Skeletons in the closet

All of us have a few. Some do a good job of letting them remain there, while some do not. Andre Agassi belongs to the second category. Is it a good thing or a bad thing is left to one’s discretion but I reckon Agassi must be feeling the heat given all the admissions he made over the past few weeks. Whatever may be the circumstances, nothing justifies the use of drugs. Sidestepping a bit, what the eff does one mean by recreational drugs. How can the use of any drug be a recreation. Stepping back, sports has had a long and troubled relation with drugs. Somehow most sportsmen attribute its use to depression or performance enhancement. No sportsman in my memory has publicly come out and confessed to having used drugs just for the heck of it. Any one who has accepted the use, has always followed it up with a story of crisis – personal or professional. I do not possess subject matter expertise on drugs but still, don’t people get addicted to it by making a habit of a hobby – a hobby that starts off as a ‘i have got to try it once’ and ends up as a ‘ i can’t live with or without it’ (okay, channeling the U2 song here :P).

What has stirred so much controversy in Andre’s case is that, not only did he use the drugs, he succeeded in fooling the authorities and paved a path to one of the most remarkable comebacks in the history of sports. That he is a legend of tennis and a man who is doing great work for the society is unquestionable, but, all that pales in comparison to the fact that his entire post drugs era was based on a lie. Maybe he lied because the truth would have cost him his career. I blame the authorities more than Andre because it their duty to get the facts right and do the appropriate checks. They failed big time and Agassi became the Buddha of tennis who won slams and fans alike.

Although the timing of his coming out is notorious, I do not think it tarnishes his image for me much. He is still one of my most favorite players and people. Marat Safin says that Agassi should return all his slams. Why? Didn’t he work his ass off to beat top draw players. He failed one dope test and got out of it but that does not mean he did not have the talent or ability to win the slams. Yes, he should have been banned/punished but he was not. Not his fault. The dumb authorities screwed it up. He was just desperate to get back and luckily he got a break. Then why does he mention it now? Because he is plain dumb or maybe super-smart. No one likes skeletons in their closet after all. They are way too scary!!

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8 Responses to Skeletons in the closet

  1. Munish Gupta says:

    What would you have been your reaction if Christiano Ronaldo said ‘during my time at Manchester United, I used drugs for recreational purposes’?
    Would you have still blamed only the authorities and not Ronaldo considering that your beloved Liverpool could have probably won the title had he been caught and banned?

    • Namrata says:

      See, if the drugs had been for performance enhancement… the story would be totally different. A guy/sportsman’s personal life is of no interest to me as long as he is clean while playing the sport. And just CR was/will never be enough to stop any team from winning a title. He is overrated 🙂

      • Munish Gupta says:

        Totally agree on CR being overrated.
        But drugs will always enhance performance. Lets say, I started taking drugs today and then practices for hours. It will improve my performance and my body would be used to my new performance and demands. Now lets say I quit them and went to rehab and recovered fully. Now when I start playing my body is still tuned to the performance demands I had during the period I was on drugs. Makes sense?

  2. Namrata says:

    Munish, I get where you are taking this but I do not think once your body is clean of drugs through rehab… you still hold an advantage ‘because your body got used to it’. That is not a smart conclusion imho. I think its all the more difficult for people who have had exposure to drugs to make comebacks without drugs.

  3. Bhargava says:

    haven’t exactly been following the news on agassi’s confession! but what i fail to understand is why now!? i mean he should know nothing good is going to come out of it! probably the guilt was too much for him to handle!!

  4. Trisha says:

    I dont feel any differently about Agassi after this revelation. I guess it was upto him to include this information in his autobiography, and since it was probably a very significant part of his life I dont blame him for writing about it. Crystal Meth isn’t a performance enhancing drug, actually has reverse effects from what I read so far and he has admitted that he used them for recreational purposes….it probably helped him through his injuries and bad performances. And I dont think he went into rehab or anything. That wud have been news. ❤ Agassi

  5. rahul says:

    Just listen to what Safin says. It’s that simple 😛

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