Telangana – problem or solution ?

“Which part of Andhra do you come from?”, enquired my friend with genuine curiosity and interest. “I come from Andhra”, was my reply. “Yeah, but which part of Andhra?”, she asked with even more intensity. It then struck me that the whole concept of regionalization of our state is alien to many people who have made its cosmopolitan capital- Hyderabad, their home. Although, Hyderabad is the state’s capital, its growing metropolitan status is because of the numerous cultures that have been accepted benevolently by the city and its citizens. To many outsiders, Andhra is one state, which it is but the recent turn of events has complicated that view. I had to elaborate and explain to my friend how the state basically consists of three major regions – Telangana, Andhra (or coastal Andhra) and Rayalseema. There are few cultural and linguistic differences among the people of these regions and that’s why the classification in the first place. Even to me, a resident of the state for almost 11 years now and also a native, this distinction in regions became clear when I wrote the EAMCET exams and was made aware of ‘regional reservations’ – a concept which is as rare as any. I always failed to comprehend the need for region-wise reservation when all of the people belonged to one state. But, systems like this are beyond the understanding of mortals like me.

During the course of the past few days, many people new to these facts have ended up referring to KCR as TRS. Funnily, a friend of mine from another state enquired “Has TRS broken his fast”. An amusing observation amidst, the gloom of all the incidents that have occurred as a result of the agitations for a new state. I am a neutral on this topic and believe that, all the time, resources and energy spent on this cause could have been used for making the government stand up and take notice of the projects that were promised for this region and have not been completed. People who are vociferously demanding a separate state of Telangana should have demanded changes in policies for their region with the same fervor with which they are shouting slogans. We are a democracy and we are the checks on the government’s actions. We have immense freedom to voice our opinions and bring changes. It’s a great power and with that power, comes great responsibility. Yes, all the vandalism and “raasta-rokos” and protests have brought immense focus on the issue and made both the state and national government take notice, but is this attention going to solve the grass root problems like lack of water supply and drought like conditions that have rendered the lands barren? The question I am asking is – is carving out a new state going to solve these problems or is the problem something else.

Another burning issue is the fate of Hyderabad. Geographically, it falls in the Telangana region but it is not about lines and kilometers and positions anymore. I do not think the majority of the state’s population thinks of Hyderabad as falling in a certain region. Hyderabad is home to people from various districts and even states. The amount of money that will be spent in completing the formalities required to bring in a new state is huge. That money can instead be used for the uplifting of the region in discussion here.

As a Hyderabadi and a native of Andhra Pradesh, I personally find it sad to see so many people get hurt and so much property being destroyed. All our moral compasses need checking and we have to acknowledge the situation with sensitivity. Yes, the people of Telangana have problems that need to be attended and yes, to some extent they have a right to be angry because that ‘yet’ is taking forever. But, the focus should be those problems. I hope for a united Andhra Pradesh which is incomplete without any region and backward even if one district is suffering from abject poverty. I am no politician, but this issue should not be about politics in the first place. If it is, then it is a pity.

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28 Responses to Telangana – problem or solution ?

  1. Mister says:

    As any immigrant you have not bothered to understand the region called Telangana. You were only interested in your well-being and well-being of your city called Hyderabad. But now Telangana is going through a crisis. Where do you stand? Do you sympathize with your Andhra brothers of Andhra region who don’t want to give up Telangana? Or do you sympathize with your new found home which is linked to the fate of people of Telangana?

    Yes, I understand you never got a chance to understand what this guy from Warangal wants. You find him alien. But please understand that he finds you alien too. So, instead of debating who is alien, whether an Andhra person settled in Hyderabad for 10 years or whether Warangal goon coming to Hyderabad for the first time, it’s better that you reconcile to the fact that this city is linked to region for far longer than your 10-year stay. And this city is beacon of hope for this region. And whether you like it or not you are part of it. Now, it’s time for you to make your stand clear.

    • Namrata says:

      Immigrant ??? Wow. Hyderabad is home and yes, I am interested in its well being. Is it only now that Telengana is going through a crisis or is it only now that people have found a voice. My stand is extremely clear, whatever is good for the people and their interests should be done but that does not necessarily translate to me agreeing to formation of a new state. Look at Jharkhand! And Hyderabad is as much part of Andhra Pradesh as it is part of your beloved Telangana. Stop looking at the state in terms of regions and think broadly for once.

      • Telangnite says:

        >>Hyderabad is as much part of Andhra >>Pradesh as it is part of your beloved >>Telangana.

        That is where your settler mentality shows up. You don’t want to associate yourself with the region but just to the city and a slightly biased to your Andhra area. Be a Roman when you are in Rome.

  2. Anupama says:

    I dont support a new state but can certainly see the point in asking for a new one 🙂 But this issue has to be sorted out in peace rather than destroying public peace and property. However I dont know how feasible this thought is. Being an immigrant too, I cannot say more.

  3. Anc says:

    Completely one sided and has no idea of ghe inherent issue.

    • Namrata says:

      Well, it would be very enlightening if you could throw some light on the inherent issue. What was one-sided if I may ask.

  4. ShArK says:

    @Mister and anc

    You little farts. WTF are you yapping on about ? Why do you want a separate state ? Do you feel that the govt. has discriminated against you ? Why don’t you go kick your MLA’s and MP’s that form almost 40% of the strength . How does forming a separate state help ? Have you thought about the costs involved in replicating the entire state machinery in a the new state formed. Imagine if Hyderabad is declared a UT, you would need 2 new capitals and possibly thousands of crores. But noooooo… want your state who cares what it costs. Imagine the development works those thousands of crores could be used for !
    And whats with the “you are either with us or against us ” mentality ? Are you going to resort to violence against anybody who disagrees with you ? That’s a darn good way to form a state. Looks like you are taking a leaf straight out of the partition playbook. Make me one good argument for dividing AP other than “we were promised telengana 50 years ago”. Take a break, get a life!

  5. Trisha says:

    Well i think this issue needs to be resolved with a little more objectivity. Usually, smaller states lead to a more effective management, but then with more number of states also comes more government, more politics. I think this issue should be resolved with a little less hullah about a historical promise and cultural differences/similarities. It is important to focus on what will be eventually better for the people, like Namrata said. Is the partition going to lead to a better governing body or just going to fulfil the demands of a few politicians? Is the new government going to result in more jobs for the people? The partition is going to cost money like Shark pointed out. But is there a good enough payoff? I think it is possible to do a more objective analysis of the situation. But when has that happened in politics?

  6. raviteja.p says:

    yes the telangana issue only born from the politicians who wanted for their personal benfits and i agree with that trisha’s opinion

  7. jagan says:


    Well i think this issue needs to be resolved with a little more objectivity. Usually, smaller states lead to a more effective management, but then with more number of states also comes more government, more politics

    Well do you want to escape from the troubles?? Or do you want to fight??
    Avoiding the prospects of creating new states to avoid politics?? That is ridiculous. What about the politics that exist now.
    Remember with every good thing like democracy there comes along some nasty side effects like corruption and partisan politics. You cannot escape them if you want democracy that means people’s rule.
    Same way by avoiding the creation of a separate state you may be avoiding political news of one more state, but the politics remain and the people even do not have the notable voice to see their poltiical news in the media.
    By that you mean to curb the democratic demand of a large group of people who by virtue of their population will make 13th largest state in India.

    • Namrata says:

      Let me answer on Trisha’s behalf. I think what she meant was creating a state from another (which means two smaller states) sounds like an easier way to govern given the logistics and all. But, there is a reason why we do not have 1001 states in any country. A separate state does not necessarily translate into ‘better governance’. Corrupt politicians are a harsh reality and something that cannot be ignored when making a decision like creation of a state.

  8. jagan says:

    India is in dire need of making more states today. We cannot sit quiet on the pretext of some speculative politics. The problem of corrupt politics is not going to be cured by stopping formation of a new state. Telangana has a strong premise to form a new state. Avoiding this isn’t any way going to stop the corruption. Neither is it facilitating good politics. Forming a new state would neither aggravate corruption not is it going to hinder good politics.
    And if at all, some thing that should not be ignored are the fundamental rights of the people.
    If you think formation of separate state does not translate into better governance , then it is purely speculative. The same speculation was indeed true in case of Pre-independent India. But still out leaders fought for independence.
    I agree that we need good governance, but that is not a pretext to deny the possibility of forming a new state. What that is being done here under the disguise of rationality is a simple straw man argument.
    If you fairy rationalize the argument it means that India need not be a federal nation. One Union government that is good is enough.

    • Namrata says:

      I agree that the outcome of formation of a new state can either be good or bad and since I am no soothsayer, most of what I am saying is speculation. Yet, these speculations are justified to an extent since they are based on facts and does not involve any other agenda(note-personal).

      When we fought for independence, it was because we were being ruled on our own land. That scenario is totally different. People from Telangana have the right to vote, freedom of speech, liberty to travel etc. They are as independent as any other Indian. To my knowledge, the demand for a separate state is because of ‘neglect’ or ‘lack of attention to problems’. These are concrete issues and definitely deserve attention, but my question or rather apprehension is that political motives are perhaps overshadowing the actual problems. If a separate state is deemed as an ideal solution then so be it, with or without Hyderabad should not be a problem right???Making Hyderabad a UT or a common capital should be acceptable as long as Telangana flourishes right?

      • jagan says:

        When India was under the british rule we had the voting system, elections and legislative bodies. But still the ultimate rulers were british. If not exactly similar conditions are existing in telangana.

        Yes neglect is what I also suggest. And the possibility for such kind of neglect arises from various reasons. Today the neglect is cornered at the andhra bureaucracy. Preferenctial regard to one region breeds neglect of the other region. This is again possible only because of existing system where incompatible regions are merrged. This allows exploitation of one region by the other region.
        Well there is nothing personal. I don’t gain or loose if separate state forms or not. But if any thing personal it is my own conscience that does not accept this unfair treatment of telangana.
        May be you do not see this indeifference. And this is not again personal

  9. ashlyjames says:

    Those who provides thousands justifications for the formation of Telangana are just dreaming of some big fortune they may get by division, which is nothing but fantasy and wish. The reality will be very different and nothing better will happen to the ordinary man. Thanks God for those Telangana supporters now got a great warrior to fight for their right Mr. Amar Singh. Best of Luck Mr. Amar Singh. I wish you best of luck and You may crowned as the home minister of Telengana when Mr. KCR becoms Chief Minister. I really wonder why these students are not realizing this political gimicks and the motive of politicians. I’m not belonged to Andhra, but I was fortunate to spend over 3 years in this beautiful state and by chance all the three regions of this state. I love Andhra and my Telugu brothers and sisters. I want them live peacefully as Indians and hope they realize the fact and be united. ALL THE VERY BEST DEAR FRIENDS. Go throgh the link to understand some bitter realities.

  10. Telangana Vaasi says:

    @Shark this is no server uptime downtime that people are talking about here , so know the issue then shout whatever you want .

    1.How can a state be named after a region “Andhra” when it purely formed on linguistic basis.(Why not telugu pradesh, telugu nadu like gujrat,punjab and Tamil Nadu) …. sheer dominance & andhra mafia …. I have a problem with that.

    2. Why don’t you go kick your MLA’s and MP’s that form almost 40% of the strength . How does forming a separate state help ?
    A) But sadly all of these 40% MLA’s are followers and not leaders to represent this region … the leaders are from the andhra and rayalaseema mafia …. and so the resources from this region go to that part of the state and there is no favor done in return 😦 .

    3.Do you feel that the govt. has discriminated against you ?
    A) YES
    Telangana has 40% of the state population but the number of educational institutions(Degree Colleges ,Schools,Medical Colleges ) here are a mere 10% of that in entire state.
    Not only educational institutes the stats are more or less same when it comes to hospitals,PHC,etc

    4.)Have you thought about the costs involved in replicating the entire state machinery in a the new state formed.
    A) Yes it costs heavily but its worth it when you look for long-term goals.

    5.)Imagine if Hyderabad is declared a UT, you would need 2 new capitals and possibly thousands of crores.
    A) Do not worry it wont happen , politicians know that they will be doomed if it will happen

    6.)Make me one good argument for dividing AP other than “we were promised telengana 50 years ago”.
    A)It is not just the lack of development (stats speaks for itself ) that motivates people here

    Telangana Region has few things characteristic of this region,

    * Our language is much different to that of my brothers from andhra and sadly we are humiliated for this .(bloody andhra jerks) *

    *No representation of our (Telangana)
    leaders ,
    poets & writers ,
    revolutionists who fought against nizams
    in statues on tank bund and public figures and even naming educational institutions , hospitals ,airports etc*

    (As a result the these great people are know more known to people and less worthy people are publicized )

    * The food habits are bit different and if we eat the same thing and then names are different .*(they say we keep strange names)

    * We celebrate festivals in different way and have two festivals which only we celebrate *

    * We have things like the “theen maar” and music like that which originates from this part of the country *

    * Marriages here are done a bit differently from those in andhra region *

    And I can bore you to death with all these small small things that makes up our identity , our culture which is humiliated by Andhra jerks and we have representation of our culture and identity strangely 😦 😦 .

    Why do you want a separate state ?
    A) I can summarize all this for u if you dont want to go through whole of this.

    1.) Lack of leadership from this region ( No CM from this region and always less cabinet posts.)

    2.) No representation and respect for our culture , identity and language and often we are humiliated.

    3.)The resources of this part and taxes of this part (more than 60% of states total) are not at all used for this region.

    4.)The water projects are always built for benefit of the andhra region , for their agriculture though majority of river flows in this region.

    5.) There is a andhra & rayalaseema mafia ruling this state …I want telangana mafia now for a change 😛

    6.) Lack of development which evident.

    7.)Even the print media and TV media is in their hands (they are fucking biased) ,so people will never see the issue and we cant shout .

    To be frank my land telangana was more developed than andhra region when state was formed but development was put to pause in this region for 50 yrs 😦 .

    All the Andhra dudes are making nuisance because they are the ones who are going to suffer badly if new state is formed. ( but cant help themselves)

    Dude, Take a break, get a life! is what I say to you Mr.Shark

    Sry if I was harsh but these are facts and feelings of telangana people.Go to villages now all they want is a Separate Telangana State at any cost.

  11. Surepalli Andeep says:

    Really to day Telangana movement in good stage,because it is burning from 1955. Bot our rulers are not considering a main problem India cause of that it is becoming a big problem.It is a dream of Telangana people.If they ruled honestly to it should not problem,and also it is a birth right of telangana people.It may be good for the centrel giving the Tlangana

  12. Really to day Telangana movement in good stage,because it is burning from 1955. But our rulers are not considering a main problem in, India cause of that it is becoming a big problem.It is a dream of Telangana people.If they ruled honestly it should not problem,and also it is a birth right of telangana people.It may be good for the centrel giving the Tlangana

  13. sai says:

    what are the obstacles for the formation of telangana

  14. Vas says:

    To Sai,

    No obstacle, really.

    Only complete arrogance that both the major rivers and projects on these rivers will be in your control completely. Nothing more and nothing less.

    If there is going to be a Telangana, I like Coastal Andhra to be a separate country so it will have control of all those hydro carbons.

    Recently, Times of India wrote a piece asking why should Manipur continue to be in Indian union?

  15. promil says:

    Regional and Developmental disparities are needed to be addressed by taking special measures to focus on regional planning with same gust and fire as they are showing for creation of a new state, because creation of a new state is not the solution but just adding more woes to poor people of the region. Wake up my bros and sissies,and come out of this nasty dream.Formation of a new state is in no way going to help your cause.Analyse the main problem and try to solve that.

  16. mohd. shariq says:

    It is totally one we should try to be a human being

  17. rajukumar says:

    actually what is the main reason?
    as per my understanding telangana is the solution .
    the reason is that in telangana produced above 20% of coal.
    69% of krishna and 79% of godavari passing from telangana .
    nagarjunasagar is in nalgonda district still nalgonda people having florid disease.
    9 out of 10 districts in the Telangana region are recognized by the Government of India as backward.
    only 20% of the total Government employees, less than 10% of employees in the secretariat, and less than 5% of department heads in the Andhra Pradesh government are from Telangana.
    i dont want telangana, but allocate the resources where the backward areas and devolop equally ..

  18. raj says:

    Mr rajukumar, have you ever been to rayalseema and uttar andhra. If you been then you never talk like this. Every state in india have ups and down there no way everybody has the same developement which it supposed to be. Telanagana is developed compared to others in lots of way and other part are developed in some ways. Look at sri krishna report but i know you won’t agree to it and thats the problem that you guys don’t want to listen the truth. Nobody can help you guys. Kepp Dreaming. Good Luck.

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