Mumbai Diaries – Chapter 1

‘Why are all these girls wearing banians?’
my Dad was not too amused looking at the wardrobe of the girls who study in that posh mba college I mentioned in the previous post.

‘Are we in roaming?’
‘Will Rohit also get billed if I call him from here?’
‘When do I have to add 0 before the phone number?’
‘The number is not working because there is a + before the 91. Who put the + there?’
my cell phone challenged Grandfather trying to come to terms with the new number system.

‘Who are you talking to?’
mum and me (lie_count++)

‘Taj Mahal does not clean the utensils well’
Grandma referring to our domestic help, Tajmeera

‘Shahid is so cute’
me and my sister in chorus

‘Who are you talking to?’
mum and me(lie_count++)

‘Bhaiya aapko route pata hai na?’
‘Haa haa’
‘Abhi left lena hai ki right?’
‘What the eff?’
the combined reactionof our family when our driver seemed more new to Mumbai than us

my dad summarizes the Indian cricket team’s fielding effectively

Silence in the house
me and my sister sleeping

‘Papa, I love this shirt’
‘That is not a shirt, Nammu’
‘Papa, pleaseeee’
conversation before my Dad doled out cash for me to buy one of those banians 😀

‘Who are you talking to?’
mum and me (end of my short lived career as a liar)

‘Who are you talking to?’
me and my sister !!!!!

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5 Responses to Mumbai Diaries – Chapter 1

  1. rav says:


    (lie_count++) 😉

  2. The Survivor says:

    Girls wearing banians, that was hilarous.

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