminist at heart I wanted  Hillary Clinton to bag the nomination but I am happy with Obama as well. He looks like a sincere guy and lets hope he doesn’t go the bush-way. On a sadder note, I think I am going to miss all the jokes and satires on Bush when he leaves office. He truly was(is) the most entertaining president I have ever seen.

Indian politics were well….. Indian. There was the no-confidence motion which the Congress turned into another sweet victory by means better known to them. There was this whole Raj Thackeray saas-bahu type ka drama in Maharashtra. I pity the guy and his followers because a few years down the line when they look back at all the crap they pulled out, they will melt due to embrassment. The year ended on a bright note with the J&K polls proving that democracy is still a privelege and a right we cherish. I hope Omar Abdullah turns out to be a model CM because our country needs young politicians and leaders with charisma.

Sports in 2008 –  India had a very good Olympics this time. There were the usual disappointments but we won a gold in shooting and a bronze in boxing – totally unexpected and totally awesome. We need to build on these athletes and not just give them appearances on reality shows and ads for fairness creams. Cricket was great this year. The men in blue were pretty consistent in their wonderful performances and it gives me so much happiness when I see Australians losing. Go Proteas !!! Tennis was the biggest winner last year. There was so much high quality and so much talent to look forward to. Men’s tennis is in great hands with Nadal, Murray , Novak and several others coming through but it was an okayish year for Fedex who will come back strong though. Lewis Hamilton won the F1 championships and although I do not follow the sport at all, I think he is much better looking than that Ferrari driver (cant even remember his name :D). Saina Nehwal is the new Sania Mirza. She is supertalented and has achieved so much this past year that she needs to given the attention and shown the appreciation that she has earned with her hardwork. All said and done, 2008 was a superb year for sports.

* – Liverpool are going to do the double this year 🙂

Movies in 2008 – Lots of great movies this year. Tollywood first , small budget films with no big names like Vinayukudu and Nachavule etc did good business which is a positive sign. Brahmanandam is a genius. He made two ordinary films like Ready and King super hilarious. He should be elevated to a higher status. Bollywood had an average year. I did not like SIK or Ghajini or Rnbdj which apparently are the three superhits of the year. I was also not too entertained by Jaane tu … and Rock on! . A wednesday, Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, Mumbai meri jaan and Dasvidaniya were the picks of the year. Salman was a huge disappointment. Hollywood had a fantastic year. TDK, Slumdog, Curious Case, Milk, Burn After Reading, Wall-E, Vicky Christina were all fantastic films. It is going to be a very very interesting awards season. I would also take this opportunity to congratulate certain films on achieving all time lows in filmmaking like Yuvvraj, Tashan (inspite of being a Saifeena fan) , Jimmy (Mimoh needs to find another profession) , Maan gaye mughal-e azam etc. When will an Indian filmmaker make a Slumdog Millionaire.

Here’s hoping for a much entertaining, less political and sportingly spectacular new year.

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14 Responses to The year that was

  1. Sunbeam says:

    As entertaining as 2008 could seem. Awesome work.

  2. sri says:

    See the ignorance about other sports … India won a bronze in Wrestling too. But no body knows that unknown guy ( The other 2 u mentioned have got various adds and invitation to many reality shows but this guy nothing.

  3. Namrata says:

    @Sri- Ya you’re right. I knew we won another bronze but no clue about the guy. Thanks for the info!

  4. rohit says:

    vishy’s and sachin’s feats, retirements of greats in test cricket are also few things that are missing in this nicely written post.. 🙂

  5. monkey says:

    that’s right, GO PROTEAS GO!!!!

    Dismissing Massa as just an ugly Ferrari driver ain’t right, he missed the championship just by a glock

    Liverpool to do the double??? GO XABI GO, break more legs and suffer more fouls 😀

  6. prateekgv says:

    Thought of reading Hindu Diary 2008, but now I won’t.

    Adding to the list :

    Jeff Hardy winning the title 😛
    Jumbo’s and Dada’s retirement 😦
    First night grand pix 🙂

  7. Divya says:

    So once again you’ve proved that you have your feet dipped in every pool 🙂
    Very ice and quick summary of the entire year!!

  8. aniket says:

    You seem to be able to converse well on almost every popular talk topic. Nice.

  9. sundar says:

    The comparison of indian and american politics reminds me of this funny article..
    chk this

  10. sundar says:

    @monkey -jst being in a ferrari doesnt make anyone a champion..i dont say massa has done bad but hamilton deserves the championship

  11. ashwin says:

    @ Sundar. McLaren had a better car than Ferrari this year. No1 expected Massa to win the championship even if he was 2nd ;).

  12. Stalker says:

    What? No comments as yet?

  13. Pankaj Saini says:

    Should have mentioned somethings on the personal front as well 😀 …. everyone talks about what goes on in the world…. it’s the home front we need to guard and look after 🙂 …… anyway BC apart…. nice summary of 2008 that was 🙂

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