12 things no one knows about me

Well, after this post people will know. This exercise is neither pointless nor easy. I don’t want to sound like a wannabe beauty paegant contestant but the biggest challenge in life is discovering yourself! It was pretty tough to narrow down things I had never admitted to,on a public platform. I know ,a majority of you must be going ‘cut the crap and let out your secrets’ :). So here is the list

1. I have always secretly wanted to be a superhero who kicks evil butt. That should explain my obsession with powerpuff girls.

2. I have an obsession with ear buds. Sounds pretty weird..doesn’t it. I can see a devilish smile on few faces (note-Tarun :P).

3. During some conversations I consciously underestimate myself so that some one will actually say “no, you are really good at …..”. Its good to get compliments. Why do I try so hard.. well, thats because some people are too stingy with compliments ;).

4. Having said what I said in the above point, I have to confess that I don’t know how to receive a compliment. I have no clue how to react when someone says nice things about you in a flattering manner. I could always say ‘Thank You’ but then that is so predictable and boring.

5. I am obsessed about my weight. People really close to me know this fact but for the benefit of others I would like to include it nevertheless. At one point I checked my weight thrice a day and went on a crazy crash diet too. Never ever will I do that again. Its important to be healthy and fit.

6. I am fiercely protective about people I love – to the point of ignoring their faults. Typical scorpion trait and I have been warned many times to be less vocal about my feelings but that is just who I am. Will go to any extent for my family and closest pals.

7. I walk on my heels in front of the mirror wishing I was taller. I always wanted to be atleast 5’6 but nature had other plans. Unfortunately, heels make me uncomfortable so I am resigned to my fate of being an underachiever 😛 (atleast in terms of height).

8. I like getting into fights. I know I belong to the land where Gandhi lived, but I like guys who can throw a punch and knock someone down. I am not propogating violence but one harmless punch wont cause a war right??

9. I am very low maintenance. Many people , especially my college mates have told me that I give an impression of someone who has lot of attitude etc. I do not know what exactly they mean by ‘attitude’ but I honestly have never considered myself above anyone or anything. I am a very insecure person (oops should have reserved that for the next point 🙂 ) so to think I am proud or haughty is so not true. I love eating roadside pani-puri than going to a coffee house.

10. I had the longest of crushes on my ‘khaas friend’ before he became my ‘khaas friend’. He is not only my best friend but also the most well-behaved,creative and caring people I know. I did not know much about his existence till the 6th sem 😛 but am glad I broadened my horizons.

11. I use Johnson baby soap and hair oil even today!

12. Although I love chocolates, I have not had a chocolate bar in more than 4 months. Well you gotta do what you gotta do.

I tag Karan,Himank,Bhargava,Anupama,Deepti,Prateek,Rohit,Gopala and anyone else who would want to write on this topic.

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9 Responses to 12 things no one knows about me

  1. bhargava says:

    hmm…you got the title wrong da! 🙂 your obsession with ear buds ( yeah! it does sound weird. but who doesn’t have weird obsessions like those ) is the only thing on the list that i don’t know about 😉

    #10 just made me bookmark the post! ( aah! did i just come off as a total geek! 😛 )

  2. bhargava says:

    oh yeah! i need to make a mental note of #3 🙂 and i can’t believe you went public with the johnson baby soap secret 😛

    like you said “biggest challenge in life is discovering yourself”! i’d definitely have a tough time writing a post like this.

  3. some_guy says:

    very nicely written post, u dont sound like a wannabe beauty *pageant* contestant at all

  4. Namrata says:

    Wow.. u r pretty shameless :). Thanks for the spellcheck!!

  5. some_guy says:

    naah i was just experimenting something

  6. Himank says:

    Know what, as soon as I read the title, I was wishing you tag me and ahaa there it is.
    Btw nice points, would love to write this one, having problems thinking of things 🙂
    (Btw you seem to be on a blogging spree 🙂 ) GG!!

  7. Lydia says:

    hmm.. missing u doing all such crazy things I shud say 😛
    I think u forgot one more thing buddy…the mirror one…I think u’ll remember that…don’t want to reveal it 😛

  8. Karan says:

    I share 4 with you 🙂

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