Movie Review – Paa,Rocket Singh

I have been utterly lazy over the past few days, or weeks rather. Luckily, my bones shed that aspect when it comes to checking out a movie or writing about one. December seems like a good month for Hindi cinema – okay, we can forgive Himesh and his besura Radio for once.


I did not really see much of the publicity that was done for this flick but my Amitabh crazy mum and aunt more than made up for it. So, after a long time I went to a single-screen cinema with ma to check out ‘Paa’ (ok, this sentence was a bad one but will leave it for people who want to bash.) I loved the movie contrary to my assumptions. It just went by smoothly and had some clever humor. Very Woody Allen-ish I must say. Loved Vidya Balan after a long time and man those saris were fab! Did not like Abhishek that much and his holier-than-thou character seemed a little contrived at points but that is more the fault of the script than his. He somehow looks older. Get back to your Bluffmaster days please. Coming to the real hero of this movie – Big B himself. Not that big in this movie but wow, what a performance. No hamming and no OTT was a refreshing change. Kudos to the make-up guys for transforming the superstar into an unusual 12 year old – ‘Auro’ and the cameraman for clever angles. He really was splendid. Even the fringe characters like ‘bum’ – Vidya’s mom and Paresh Rawal – Abhishek’s dad were fun to watch. My favorite character though was Vishnu who plays Auro’s best friend in school. He had the most adorable one liners and the funniest of domestic life-crisis situations. Loved the music and background score. I had my bag stacked with tissue papers because the whole premise of this movie convinced me that it would be a sob fest inside the cinema but luckily, I found myself smiling through most of the movie and even after it. Definitely worth watching.

Rocket Singh – Salesman Of The Year

Very interesting title. Check. Ranbir Kapoor. Check. Track record of the director. Check. Nothing else to watch. Check. So with my priorities in place, I walked into this movie with pretty high expectations. I was a little disappointed but that does not take away from the fact that its a lovely movie. The movie is about a very ordinary Sardar graduate who knows he is not smart enough to crack the CAT or even sit for the exam but is aware of his qualities of persuasion. So, he zeroes in on sales as his stream of working and supporting him through is his adorably old grandfather (played by the very likeable Prem Chopra). He also has a couple of friends who are his support system (a little reminiscent of Wake Up Sid). He finally gets a job at a firm but soon realizes that corruption and cheating are as important as convincing skills are, in the world of sales. His value system is shaken when he meets a client who asks for a bribe and in a moment of insanity he complaints against him. All this leads to poor Ranbir being ostracized by his colleagues and him being termed a ‘zero’. Tired of all the humiliation, he decides to set up his own company right under the nose of his existing employers and succeeds in gaining the trust of a few more people who can help him achieve his target. But, things can’t be so rosy and they are caught. What follows is realization which in turn leads to a preachy,long but feel-good climax. Its a YashRaj production after all. Apart from the ending, I loved the movie. It has very good writing (Jaideep Sahni) and the director steers away from commercial cliches and instead opts for real characters and settings. All the performances are exceptional.. especially the guy who plays Giri (his spot on Hyderabadi accent will have you in splits). The movie is humorous almost through and through, but it is very subtle and, maybe the movie will not strike a chord with everyone. Yet, the unusual theme and the kickass dialogues make this movie worth watching.

Both the movies are a good sign of change in Hindi cinema. Amitabh is most likely to sweep all the awards and Ranbir is without doubt the most talented young actor around. Looking forward to 3 idiots now. Hated the trailor but hoping the movie is good.

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5 Responses to Movie Review – Paa,Rocket Singh

  1. mythalez says:

    liked rocket singh a lot .. starting with the initial salesman humour 😀 and the subsequent progression of the story

  2. Aniket says:

    Haven’t seen any of these, so won’t read the reviews either. But yeah, Rocket Singh is def one movie I’d like to watch.

  3. I loved Paa… Five minutes and I was completely into the movie. Story slacked at few points, but Amitabh Bachchan’s fab performance kept me going !!
    BTW, Vidya Balan was fab too.
    Haven’t seen Rocket Singh, didn’t expect much from the movie after watching the trailer, but Ranbir Kapoor’s a great actor, fuses life into the movie, so maybe would watch it for him.

  4. Saujanya says:

    haven’t seen any of the two movies..didn’t think i’d even remotely want to watch Rocket Singh..your i think i must watch it.. 🙂
    i’ll be back with more comments here after i watch them.. 😉

  5. Pankaj Saini says:

    Smhow I cudn’t connect with Paa … was rather irritated by Auro’s voice and monkey dance 😀 … Rocket Singh was fabulous loved it.. 🙂

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