Fighting crime.
Trying to save the world
Here they come just in time
The powerpuff girls

Imagine girls with absolutely zero sense of taal and sur singing this song at an uptown restaurant :). Luckily, few people got to experience the awesomeness first hand when me and my friends decided to exercise our vocal chords at a friend’s birthday bash a few days ago. No, we weren’t drunk and no, it was not a part of ‘truth or dare’. As we were kept waiting endlessly for our appetizers, the topics gradually shifted from office to college to school. Although all of us had studied in different schools at different cities/towns, the common thread was cartoons. I remember how my evenings consisted of catching the ending of Swat Kats, laughing my ass of during Dexter and channeling my feminist side during Powerpuff Girls. Each one of us got talking about how Tom and Jerry were a(yes, they deserve to be treated as separate individuals/animals/watever) part of everyone’s growing up years and how much we hated it when Scrappy Doo would hog the limelight on his Uncle Scooby’s show. Okay, family rivalries are common and yeah I know it was just a cartoon but it was not just a cartoon :).

My mum and dad got hooked on to Heidi on Saturdays because we would rush home from the bus-stop to catch the episode. I dreamed of being a planateer every time I saw Captain Planet. I remember having a crush on the cute blond guy from the show :P. Till my tenth I religiously followed cartoon network.. even when the massively idiotic cable guy aired only the hindi version. Proof:

Bob the builder..karke dikhaenge
Bob the builder.. haan bhai haan !

Yep, I admit I am a cartoon addict and I miss not having a tv set home. I miss the Lulu show, Roadrunner, Duck Tales, Adventures of Penelope Pitstop, Laff-A-Lympics, Jetsons, The Flintstones etc etc. They were all incredibly entertaining and funny as well. Cartoon Network is shit now. Excepting Ben 10, all the shows are going from bad to worse. All of us agreed how the old CN was the best thing ever on TV. We closed our hyper-excited conversation with this solemn conclusion as the food arrived. We had ordered hara-bhara kebab. Suddenly, it struck us and all of us looked at each other with a smile and started talking about how Popeye was so awesome…………..

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19 Responses to Kartooonnzzz!

  1. Munish Gupta says:

    Tom n Jerry is still kool on CN. I get to watch a lot of cartoons with my kid now.
    But yeah, the old CN is still missing.

  2. Tolia says:

    planateer : its planeteer …. whats a planat ?? … lol

  3. CHAND says:

    Recently completed Tom and Jerry show again 😀 … man! reminded me of good ol school days…
    My favorite though is Dexter Lab.. Dee dee is damn funny , and yeah .. Sinchan is superb….
    I guess it still comes in Hungama… abhi subscribe karta hoon Hungama mere.. DTH mein….
    And you seriously watched “Bob the Builder” ? Man! what about the telletubbies tune to woh bhi nahin chhoda

  4. “Fighting crime.
    Trying to save the world
    Here they come just in time
    The powerpuff girls“
    This is perhaps one of my all time favorite cartoon songs.
    Yeah, CN in our childhood was really awesome… I used to watch PowerZone as well. Dexter’s lab is the only cartoon which never ever got monotonous, and yeah, Dee dee was fab!
    And yeah, I watched Bob the builder, Noddy, Pingu and other cartoons as well bcoz my sister didn’t allow me to change the channel. 😦
    Lol… nostalgia fills my heart, nostalgia fills my mind…
    reminiscing all the days spent watching cartoons, now left behind.

  5. Captain fredrick wentworth says:

    Have you guys tried animes?

  6. rahul says:

    Wasn’t Scrappy better than scooby?

    Bob the Builder,Noddy, Oswald started getting aired during intermediate/late high school I think, but that didn’t stop me from watching 🙂

  7. @nks says:

    scoop muck aur dizzy,
    rollie ke saath,
    Wendy aur kracher ne badaya haath.
    Bob aur saathi masti main magan
    mil jul ke karte hain kaam khatam…

    kar ke dikhayenge
    haan bhai haan !!

  8. rohit says:

    Tom and Jerry will walk with the hons after the poll.. 🙂
    well I used to run home hard not to miss swat kats beginning. Religiously followed it all my schooling. And yeah CN now is more technical rather than funny!

  9. Abhijeet says:

    How dare u not mention TopCat, Snagulpuss, Yogi bear, Flinstones, Jetsons, Centurions, gummy bears, Garfield n friends, Jonny Quest, Adams Family.

    I missed many as well 😛
    South Park n Family are the only worth these days…

  10. Sundeep says:

    Tom and Jerry is good but my facourite was swat kats. I was addicted to it until the “bademia-chotemia” version :D. I even used to follow pokemon, digimon and spiderman (starplus 🙂 ).

  11. Sundeep says:

    hey, not to forget beyblade and dragon ball-z. they rock!!!!

  12. Himank says:

    How could you even have a Poll!! Tom & Jerry can whip the collective asses of all the other cartoons in the world 🙂
    Its THE BEST!!

  13. skp says:

    Useless … without SouthPark ! Yes, I am crazy !

  14. rav says:

    You forgot Dennis the Menace!! 😦

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