F.R.I.E.N.D.S – in Bollywood

A lot can happen over a plate of yuktahaar food. The food pretty much sucks (dont ask me why I eat there coz everyone eats there for the same reason) , but to divert one’s attention off it, super conversations take place. Just the other day me and my friend were talking about how Friends is such a brilliant tv show and how we could not find a show half as engaging as it on Indian television. It struck me at that point that there was an attempt -a rather pathetic one at that, to have a desi version of Friends. It was called Hello Friends and aired on Zee. Those were the days when I saw a lot of tv and I remember watching a few episodes of the short lived series. Of course the jokes were all changed to suit our mentalities but come to think of it Friends is inimitable. I cannot recall any other cast that gelled so well on screen. Their mannerisms, their style statements,their popularity etc will remain etched in a lot of people’s memories for eternity. Hypothetically though, if we were to make a remake in India whom would we cast?? We thought about it for a while and came up with

Ross – Hrithik Roshan

Chandler – Saif Ali Khan

Phoebe – Konkona Sen Sharma

Rachel – Kareena Kapoor

Monica – Rani Mukherji

Joey – Arshad Warsi

Janice – Mallika Sherawat

(The characters have been mentioned in the order of my liking)

Hrithik for Ross because David Schwimmer is a brilliant actor and a role like Ross needs an actor of immense calibre and also Hrithik looks like a million bucks. Rachel is all about style and attitude – so Kareena fits the role. She would look good with Hrithik. Saif for Chandler was the easiest pick because Saif has great wit, great personality and very good chemistry with Rani who we picked for Monica because both are a little boring. We had trouble picking someone for Joey’s role because Matt LeBlanc looked so perfectly dumb playing his role that except for Govinda no one came to our minds initially. But he is old now so we picked Arshad instead because he carried of the whole “Circuit” thing pretty well and has great comic timing. Ms Sherawat for Janice is as simple as it can get. Annoying,over the top and easily dispensable!

We could also have cameos by SRK (like Brad Pitt) and Priyanka (like Samantha Applegate) etc. Well this exercise just goes to show how much free time we have on our hands these days. I for one really hope no one even thinks of remaking Friends. Its a classic and should remain that way.

PS: Suggestions for other characters like Estelle and Gunther are welcome.

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17 Responses to F.R.I.E.N.D.S – in Bollywood

  1. pankajsaini says:

    1st comment πŸ˜€ i don’t watch FRIENDs… but i do hope this post will fetch you loads of comments and hits πŸ˜€ hehehe

  2. gaganpreet says:

    Johnny Lever should play the role of Gunther. πŸ˜€

  3. Kulbir Saini says:

    Ms Sherawat for Mallika is as simple as it can get.
    Here, I think you wanted to say “Ms Sherawat for Janice is as simple as it can get.”.

    I don’t (will never) watch FRIENDS, so will never be able to guess others.

    Above all nice post πŸ™‚

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  5. Sanrag says:

    If you want to pick Joey for his dumbness, I would say Rajpal Yadav (anyone remembers the movie Waqt πŸ˜› ) though he won’t fit in Joey’s looks.

  6. atul says:

    U are taking only starts … u missed out many good actors …!!
    like Ramjap, Irfan, akshay… !!

  7. Deepti says:

    Friends in telugu wid our actors πŸ˜€

    joey – balakrishna (the play boy) πŸ˜€
    ross – mohan babu
    chandler – vadde naveen
    gunther – babu mohan

    monica – vijay shanti
    phoebe – rakshita
    rachel – ramba

    • rofl… ur comment is more hilarious than the post itself. Just “Balayya” is enuf to make it a super hit πŸ˜› and add to it the likes of Mohan Babu & Vijayshanti…Blockbuster. They will probably dub it back to english on public demand

  8. Namrata says:

    @Deepti – awesome comment!! vadde naveen (gosh u even remember this guy :))

    @Atul – I dont think the names you have mentioned suit any of the characters.. thats why dint include them!

  9. anupama says:

    I dont watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S 😦
    But, Definitely this post is very creative. πŸ˜€

  10. naySayer says:

    Ross is a L.O.S.E.R (or cute as girls may put it πŸ˜€ ) … Hrithik will not fit in his sucker soul .. maybe aaftaab shivdasani πŸ™‚ … saif and humorous that too slapstick πŸ˜€ … maybe arshad warsi or akshaye khanna .. JoEY .. he redifined the Word F.L.I.R.T .. aren’t u nt mixing innocent flirt with comedy πŸ˜› .. maybe farhaan akhtar .. girls whoever u take won’t gonna make much difference .. none of bolly girls have the variety to play them πŸ˜€

  11. ashwin says:

    Gunther anupam kher. paresh rawal, om puri.

  12. neuron says:

    @Deepti mega lolzz!! my mind is just incapable of picturing the glam-sham that balakrishna brings onto screen.

  13. I think Akshay Kumar could also fit the role of Ross. Akshay can really pull off some comic roles very well.
    What kind of response do you think would FRIENDS movie (based on the series) get?

  14. ORB says:

    hahaha, “Super conversations” so true.

  15. Sahil says:

    ermm well heres my cast

    Ross (brainy, Geek, whiney)- defo. akshay kumar(jaan-e-maan))

    joe (sexy, – Immature Dumb/womanizer dont understand jokes at once, would flirt outrageously)- salman khan (jaan-e-maan)

    Chandler(great sense of humour, sarcastic, funny) – i would say shahrukh khan (Kal ho naa ho) KiNg KhAn RuLzZzz lol

    Phoebe (Eccentric/strange/naive/weird/flakey/full of life)- preity zinta (perfect i gues πŸ™‚ )

    Rachel ( spoiled yummy sexy Spunky)- priyanka chopra (fashion)

    gunther- anupam kher lol ofcourse

    Monica (Control freak, hot brunette who loves cooking,not too funny.. kinda hyper though ) – Kajol (k3g)

    richard – haha ajay devgan (special appearance lol cmon he can do that lmao)

    janice – urmila matondkar

    so there you go *great combo*

    chandler and monica – srk and kajol

    ross and rachel- akshay kumar and priyanka

    joe and pheobe- salman and preity

    p.s. i was gonna go with abhisek bachchan for the role of chandler because i gues he got what it takes

  16. Ashish says:

    FRIENDS in India huh?
    then here are my choices for the characters: –

    1) Rachel – Kareena Kapoor.. bcoz both Kareena and jennifer have the same body language, matching voice and a hot personality

    2)Monica – Amrita Rao..bcoz she also looks like a homely girl and can be a bitch and naughty.

    3)Phoebe – Gul Panag..bcoz she’s tall like phoebe and can be funny

    4)Chandler – Shah Rukh Khan..he’s Smart, amazing sense of humour

    5)Joey – Either Saif or Salman since both are good looking & can make us laugh over their immatureness.

    6)Ross – Akshay Kumar..perfect in everything

    7)Richard – Anil Kapoor

    8)Janice – Pooja Bedi

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