My favourite songs – tag post

First off, thanks to Himank for tagging me ( See, I have marketed your blog now :P). Earlier – by which I mean when I was in school, I would listen to only movie music be it hindi or telugu. College introduced me to a lot of international music and I am glad that I have so many more options to listen to. Here’s my list and the reason why I picked them –

1. Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen) – Kickass song. Just incredibly composed and great fun to listen to.

2. Kal Ho Na Ho (Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy + Sonu Nigam + Javed Akhtar) – Its a dream combination,no? (hehe I sound like Nadal in his interviews :D). I get really emotional whenever I hear this song. Its a beautiful beautiful song.

3. If I Fell In Love With You(Beatles) – I love the simplicity yet strength of Beatles’ music. This song in particular has really honest lyrics and I could listen to it any number of times.

4. I Can’t Get No..Satisfaction ( Rolling Stones) – I have not heard many songs of RS but got to know of this song through some source and thank God for that because it’s a unique song and was definetely pathbreaking in more ways than one. Its very peppy and young.

5. Aanewaala Pal (Kishore Kumar + R.D Burman) – Heard this song in our car courtesy my mum’s obsession with old classics. I cannot analyze the song much but to me its one the best Kishore songs ever.

6. Black Or White (Michael Jackson) – This song had to be on the list for its universality of theme and the awesome music video. MJ really brought together people through his music. I know Thriller is also a great song but for me this song is definetely more enteraining.

7. Cry Me A River (Justin Timberlake/Timbaland) – Huge Justin fan and he is a supremely gifted artist. This song talks about breakup but it is not sappy which is a great thing. Lovely writing complemented with some heartfelt singing.

8. Hey,Jude (Beatles) – One of the most recognized Beatles song and one should listen to it to understand how brilliant a song it is.

9. Fallin (Alicia Keys) – Simply superb song.

10. Waiting on the World To Change(John Mayer) – Extremely well written with a very simple tune but hard hitting meaning behind it. John Mayer is God!!

11. Ray Of Light and Hung Up (Madonna) – An evergeen artist and both these songs are very catchy. The former showcases her versatality while the latter is foot-tapping and makes you stand up and dance.

Have loads of other songs as well especially some by AR Rahman but do not know which one to put. Loved all his songs from Roja,Dil Se and RDB. Also,
– Single Ladies and Crazy in Love by Beyonce,
– Lose youself and Stan by Eminem
– Mad World by Gary Jules ( loved the song after listening to Adam Lambert on AI 🙂 )

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4 Responses to My favourite songs – tag post

  1. trisha says:


    lol nice list. u know my cats love single ladies. And Beatles r d love of my sad life….why wasnt i born half a century ago??

  2. sushma says:

    Hey..guess what after repeated playing of those songs in our wing…u made them our top list too 😛

  3. neuronspike says:

    I’ve no clue what is AI? or who is Adam Lambert? but the song ‘Mad World – Gary Jules’ is in Donnie Darko OST, it plays in the background during THE END. There cannot be any other song to fit this scene. The movie on the whole is so rad. It has one of the funniest family dinner table conversations. And Eminem I’ve heard, he’s like the best shit eva and all. Rest, haven’t listened to ’em.

  4. Himank says:

    Agrees with Trisha… How I wish I was there in the 60s 😦 Thats the best decade ever when it comes to music (Hindi/English)

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