Australian Open ’09 – another classic

I am still a little misty-eyed as I write this post and that is only because of the immense respect and appreciation I have for the talent,skill,commitment and class of Roger Federer. Congratulations to Nadal for putting up such a splendid exhibition and proving himself worthy of all the accolades coming his way.

I tend to get really passionate when it comes to Roger’s matches and today’s match was such a perfect setting for Fed to capture a record-equalling 14th grand slam, get the trophy from Rod Laver whom Roger admires so much, beat Nadal on hard court and do it all in style in front of millions of his fans, that his tears during the ceremony must have made several people reach for tissues. Even after winning so many times and earning in millions and playing on the tour for more than a decade, his love for the sport and his desire to win showed when he cried on the podium. I hope people do not make an issue out of it saying he stole the limelight away from Nadal’s win and should have been more mature about the defeat. He is human after all and is not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve. He did not even have time to let the feeling of losing sink in.

Rafa is such a sweetheart. The way he went and hugged Federer and delivered his speech just goes to show he is a winner both on and off the court. As much as I hate to admit this, Rafa is definitely the better player now. It’s just that there is always a phase when you have to redefine yourself and Fed is not getting any younger. He needs a coach and a plan to face the younger and fitter players coming up on the tour. Both Rafa and Roger are wonderful ambassadors for tennis and sports in general. Like SRK famously quoted

‘Sports teaches you how to lose, it also teaches you how not to be a loser’

Looking forward to a wonderful clay court season and hoping that Roger breaks Sampras’ record in the near future. After all he is the best player to have ever held a racquet 🙂

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17 Responses to Australian Open ’09 – another classic

  1. Pankaj Saini says:

    well all that i cud have said abt the match and fed… has already been written … above….. but still. as maroo said……. ” u r the best fed… we believe in you ” …. 🙂 but again nadal’s the future i guess….

  2. manoj says:

    roger will definitely make 14 and may be 4-5 more slams..I don`t think Fed has to redefine himself. he didn`t find his serve today and some volleys were poor..against rafa one cant make many mistakes.

  3. navatha says:

    yeah.. “against rafa one cant make many mistakes”… loved his game as i always do… and nammu i have never seen someone who is such a big admirer of a sports person… 🙂

  4. Aniket says:

    Nadal was definitely the better athlete today.
    Tennis, just like cricket, is getting more interesting these days.

  5. Wow, another fantastic match. I watched the whole match as I did with both semi finals. Although I was going for Federer I think Nadal totally deserves that victory and he is a true champion. To back a 5 set, 5 hour semi final up with another 5 set, 4 hour + final in less than 48 hours was a true show of Rafa’s strength and endurance. You could also see by the body language of the players and shot selection that Rafa had the edge on Federer mentally. To have won 6 grandslams on 3 different surfaces at Rafa’s age is a truely remarkable feat. I was hoping Federer would equal Sampras’ record of 14 grand slams but Rafa was truely deserving having played another great match. Rafa truely is an entertainer as he is involved in all three of the greatest matches I have now seen – the Wimbledon final against Federer last year, the semi final against Verdasco the other day and this final against Federer. It will be very tough for Federer to recover from the mental scarring that has occurred in this loss and the Wimbledon loss last year along with all the French Open losses to Nadal. Especially as the next Grand Slam event is the French Open which will most likely mean Federer copping another hiding to Nadal. It was however very sad to see Federer break down in tears at the presentation, it was a horrible feeling to watch. I imagine it was because of the Legends awaiting to congratulate Federer if he got the 14 grand slams that he got so emotional.

  6. Deepti says:

    The fight put up by Fed was truly amazing. But he made too many mistakes and though a Fed fan, I feel Nadal truly deserved this one 🙂

  7. prateekgv says:

    I still believe that the match could have gone Fed’s way had he not committed those errors in the third set (7-6). Expecting for some miracles to take place at the Roland Gaross.

  8. bhargava says:

    Nadal rocks!! it was an amazing match (but not as awesome as the wimbledon finals)

    i did not think federer would get so emotional after the defeat. it was totally understandable though. it’s tough, loosing three grand slam finals to the same guy, three times in a row.

    and yeah, some d-bags could’ve said “he stole the limelight away from Nadal’s win”, but then federer came back to the mike and said, “i dont want to have the last word. this guy deserves it”.
    it was gestures like these, from the two champions, that showed how much they respect each other and appreciate their game.

    The new king is here!

  9. Himank says:

    Even I agree with you, Fed has got to reinvent himself, he just doesnt have the stamina and power to stand upto Rafa, all the matches these guys play go to the 5th set and thats where Rafa scores, FedEx just cant stand against his power game and starts to look tired towards the end of the match!! Didnt see this match but still rmr a shot which Fed left in the Wimbledon finals showing clear signs of exhaustion!! 😦

  10. Namrata says:

    @bhargava – I know its strange to call Fed the king anymore since he has a losing record (13-6) against Nadal but that tag on anyone else other than him seems a lil inappropriate 😀

  11. atul says:

    I’m Nadal Fan.. !! he won ..I’m really happy.. but I can’t believe that Fed was crying after loosing .. 😀 I guess the game is everything for him …
    Cheers for Yuki … too[:)] ..

  12. bhargava says:

    @namrata hmm! yeah! i’m probably calling him the new king a little too soon! 🙂
    few more runs like these, he’ll definitely dethrone federer! 😛

  13. rohit says:

    Its quite common phenomenon in sports.. where the no.1 spot plays the musical chairs. A new champion emerges and one such is nadal. But Federer still has the grit and commitment to reinvent himself and i am looking forward for more such matches. But i feel that this match was no match to wimbledon finals.

    @Navatha.. may be you should talk about girls admiring a sports person.. and in this cricket-mad india.. you will find many who admire sportstars more than the author 😛

  14. sashidhar says:

    Nadal right from the beginning totally outclassed Federer in every aspect of the game (maybe not the aces) I still remember when Nadal beat Federer for the first time in french open, people said that he beat him purely on the basis of his strength and stamina. yesterday’s match (much like the wimbledon final) was totally different. Not only did he retain that stamina (inspite of the 5 hour long ordeal with Verdasco) but played some really superb tennis. The match looked over for Federer in the 4th set itself when he lost two games back to back without putting much of a fight.

    Having said all that I would be thrilled to see Federer come back and beat Nadal in French Open – a turf where it all started for Nadal. That would be totally aweesome! 🙂

  15. Karan says:

    @Sashidhar. I totally disagree on the point that Nadal dominated the king throughout the match. I think the fourth set was Fed’s for the taking throughout, except for that amazing rally on his serve.

    Kudos to Nadal. I hate to admit it, but hes totally filled Fedex’s mind with demons. Unless Fed gets rid of those, he cannot win a grand slam final against the Spaniard. As of now, the best chance he has of winning a Grand Slam is by hoping that the Murrays and the Djokovics ouster Nadal before the finals 🙂

    And yeah, as I’d put on my gtalk- He cried and it was hard not to cry with him. Most people would have broken into sobs when Fed could not control his emotions. The rest would have certainly cried when Nadal comforted Fed- and almost sheepishly accepted the trophy- As if it didn’t belonged to him! A sight of one great comforting another was amazing. The winner was tennis for providing us with such golden moments!

  16. Ghost Runner says:

    fed passion for the sport ?
    nadal’s considerate behaviours ?

    hmm 😛

    more like fan-retaining-with-drama (fed’s crying case) and being-politically-correct (nadals’ hugging case ) 🙂

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