Once upon a time in Assam

For 3 years ,I stayed at an amazing place called Nazira in Assam. For 3 years ,I carried an umbrella everytime I stepped out of my house. For 3 years ,I wore three layers of clothing during winter and snuggled into a ‘razai‘ closeby to the roomheater. For 3 years, I learnt Assamese from an amazing didi. For 3 years ,going home meant travelling in a train for more than two days. For 3 years, fun games meant picking up snails and trying to make them come out of their shells. Okay, I heard a collective ‘eww’ for the last line :). I have never been so close to nature and so away from mundane everyday worries. Maybe it had something to do with my age but I would like to believe that I was blessed to be in such a beautiful place for 3 years.

When dad got transferred to Assam from Mumbai(it was Bombay then ) mum was extremely wary of shifting because it practically felt like moving to some other country. New language,new culture,far from home etc etc. But within one month of shifting to Assam the entire family fell in love with the place. For a pukka south indian family like ours, such a fast adjustment seemed improbable to many friends and family. It was a pleasant surprise to watch sunrise at 4am. I clearly remember how mum would get up and wake all of us up at 4 thinking it was 8 because of how bright the sun was that early time in the morning. This incident has become a staple joke at many dinner tables in our house much to mum’s annoyance :).

We shifted into the ONGC colony in Nazira and stayed in this small and cosy house that had a huge garden in the frontyard – a total contrast from the matchbox lifestyle in Mumbai. There were these occasional sightings of snakes and other creatures which became a source of immense pondering and discussion for a few days till a local guy would walk in and effortlessly capture the thing. I have never experienced so much adventure at any other place.

Inspite of being far away from home, we never felt like outsiders there. Partly because many families like ours had been posted there and the colony was filled with cultures from all over India. Every weekend was an excuse to have a party or a get-together or host/attend an event. It was the kind of socializing that did not require one to write an interesting profile or post pictures :). To sound cliched it was a different life and a life I would want to experience again. That is precisely why I am planning to write a series of posts on my life@Assam. Its an idea that has been in my mind for quite some time and luckily I have shrugged off my laziness. I hope I can maintain my enthusiasm and write about 3 years of my life to the best of my ability!

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8 Responses to Once upon a time in Assam

  1. Saujanya says:

    I’d be waiting to read more of this before i go to assam..keep writing..

  2. bhargava says:

    you always had interesting things/incidents to share when talking about your days in Assam 🙂 Would love to read about those years in detail.

    i toh can never stay in a place where the day starts at 4am! 🙂

    add some pics da! will make the posts even better 😉

  3. aniket says:

    I’ve always fantasized about going to Assam, and narrowly missed the chance to go to Tripura this summer; something which really really pains me now.
    Would love to read about your days in Assam. And no, I’ll never be one to say ‘ewww’ at the mention of snails, reptiles, cockroaches or any other such thing 🙂

  4. Tarun says:

    Catchy title …. waiting for the rest of it …. kinda short …. i guess theres more to ur laziness that u need to get rid off …

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  6. Biju Mathew says:

    It was nice to read about Nazira.I stayed in Nazira ONGC Colony for than 13 years as my father was working in ONGC.As of now , i stay in Dubai and i have visited many countries and stayed there but nothing like staying in ONGC Colony.

  7. Ranjit Singh says:

    Your father must be ONGC I guess?
    I am in ONGC, have been to Sibsagar (near to Nazira) from 2005-2008. Went from Mumbai and came back in 2008. My first stint was from 1987-1991 in Silchar, a very isolated place on the border of Bangladesh.

    Incidentally, I reached to your blog as I was writing an entry on Bhupen Hazarika. It automatically generated the entry in your blog.

    Please keep up the good work of writing the blog.

  8. pasi says:

    everything. from the place to narration.

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