‘Hey daarliinnggggggg’, yelled out a ‘cool hunk’ from his not so cool bike. I couldn’t help being amused at his antics. Okay, I know I am not the kind of ‘chic’ (if at all I qualify to be called one) who would garner attention on a busy road but this guy was outright lunatic and that should explain the conundrum . He literally followed me for 20 minutes as I made my way from one boring shop to another carrying a shopping list my mum handed over to me. I have to admit though, in spite of the not so good credentials of the guy (well, I am judgmental) who was flattering me, I quite enjoyed it and which girl doesn’t – any girl who says she don’t like male attention is either lying or gay !

Coming back to the plot, I first noticed him at a departmental store and he obviously did not seem like a guy who would come to a goddamn ‘kirana store’ :P. He was randomly picking up packets from the stands and putting them back – in the wrong position of course in case you were wondering. Every now and then he would cross me and give this cheeky smile which reeked of arrogance. He was okay-looking but I am hooked and booked so obviously I did not bother a second look and he was so not my type ( well, ya I have a type – Justin Timberlake … wishful thinking I know :)). I went to the billing counter and he followed suit with one sorry looking Lays packet in his hand. For some strange reason I found his picture extremely funny. Wearing a black leather – oh no sorry, a leather-like jacket and imported sunglasses , he seemed out of place and his purchase added to the whole costume. Nevertheless, as I made my way out and went to the parking lot to get out my bike, I saw him again as he took out a swanky mobile from his jacket and started having the whole ‘mamma – ekkada vunavu’ conversation. I drove out hoping I had lost him only to be surprised as he honked by me on my way to an optician’s store.

I am an average driver. I do not remember roads that well, I forget switching on the indicator and press the horn every other minute . So, you can imagine how badly I must have driven for that period of 5-10 minutes when he was cutting through the mob-like traffic and trying to show off his skills. In my mind I pictured showing him the finger – I have always wanted to do that to people who drive recklessly on the roads :P. Of course I did not do it and instead found myself nervoulsy steering me and my bike to safety. As I went in to the shop to get my sis’s spectacles repaired, I saw him again enter the store with a friend of his. Maybe he was that ’maaama’ he was talking to earlier. They were doing a pretty lousy job of pretending to be customers. They asked for some sunglasses and tried a few on and cracked some jokes and looked at me and laughed a lot. The whole thing left me confused. Was I looking so funny?? Christ knows what made them chuckle so much but I was just glad to leave the place with my temper intact.

As I was driving towards my home the absolutely hilarious call out I mentioned in the first line of this post came. I tried very hard to control my laughter but its hard to do so, more so for me. I do not understand the psyche of these guys. I mean are they so dumb that they think such a line will make a girl fall for them. This whole pointless incident was incredible time pass though ,as it made my boring shopping trip a lot more interesting. He almost entered my apartment parking – almost. What he achieved by wasting his petrol for a stranger is beyond my comprehension. I have never seen girls chase guys literally like this and maybe that’s why its beyond my comprehension!!! One thing is certain – no one is ever going to call me a darling the way he did 😀

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25 Responses to “Hey,daarlinnggg”

  1. Munish Gupta says:

    super lolz….depiction of the guy’s actions is awesome. I was really able to visualize the entire scene.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    This is very interesting…Loved your narration and the honest expression of a girl’s thought 🙂

  3. sushma says:

    hey nammu…kd style lo pilichada “darling” ani…comon…) very interesting…:))esply the last line…was the highlight of ur post…lol :))

  4. hellboy says:

    “LIKE” (as one in FB) ..

  5. rahul says:

    …………I quite enjoyed it and which girl doesn’t – any girl who says she don’t like male attention is either lying or gay……….


    A lot of girls must be liars then (or gay 😀 )

  6. Hi

    Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that your wonderful post has been selected by BlogAdda as one of the top posts for this week’s ‘Tangy Tuesday Picks’. We at BlogAdda enjoyed reading the post and are sure our readers would love too. Keep dishing out such wonderful posts and we will keep picking them. 🙂

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  7. chetan says:

    great narration
    I came first time here, and i enjoyed reading it

  8. Hilarious! Can’t picture myself doing something like that no matter how gorgeous the ‘daaaaarling’ is …. and yes, “Maama ekkada vuunav?” is absolutely PERFECT.

  9. Tolia says:

    Entertaining 😀 …. Congrats on the Tangy Tuesday …

  10. AJ says:

    Agrees! I agrees to thou thought. I mean what on bloody earth makes some neech bunda think that making such cheezy comments can impress a lass. Arey when on earth will these chaps learn ya. God bless

  11. dark-Knight says:

    testing 123

  12. rohit says:

    absolutely honest attempt…
    was great fun to read..
    well do such guys really exist.. dint know it.. atleast cannot believe the last part where he callED you!
    nice post.. 🙂 and be regular to your blog.. 😛

  13. Trisha says:

    Hilarious. Rajahmundry?… Will never change.

  14. The Survivor says:

    It’s good that you can see humor in this, when it can have freaked out someone else.

  15. k.srinivas says:

    heyy namrata .. i have been reading ur blogs for some time now .. and i like ur articulation .. ur blogs are innocent and captivating … keep up the good work :)…

  16. Sundeep says:

    calling you “darling” sounds foolhardy but following girls for long distances,honking all the way and showing off is quite common(from where i come from) :). Also heard that continuous attempts at the same girl always pays off :D.

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