5 women I would date!

Picked up this tag from an interesting blog. The tag is about 5 women you would date if you were a guy. Pardon my choice of images :). So here’s my list

1. Julia Roberts – She is intelligent,charming,really funny and of course, the original pretty woman.


2. Rachel Mcadams – A huge fan of hers and think that she is superemely talented,beautiful and dignified.


3. Kareena Kapoor – Unlike a majority of people, I think she is extremely beautiful and has a very international look. Love her sense of fashion,outspoken nature and honesty. Did I mention she wears the most awesome shoes :P.


4. Jennifer Aniston – She is someone who looks like the friendly next door neighbour – the one who is an extremely talented individual and dated one of the hottest guys on the planet! Her interviews are very entertaining and funky and she comes across as a very warm person. Also, has the most lovely hair!


5. Natalie Portman – Ok, now most guys would have her on their list. She is intelligent,articulate and one of those rare breed of young actresses who is mature enough to take their career and life seriously and not indulge the paparazzi.


Would like to tag Karan,Himank,Abhishek,Bhargava,Prateek,Rohit etc to write about 5 guys they would like to date. As for the girls pick up this tag!!

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7 Responses to 5 women I would date!

  1. Tolia says:

    Kareena …. Seriously ….. Beauty ?? … have u seen her in real life …. theres someone i know who looks way better and wears way better shoes than her [:p]

  2. Abhijeet says:

    Mann…ye logon ki dikkat kya hai…Kareena kaise nai pasand aati. Serious hats off to you for putting Kareena up there 🙂

  3. Sambhav Jain says:

    Kareena naaahh …. YES YES YES for JR, RM and Portman …

  4. sashidhar says:

    I tried writing a post like this. man… it’s so gay that i so don’t wanna publish it 😀

  5. neuronspike says:

    Rachel Mcadams is such a doll, I like her a lot. Waiting for next Guy Ritchie movie ‘Sherlock Holmes’ in which she is portraying as ‘Irene Alder’.

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