Movie Review – Away We Go

To be honest I had not heard about this movie at all and am sure a lot of people must be opening imdb pages now to check its existence. Its a gem of a movie and will have you in splits with its clever dialogue and natural performances. The movie is fillied with lovely moments and sparkling one-liners and has been exceptionally well directed by Sam Mendes.

Plot: The movie is about a couple who is about to have their first child – a daughter. Although the pregnancy is unexcpected and unplanned in a way, the couple accepts it and seems very stable and happy. The movie is about the journey of this couple to various cities across USA and Canada to find a suitable place to raise their family.Along the way they meet family,friends etc and learn new things about relationships,life and most importantly about themselves.

Strengths: Natural acting by the lead pair – John and Maya,and some clever dialogue. Also, the movie benefits by some eccentric performances courtesy Maggie Gyllenhal and Catherine O’ Haara who both mouth weird dialogues with great conviction and end up with some really funny scenes.

Weakness’ : None really coz’ I absolutely loved everything about the movie. The theme of the movie is in a way a little self-preachy and the lead couple come across as the most sane and likeable which may not be to everyone’s liking but a love story like this is much better than the depressing one in Revolutionary Road.

Favourite Scene : The scene where a boy is asked by his mother to tell the couple about babies had me rolling on the ground. Its a genius scence :).

Overall Rating: A definete 4/5 for the sheer simplicity and sincerity of the movie. A must watch for indie-flick lovers.


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4 Responses to Movie Review – Away We Go

  1. rahul says:

    Amen! Sam Mendes can do no wrong, ever.

  2. neuronspike says:

    Whoa! the font is fab-fresh. I’ll go to college and download this movie. It’s been a while since I opened Blogroll.

  3. mythalez says:

    dave eggers! he is a very interesting author .. esp when it comes to stories based on travel 🙂 …

  4. Vemana says:

    A big Thumbs up!
    Brilliant little indie film. Krasinski had wonderful timing. This and rev road cant be put in the same line except when you mention sam mendes and 2009.

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